The Best Late Night Eats in Toronto – Pho Restaurants Read

    The Best Late Night Eats in Toronto
    The Best Late Night Eats in Toronto

    Pho is a popular Vietnamese food that’s for a long time been loved by the people of Vietnam as well as other parts of Southeast Asia. Recently, however the delicious soup made of noodles has made its way into North America and has become more popular in cities such as Toronto. If you’ve never tasted Pho, you’re definitely going to be in for a treat! Read on to find out more about the background of this delicious dish and how it came to its way to the United States.

    A Short History of Pho

    Pho is a rich noodle soup made of broth from chicken or beef along with rice noodles and different spices and herbs. Although the exact origins of pho are not known however, it is believed to originate from northern Vietnam around the beginning of the 20th century. The dish later began to spread across other regions of Vietnam and then eventually found it’s way into Southeast Asia.

    The 1970s were when a lot of Vietnamese refugees started migrating in North America, bringing their food traditions. At this point the pho dish began to appear on menus in Vietnamese restaurant chains in towns such as Toronto, Hamilton or Woodbridge. Since then Pho has grown increasingly well-known and can be found in a variety of types of restaurants in the city.

    Why Pho is so popular in Toronto (and beyond!)

    There are a variety of reasons the pho is so well-known across Toronto (and over the world!). It is, firstly, an excellent and filling meal which can be enjoyed at any time. It is also affordable, making it an ideal choice for those who are budget conscious. Additionally, it is an extremely healthy food that is that is high in nutrition and calories that are low. If you’re looking for fast lunch options or a delicious dinner, pho is an option!

    Who was the first to open a Pho eatery in Toronto?

    Golden Turtle has been a fixture on Ossington since it opened in 1987. The restaurant has 60 seats and is filled with Vietnamese artwork, including a painting that measures six feet wide and depicts 9 horses out in motion (the Lucky Number in Vietnamese cultural practices). Outside, the mural of a turtle has court in Argyle Street. Golden Turtle was joined by several others Vietnamese establishments in the early 1990s in Toronto, as the Vietnamese community increased.

    Our Part as a PHOnomenom!

    Our service has been in operation for over 10 years. Recently, we hosted an event called a Free Pho Event on Christmas Eve, we distributed more than 1,000 bowls of Pho and made the dish available at a greater number of people Toronto than we had ever before. It was a huge success. A lot of people tried Pho for the first time the day before and were raving about it!

    Pho is also seen in many forms of popular culture. For instance, in the Netflix show Master of None, the main character is eating pho the majority of episodes. The rise in popularity has resulted in more people becoming intrigued by this tasty dish. Perhaps you’ve seen it on films like The Hangover Part II, in which the characters sipped the pho bowl after their night of partying.

    Whatever way you cut it the pho phenomenon has grown into an international sensation. And we’re proud that we contributed to its rise to the top. We thank you for helping us create the history of pho!

    If you’ve never tasted Pho before, we hope that this article will inspire you to try it! The delicious soup made of noodles will be one of your favourite meals of the moment.

    Are you searching for Pho that is open? Toronto Pho is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant serving the best Pho in the city. We’re dedicated to providing our guests with a true Vietnamese dining experience starting the moment they walk through our doors until the final sip of their soup.

    Our pho is prepared using only the freshest ingredients and the soup is cooked slow for hours to maximize flavor. Try us and find out why we’re among the top Pho around!


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