It’s November and I’ve seen a few Hallmark Christmas movies, maybe looking for some the usual cheesy, well-worn and predictable plotlines like that boy meets girl spark, conflict boy and girl, miscommunication boy loses girl reconciliation restored, boy meets girl (kiss-kiss) as well as smiling snowflakes fall, happy end. Like many of you , I enjoy stories of infidelity. They are a good feeling as well as evoke memories of one’s own search for a partner–discovery of a giddy love, anxiety in fear of rejection desire, realization of love wedding, honeymoon and the next question is: Some don’t end in happy endings. Around 50 percent end in broken relationships, some quite unpleasant. (On the opposite side, the remaining fifty percent are fatal. OMG! That’s the thing.)

    In the world of work and cheap drinks The universe is able to provide us with a variety of ways to meet a partner. The majority of them fail; certain relationships are deliberately temporary–e.g. single-night-dates. The concept of the process of matching compatibility isn’t easy enough when people are honest and are sincerely trying to do so. (A hybrid metaphor is in my mind: No one has a hole-in-one the first time around.) I don’t think most people are dishonest in their intentions, but initially , they will put on their “best appearance” to appear attractive. They play an essential part. It’s part of the sales process. Warts and all appear in the future. One of my friends told me that her husband’s ex didn’t display his darker side (i.e. his real self) until after their honeymoon. She wondered what she was getting herself into, and said that he was a completely different person once they began dating. 

    This is why we have the development and development of dating websites that are designed to cut through all the noise of social “noise”. My friends who’s marriages were a result of dating websites appear to have discovered the key to their success. However, the vast majority of online relationships I have heard of are ten years old or younger; thus, the jury still out. The duration and number of these events is too tiny to be statistically conclusive. There is also the question about “sales work”, i.e., snow jobs. Dear person, if was an alleged sexual predator, the first dating website I’d sign up for would be one that has an affiliation to a religion. Naturally, I’m guessing these people would be the most trusting. Are I missing something?

    The experience of breaking up can be very difficult for both the person who is getting dumped or the one who dumps. When I was young and testosterone-fueled, in my days, I was both. I’m not willing to admit that I was a horrible (sigh) boyfriend, full of tricks to keep the girls interested, but cursed with an attention span of three seconds and a tendency to use humorous jokes. I believed that everything was in the bag when it was funny.

    In the end, I think that good Hallmark film happy endings force us to feel connected to our most successful experience(s) as well as (with the feeling of longing, doubt or anger) the relationships that played badly. I have observed that in many a relationship, that when physical attraction had faded it was difficult to find anything left. The two of us did not share anything and had different views of the world as well as different goals. individual habits that were not noticed at first were soon a source of irritation. The relationship was destined to fail and I realized that it’s better to break things sooner rather than later. However, it’s hard to let someone know they’re not anymore “the person to be with”. (The classic: “It’s not you it’s me” routine.) On the other hand it could be violent. In the beginning of 2000, I lived in a section that had individuals regularly divorced or broke up. It was a common practice, and it was it was the “thing” in order to get it done. However, rather than live and let live the participants pounded one another’s vehicles, damaged tires and broke windows — a truly low-class act. This continued when both couples got married, for some time before the vandalism was expanded to include new partners.

    The problem was: What will happen following the Hallmark closing? What side of the 50 percent will one end up on? One of my former high school friends, the whole thing seemed like a great experience, like a joke. He once said, “I’ve been happily married and divorced a number of occasions.” Hmmm…numerous Hallmark endings in his instance. It is interesting that his ex-partners and he maintained a friendly relationship. His ex-wife got married but was the executor of his will. Her husband and she socialized with my friend regularly. His previous relationship lasted for about 16 years, and ended in his death. His final girlfriend continued to be devoted to one another until the end, however she refused to get married and remarry another ex. She was a smart girl.

    It is likely that I’m enjoying the final decade of my life I’m sure that everyone within my immediate family have survived this decade. With this in mind the Hallmark films made me reflect on my own life, and recognize my own mistakes and the luck of finding “the one” among the billions of females. I have hit the jackpot.

    I’m six years older than Kay and, as stated previously, had relationships prior to the time I got to know her. They were not as serious in the sense that I did have a relationship with the same girl through college. In her case, the flames of romance became the embers of friendship very naturally. Of course I was a better acquaintance than an ex-boyfriend. Also, being honest forces me to admit that I failed when it came to the former. There were women I liked for some period of time. There were women I know enjoyed me, for a while. But how do you know how long these experiences will last? The wine is tasted and you take the glass off, but the flavor lingers.

    In my situation I eventually grew old enough to want something that was more fulfilling. Naturally, the faults cannot be completely eliminated in a single day. This isn’t like an off-and-on switch. This means it will require someone who has the same patience as Job. I was blessed to meet the perfect woman. I witnessed the Hallmark miracle which was a perfect match for the storyline. We were in a relationship during the Christmas Season.

    The 50th anniversary of our marriage came around in the past few years and we’re still in good spirits, loving one another more than ever before. Really!

    However, our relationship has developed from the thrilling Hallmark magic sappy and into the kind of relationship that life has made. Kissing frequently is no longer a thing. Actually, they’ve been transformed into push-away pecks. Similar to hugs. None linger. They’re only long enough to meet the criteria for. Romantic glances are gone. Cuddling in bed is gone. I go to bed between 11pm between 11pm and midnight. She is there for hours after. Conversations are often one-sided however, it is true that she does have hearing loss. Remember that I’m not complaining as I am also a part of the slumber of late life. I am sure I have missed our intimate moments however I am happy that we’ve changed from roommates to lovers. But roomsmates who are deeply in love.

    Yet, when I watch Christmas films from Hallmark as well as other networks,, I am transported to the moment where the magic took place. I’m missing the magic. You know what I’m talking about–that magical moment in which two people finally have a connection by heart. What is the reason we must grow into mature adults who ignore or forget the magic, and then relegate it to the past?

    Fa-la-la -la, la and la Trustfully submitted by Gene Myers your candy cane working boy

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