Summer Makeup Looks: Sweat Will Flow But Makeup Will Last!{2023}

    Summer Makeup Looks

    Who doesn’t mind looking beautiful no matter what the weather is? Just the humidity and the scorching heat can take away a bit of courage. But there are some tips, using which you can enhance your beauty by applying desired make-up even in summer without worrying. Simply, you have to do makeup keeping the summer in mind:

    Build a base with tinted sunscreen

    Sunscreen not only protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun but also provides the necessary moisture to the skin. Different tinted sunscreens are available in the market according to every skin tone, according to the skin tone, it works to give a perfect finish to the face. Instead of many makeup products, you will get the perfect base in summer with just tinted sunscreen. After this comes the turn of the primer. A good primer helps in keeping the makeup set for a long time, so make sure to use it in the summer. Matte finish or oil free primer helps in setting the foundation properly and also prevents makeup from melting in the hot summer.

    Use concealer

    By the way, nothing is possible without a good foundation for perfect makeup, because foundation is the base of the entire makeup. But, in summer, use concealer instead of foundation. Actually, the foundation is thick and when its layer is applied on the face, the skin does not breathe, husband and sweating starts. Whereas, concealer is thinner and gives better coverage to the skin. The right tone of concealer ensures an even skin tone as well as a feeling of freshness. If using foundation, it must be waterproof.

    Don’t forget the compact powder

    Makeup Ki Jaan Compact Powder can be used in every season from summer to monsoon. Whenever you feel a slight sweat on your face during the party, use this powder puff to freshen up your makeup.

    Blotting paper will come in handy

    One of the biggest problems with oily skin is that soon after makeup, oil starts appearing on the face and makeup starts flowing. Women who sweat excessively, they also have to face the same problem. Blotting paper is effective in getting rid of it. Using compact powder once in a while can lighten the makeup, but blotting paper only absorbs excess moisture and oil from the face. While going to the party, keep some blotting paper in it, so that it can be used when needed and do not need to touch up makeup frequently.

    How about summer makeup

    In the summer, the brightness and bright colors make the temperature more unbearable, so make-up should be done in such a way that it looks gentle. Make the right choice from lipstick to eye shadow.

    Kajrari eyes:

    Before decorating eyes with kajal or eye liner, do not forget to apply eye shadow in pastel shade. Always apply eye shadow after applying primer. This will neither crease it nor will it look like a cake. Similarly, instead of liquid eye liner and mascara, use kajal pencil or water proof liner.

    The no makeup look:

    This look, which is very popular among celebs, models and film stars, is not a difficult task to achieve and the main thing is that this natural look looks very attractive on every age and every skin tone. For this, give a light touchup to your cheeks, eyes and lips with any soft shade tint, so that these features of the face are highlighted. Using a cream based tint is a great option for this look in summers.

    High lighter is not necessary:

    In summer, the look with minimal makeup is perfect, so instead of high lighter, bronzer can be used to give an attractive shape to the face. Apply blush in a soft shade, this will give a soft natural glow to the face.

    When to choose lipstick:

    Red and wine colors can be your favourite, but in summer such colors can create panic rather than look beautiful. Especially during the day, only nude lip shades should be used. Apart from this, instead of frosted lipstick, use only water proof lipstick with matte finish so that it lasts for a long time.

    Setting spray is useful:

    Have you ever noticed how the bride’s makeup remains the same even till the farewell at the wedding, while she does not touch up again and again? This amazing setting spray helps keep makeup set for hours. After doing complete makeup, makeup can be kept perfect with the help of this spray on the face.

    Conclusion: Don’t forget these tips

    • Always use branded beauty products of good quality. If you do not want to do eye makeup, then you can make the eyes beautiful by just applying kajal or eyeliner.
    • Keep lips nude with smokey eyes look.
    • Rubbing ice on the face before applying make-up makes the make-up last longer.
    • Make-up should always be done after washing the face properly, so that the base can be set well on the face.
    • Nowadays, water-based cheek and lip tints are being liked a lot, which leave only a light natural shade instead of giving full color.
    • If the lipstick is not waterproof, then by applying loose powder on it, tissue paper can be pressed between the lips and the excess color can be removed.
    • Never do makeup in the matching color of the dress, instead contrast color makeup looks more attractive.


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