Save Earth: 7 Out Of 8 Ways To Save Earth Failed! Honest Review!{2023} Read Now!

    Save Earth
    Save Earth

    Seven out of eight measures to protect the earth have failed. Due to this, the health of people all over the world and the existence of many species are in danger.

    This has been claimed in a new research paper released by the Earth Commission. This study has been published in the journal Nature.

    These seven measures include preventing the Earth’s temperature rise by one degree Celsius, functional integrity, use of surface water tables, preventing groundwater depletion, limited use of nitrogen and phosphorus, and low emissions of aerosols. Two or more of these measures are being violated by encroachment on about 52 per cent of the world’s land, affecting 86 per cent of the world’s total population.

    Other countries in South Asia including India, Europe and Africa as well as the Himalayan foothills have become hotspots for violations of these measures.

    Most Threatened by Human Activities

    The Earth Commission has for the first time developed a set of measures to reduce climate, biosphere, fresh water, nutrients and air pollution on a global scale, titled “Safe and Equitable Earth System Boundaries”. They depend on the major components of the Earth, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the geosphere, the biosphere, and the cryosphere, and their interrelated processes, the carbon, water, and nutrient cycles. These are most threatened by human activities and can affect future development.

    Have to Take Care of This

    According to the research paper, there is an eighth method which has not been violated. This includes limiting the rise in Earth’s temperature to 1.5°C. The Earth Commission says that preventing violations of climate-related measures is based on activities in the ice sphere and the biosphere. Earth’s average temperature has already increased by 1 degree Celsius. This will negatively impact climate responses to a 1.5 to 2 °C rise.

    Tampering With The Flow of Land and Water

    In the research paper, to maintain the various natural functions in the biosphere, a solution has been given to leave 50-60 percent of the land for natural activities and areas, but only 40 percent of the land has been left for natural functions. The research has recommended changing the flow of 20 per cent of the water sources and rivers. To meet environmental requirements, 80% of their water flow should be left unchanged. But, 34 per cent of the water flow is being diverted. Apart from this, these measures are also being violated by excessive use of nitrogen and phosphorus in the agricultural sector all over the world.

    Violation of These Measures

    1. Stopping the Earth’s temperature from rising by one degree Celsius,
    2. Functional integrity,
    3. Use of surface water table
    4. Stopping the decrease in ground water level
    5. Limited use of nitrogen
    6. Limited use of phosphorus
    7. Low emission of aerosol

    Did Not Violate

    Stopping the Earth’s temperature from rising by 1.5 degrees Celsius

    42 Million People Feared Dead

    Violation of these measures is also responsible for air pollution. Due to this, about 42 million people are expected to die worldwide. At the same time, its high level can affect the Indian monsoon.

    Encroachment on 52% of the land affects 86% of the population, many countries including India in South Asia, Europe, Africa and the Himalayan region have become hotspots of violation of these measures.


    Earth Commission released a research paper, the existence of many species around the world is expected to be in danger.


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