Voluspa Candles Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam? Worth Your Money?{April-2023}

Voluspa Candles Reviews
Voluspa Candles Reviews

Sometimes, all you need is to light a candle in order to enjoy the most pleasant scent inside your home. It’s even more remarkable, particularly when you buy from a brand you are confident in and trust and use the products. There are a lot of candle brands in the marketplace today but only a handful are at the ideal level. In this review we will concentrate specifically on Valuspa Candle. Valuspa Candle review today.

We will discuss the company’s background, right up to the various scents you can choose from. We will also narrow this review to see whether the company is worth the money by identifying the most popular candles that are available.

So, if you’re in a rush and need to swiftly pick a new scent it is impossible to be disappointed with the Voluspa candle company. This review will only provide you with the necessary confidence and help you understand what you can expect from this company. Follow us through until the end to make an informed choice.

Voluspa Candles Review

Voluspa can be described as an aromatherapy brand that has a an extensive history of development. It was established in 1999 by the pair Troy Arbtsen and Traci. The duo began the company through cooking candles in their kitchen. The founders shared an obsession with floral scents and sought out ingredients from sustainable sources along with the essential oil wonders. They have the potential to give the world something different.

Thus, the expansion of the company was spurred by their trips around the globe and selling couple of their items. They’ve grown but nothing has changed since their beginning. Apart from candles that are hand-poured, they have luxurious scents which enhance the ambience of your living room. They come with candles and you can buy diffusers and sprays, that will all deliver an amazing scent.

Voluspa has expanded and widened its reach to its customers through partnerships with a variety of online retailers. The unique scent of the brand has been able to capture the attention of numerous customers, and has been featured in a variety of media sites online. Presently, Voluspa has a large following through social platforms. If you’re still questioning whether it’s a hoax, continue reading to discover.

Voluspa is among the brands that can be trusted to ensure their products are consistent with the expectations of their customers. Their website says that the candles contain unique ingredients and are also globally used to make their fragrance. No brand can claim to have their candles. With that said it’s time to take a step forward. We’ll begin by expanding our study to include the general advantages and disadvantages of the company’s brand. This will provide us with an accurate picture of the business.

Why We Like Voluspa Candles

Whatever scent you’re looking for, from feminine to the fruity clear, masculine, and sweet Voluspa offers all of your requirements covered in one place. Alongside candles Voluspa offers a wide selection of reputable diffusers and room sprays that have distinct scents. For this particular section we will focus only solely on candles.

The Best-Selling Voluspa Candles

There are thousands of exceptional ones. One of them are Santiago Huckleberry. It’s a dark plum container with a fashionable floral design with a subtle gold accent. They ensure you will have a classy fragrance that is at its peak. In the scent, you can take pleasure in the huckleberry that is accompanied by sugar and vanilla as a supplement to create a sweet and concentrated scent.

The other third French Cade Lavender, which provides a pleasant fragrance that is elegant and soothing within the space. It has the French cade wood that is placed in the center. In actuality, the candles suggest not only the verbena but also the floral lavender, but without the feminine. If you are looking for candles for your bridal shower then the Mokara is the perfect present for the celebration.

Aroma and appearance alone can make the entire space clean. It can also give you that much-needed warmth right after it’s light to enhance the space. It is possible to choose between springs, white lilies orchids, or moss depending on the style you prefer.

There are well-known and most-loved candlesGoji Tarocco Orange. It gives exotic warming, spicy, and warm scents within one scent. It gives you the sensation of ripe fruit and pops of color. You can choose the mango, tarocco orange , or Goji berries with a subtle flavor. Bourbon Vanille gives you 45 hours of burn time and comes with vanilla beans as well as french bourbon as well as the classic notes. Based on its appearance it may entice you by the cost, but it’s still inexpensive.

While the list may be long but we have to include some of the top-selling candles. The Panjore Lychee candle follows in this list. Many have described it as vibrant fruity and sweet due to its feminine scent, but it could also brighten up the house with its fruity scent.

The aura is made more appealing with its stunning pink bottle. Also in line with the trend is Makassar Ebony & Peach, offering a classic and sweet scent , atop the sexy muskyness that is in the scents. The candles feature Ebony wood scents, paired with peaches and apples to create a fragrance that is that is feminine and masculine. You get an hour of burning time. It can be enjoyed to pair with red wine at a gathering.

Certain people still require candles for their Christmas morning festivities for bringing winter joy or even the fireplace. In this situation, Branche Vermeil is a excellent choice from this line. It comes with a variety of scents that include cedar and cypress mingled along with pine needles. It is stored in an sophisticated silver vessel.

In conclusion, our selection of the top-selling Voluspa candles includes Crane Flower. It comes with floral scents and various scents. It’s the perfect gift that lasts for at most 40 hours. It also comes with sweet nectar-bird, lavender and geranium scents that will keep your home alive. There are many candles that to choose from. In addition this, the business also gives you room sprays and diffusers available from their inventory.

Where to Buy Voluspa Candles

The best place to purchase to purchase Voluspa candles is through their official store on voluspa.com. It’s the only trusted source for these large range of scents. However, we have also revealed that Voluspa candles are also available in online stores. The trusted stores online include these:

  • Amazon ( VOLUSPA Profile & Rating)
  • Anthropologie
  • Sephora
  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Walmart

Is Voluspa Candles Worth It?

Voluspa candles are among the most effective alternatives to choose from. We’ve concluded that this brand’s worthwhile not just for the vast selection of candles available but also because of the wonderful exquisite vessels, well-curated scents that are unique in color, as well as notes. So it is evident that the brand is worth the price and many of the customers have given it five stars online and are pleased with the purchase.

Many have praised the scent and pleasant scent as stated on the website. It is suitable for a variety of rooms and homes. In addition, they have an amazing product that continually emits warm light whenever you ignite it. There are a variety of scents available for you to pick from. As long as you’re in the same feeling of being together that makes you feel good, these people are happy.

While many people have noted the cost however, they are well worth the price label due to a variety of factors. For starters you’ll agree with us from the website that these products aren’t only cruelty-free, but also do not come in contact with any toxic elements such as toxins, chemicals or parabens, making them vegan.No worries with the fresh air.

Furthermore it is the Voluspa Lychee, with it’s 100% organic wicks guarantees that the customers will get the best burning time. In addition, the fact that candles are hand-poured is awe inspiring to us. You can also choose the scents that best suit your personal preferences and needs. Expect quality candles depending on our expenditure. Its website company offers a variety of resources to guide you in repurposing your vessels following the use.

Combining this with the lucrative deals and the efficient customer service We are incredibly satisfied with the business, and without any commitments we would highly recommend it. Find your perfect candle today and experience the many elegant options. Pick the scent that you prefer and bring warmth to your home by using exquisite fragrances. These candles are worth purchasing.

Voluspa Candles Discounts

This is where search for Voluspa promotions and discounts. You’re in the right spot. This review pointed out that the company also offers customers special promotions to cut costs on expenses or purchases. Free shipping is available. However, free samples are available for orders of more than $50. You may also refer to a friend and earn 10 percent off your next purchase on the site.

Presently, Voluspa has numerous products for sale at reduced prices. Although they offer limited promotions are available, the best thing to do is join the newsletters to ensure that you’ll be informed about the most lucrative sales. There are often frequent sales and promotions to customers. Stay in touch with them all the time.

Voluspa Candles Contact

Our reviews are just brief descriptions of what the product is. If you have a question that we didn’t answer in the previous article or on the FAQ page contact us via our Voluspa Support team. Through our investigation we conducted, we discovered that the company’s ways to contact them on their site. Thus, the first step is to call them at 855-498-0402 or email them through customerservice@voluspa.com.

And if your query is related to the wholesale service, email them to the customerservice@voluspa.com. In addition options, you can reach the support and marketing team via social media accounts. They’re available via Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. From there, you have the ability to connect with them and join in discussions and get the most recent news or have your questions answered.


Voluspa is a great company that offers premium candles that guarantee excellent scents and a variety of choices. Thanks to the coconut-wax blend you can expect distinctive fragrances and prolonged burning time, depending on the size you choose. The fact that the candles are not made of harmful ingredients ensures they are suitable for use by customers. Although they’re expensive however, they’re worth the cost and have a distinctive scent. Hand-pouring is a method that ensures you get high-quality candles that are environmentally friendly and have reusable containers or holders.


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