NEST Fragrances Reviews: Is It Real Or Scam? Read Here! A Long-Burning Luxury Fragrance!

NEST Fragrances Reviews
NEST Fragrances Reviews

If you’re in search of an exquisite scent that can inspire elegance and fill you with sophisticated sensual experiences You’re at the right spot. A variety of brands sell fragrance products however, few blend luxury with top-quality packaging, premium fragrances, and unique fragrances into one. It’s not easy to find high-quality scents in the present.

Yet, NEST fragrance has proven to endure the tests of time. The search for a reliable brand that offers many options that do not require to go through the trials and mistakes process is difficult. Thus, NEST fragrance could be the only choice to provide you with the right scents that can create a mood for your home. If you think this is a good idea we can take a look at our next fragrance review to learn more about these fragrances.

Before we go into the stores with the highest sales as well as the customer reviews and sales, let us know a bit about the business along with its founder. This will help us in our research and help us evaluate the items. Here is the overview of the company.

NEST Fragrances Review

NEST is a firm that is based within New York City that specializes in creating and selling unique scents that are perfect for improving moods of clients. The company is known for its distinctive but also a long-lasting luxury fragrance that can transform your home and enhancing the look of your house. The company has built up an immense customer base as well as massive following through social platforms, with an impressive online reputation.

The company has been featured in respected media outlets, such as New York Magazine and Forbes. Due to their distinctive scents and gorgeous appearance, the fragrance is loved by a lot of people. In the past, NEST was founded by Laura Slatkin in 2005. The founder has decades of knowledge of the fragrance industry within her own home fragrance company, Slatkin & company.

The founder of the company is therefore able to approach these scents by examining them from a different angle isn’t explored by any other company. She uses the usual exotic ingredients along with the blending note to create these distinctive fragrances. They’re popular with the public and astonish many consumers.

NEST Fragrance has its headquarters in New York, and it is working to expand and expand into new areas through the use of its unique scent and informing the customers. The company also gives back to society by forming an alliance in the Autism awareness and research funding project as well as numerous other organizations involved in charitable activities.

At least have the basic information regarding the history and the creator of the NEST scent. It is now time to know the details of the pros as well the cons and draw comparisons prior to evaluating the company based on the feedback of customers. Here we go again.

NEST Fragrances Pros:

  • The company has a wide range of scents as well as unique profiles.
  • Afterpay is an alternative method of payment.
  • The company offers multiple discounts and offers to its customers who wish to cut costs on their spending
  • fragrances aren’t just created by high-quality scents, they also contain synthetic and natural ingredients to provide more choices
  • The company offers customers four choices to select from. This includes candles, body care and perfumes, as well as diffusers
  • Candles that burn long as well as diffusers for the duration of a day or more, based on the selection.
  • Candle votives are made from thick and attractive glasses.
  • Many of the customers who have purchased the product online are raving about the great scent or smell when lighting or unlit.

NEST Fragrances Cons:

  • The strength of the scent shows inconsistent variation
  • The perfume products are expensive.
  • They do not provide international shipping services.

Why We Like NEST Fragrances

In addition to the pros and cons analysis There are a few distinct reasons to consider this fragrance line. These range from actual top-selling fragrances to personal motives like a plethora of positive reviews by customers as well as unique and distinctive scents.

All of these senses are designed to enliven your senses and improve your mood in the home. Therefore, this section will walk you through the most popular NEST fragrances including candles and perfumes to diffusers.

The Best-Selling Nest Perfumes

In the section of perfume there are a variety of scents available in varieties like sultry and intoxicating sweet and exotic scents. Within this section they are a mix of exotic areas of essence, moods and even emotions. They also help you get the style you desire through their uplifting compliments and daydreams of scents, with long-lasting impressions.

Thus, the most appealing NEST fragrance can be described as that of Indigo Eau de Parfum. It is an Moroccan scent that is influenced by the scent of tea. It is a balanced blend of sharp and woody notes that have many sweet notes. They’re perfect for Marrakesh culture, and luxurious with the single spray. You can choose the orange bergamot, or the succulent lemon to get the full scent and flavor.

The second one is that of the black tulip Eau Parfum. The scent is balanced with patchouli earth to provide a more romantic and sensual scent. Also, it has the sharpness of bitterness of the black, amber plum, as well as peppercorn. This scent will give you an experience of realism as it transports the romantic the senses to your garden.

We call it”Wild Poppy” Eau de Parfum has a spicy and exotic scent. It gives you the right mood and an invigorating scent created using the chypre base and the fresh, sweet moss scents. It contains Japanese violets, Indonesian jasmine, patchouli layer as well as pink peppercorn. The scent evoked passion, and life-long desires because of the fascination and the captivating nature of.

There are a myriad of perfumes available that we could include in our list without mentioning Seville Orange Perfume Oil. It has a fruity scent along with a light and happy scent, due to the grapefruit scent and distinctive mandarin hint. It is a unique scent, however, it also has a humorous sense. Alongside the baobab oil, it can help smooth the skin.

The Best-Selling Nest Diffusers

In addition to a scent There are also reed diffusers capable of filling your home with pleasant and unique scents. The most popular and well-liked NEST diffusers can be classified into two categories: basic diffusers and refreshing sets that come with the possibility of an easy refill. Their website is where you’ll see the well-known pura smart home fragrance diffuser set that will ensure your home is scented with grapefruit-like notes which you can swap for lush greenery or the floral.Many choices are available here, from bamboo scent vial to the grapefruit scent vial.

This is the nest. Grapefruit Refill Duo for Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser. It gives your home a an ambiance of calm and relaxation that fills your living space with fresh and uplifting scents. The refill contains two vials of the refreshing floral lily as well as the snappy coriander bloom. It is a tasty taste, even though it’s not liquid.

The final diffuser Bamboo Luxury Reed Diffuser, made by an extended shot. If you’re walking through the garden in the oriental style it will provide you with an energizing time. It is however, in contact with the delicate white floral scents of its greenery, and it is soft as it finishes with the fresh citrus.

In addition to what we’ve covered under the most popular fragrance There are also NEST candles. Apple Blossom 3-wick candle is our favorite, developed by Laura Slatkin, and capable of creating a relaxing food and a peaceful day. It is a delicate aroma, as well as tasty fruits that are the main ingredients. They also provide the classic candle subscription box. Through this subscription, the company ensures that you receive each month new scents according to the season of the year. The candles also have the longest-lasting burn time, which ranges from 50-60 minutes of burning.

Customer Review

As part of our regular in reviewing brands we looked through a range of reviews from customers online to make sure that the review provides everything you need to take important decision. Our review therefore is based on a handful of chosen websites. Most importantly, we’ll begin with the official site.

In, there are a variety of feedbacks, however under each of the top-selling products. To illustrate, we chose the Bamboo Reed Diffuser Liquid, which scored 4.8 stars after taking into account feedback from 164 customers on the website. The majority of customers have praised their experiences. For a great example on the website One of the users is awed by the product, and says:

“When I purchased a diffuser for the first time, I always shop a refill. I believe you have a wonderful product. To maintain the wonderful fragrance, I discovered that the diffuser should be flipped every week or so. “

on the ClothedUp Website The author evaluates the unique fragrance and determines if it’s worth the money. Based on other factors including pricing, shipping costs and quality, as well as quality of service provided, the business gets a total rating of four stars. The writer then renders an assessment with the following sentence”

“Shoppers speak highly about the fragrances they purchased from NEST. Their fragrances aren’t overpowering, they last a long time, and customers brags about how satisfactory they smell. “

When you look on Amazon, The Reed Diffuser also gets 4.5 stars following 8020 global reviews. This is a great thing and the majority of customers are pleased when they share their opinions via feedback.

It is also possible to add your own comments to the feedback of the customers above by taking a look at the thorough review of the brand on Brydie website that the writer compliments by using words such as fresh grapefruit, and standout scents that feature sweet vanilla. Also, the positive comments are available at websites like the Mira and Loves platform, Who What Wear and on Fragrantica which the fragrance has received more than 1440726 reviews. This is a huge endorsement.

Thus, the majority of customers are pleased with the NEST scents purchased. They have praised the low price, massive selection and excellent customer service incredible scents, etc. The quality is important according to them and they will keep them coming back to buy more.

Where to Buy NEST Fragrances

If you’d like to purchase your house’s scent NEST You can purchase all collections on their website. Go to and place an order. There are two optionsavailable: subscription-based packages as well as individual items.

For products that are not available in the individual category, you can order directly through the store or via online retailers. A few online retailers sell NEST fragrances. A few of them are:

  • Amazon
  • Anthropologie
  • Sephora
  • Nordstrom
  • Ulta Beauty
  • Walmart

If you opt for the subscription option, you must sign up with the account to get NEST. NEST subscription. The procedure is simple. Start by choosing the productyou want to purchase, and there are two options to choose from. Decide on the frequency of delivery before adding it to the bag prior to making the checkout. If the order gets delivered, they will charge your card monthly.

Is NEST Fragrances Worth It?

We are extremely pleased with the NEST fragrance , not just because of its extensive range of products but also due to its distinctive and modern scents and the promising collection of profiles that will give your home and your business a wide range of scents to choose from. To achieve greater variety, the company uses synthetic scent that some customers complain about not liking.

The company still offers an organic scent to its products, that customers love and has left many positive reviews. The company bases its manufacturing process on scientifically proven ingredients due to reasons. Although the fragrances cost a lot, they look attractive and one can tell immediately that they’re made by a prestigious brand due to their quality.

The candles are large and will continue to burn and create a glowing atmosphere for around 60 hours. For diffusers, they are available in stunning bottles that showcase their unique design to make a statement as the ideal fragrance for your home. The company offers its customers a variety of discounts and offers to reduce their spending.

There are many benefits to these, including include free shipping and discount prices on their items. They also take part in charity activities, mostly in partnership with Autism research, which is a the opportunity to give back to the society. These scents are great for uplifting your mood, and they create excellent conditions for products inspired by daydreaming collections all under one roof.

Apart from selling individual products In addition, you could opt for a subscription-based program. So, we strongly believe that the NEST scent is well worth the investment. Try it as they can lift your mood by introducing different scents.

NEST Fragrances Discounts

The NEST fragrances give customers a variety of ways to save money for their purchase. Our research also reveals a number of discounts and offers available to customers to take advantage of. In the course of our study, we discovered that the company offers customers who sign up to the newsletter an extra 15% discount on their first purchase. It also includes all the latest news and special offers, along with sales.

There are also programs for referrals where you can invite your friend to join the site. When you create an account and make their first purchase you will receive $20 plus they get another $20 to their account for their next purchase.

Also, they offer a good discount of 15%, but only for student discounts. The company currently provides free standard shipping, but only to customers who are within the contiguous USbased customers’ purchases which are $100 or more. Keep an eye out for new discounts and coupons in the near future.

NEST Fragrances Contact

Are you looking for additional information about the NEST’s scent? You can reach our support staff directly, if answers aren’t found in the FAQ area. The study revealed several ways to contact with the support team and customer service. One of them is to give the support team a toll-free number: 1-888-979-632. There is also an email address, however, it has different features.

Therefore, when you want to send a main for the typical customer service address through, for general inquiries, connect with the team through But when the inquiry is about wholesale, the challenge ou mainly through Though it looks like limited options, you can also engage with the customer care team on social media platforms.

The staff and the marketing team are always active on their Twitter, Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram handle at any time. Follow them and take advantage of the latest updates, sales and more.


NEST fragrance review has discovered that the company provides a wide range of premium scents that are designed to improve your home and offer an amazing experience throughout the day. A lot of customers are pleased with the large selection of amazing scents that can make you feel more relaxed. While they’re made from synthetic material to control the scent NEST also has vegan ingredients. If you’re looking to transform the atmosphere of your living space with stunning diffusers and scents, NEST is at help you and comes in an exquisitely designed packaging. They last for a long time despite being pricey.


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