Family Dollar Complaints | Is It Legit Or Scam?{April-2023}

Family Dollar Complaints
Family Dollar Complaints

Family Dollar is among the top low-price stores that people prefer to shop. The store offers a vast assortment of household essentials electronic appliances, toys and gifts, as well as festive decorations at a price that is affordable. The company is known for its high-quality products that are not just reasonably priced but also durable.

But, just like every similar retailer Family Dollar receives a fair amount of complaints from customers. From defective products to poor quality customer support, Family Dollar is not exempt from these issues. Here are a few frequently reported Family Dollar complaints and how to submit one if you need to file a complaint regarding one of the products.

Common Types of Complaints at Family Dollar

When you shop at Family Dollar it is possible to have different issues depending on whether you’re shopping in-store or on the internet. Here are a few frequently reported complaints:

In-store Shoppers

  • Price variations: When shopping in-store you might find that the prices of products displayed on the shelves are different from those at the register. This could be confusing and frustrating as you might end up paying more than what you thought you would pay for.
  • Quality of the product as well as inventory The Family Dollar store isn’t immune to the occurrence of substandard items that are on sale and this can deter shoppers. When you shop at Family Dollar, keep an watch for any evidence of defects or damage in the packaging for the items you purchase.
  • Inventory management You might have trouble finding the right items when you shop at an outlet store, particularly in the absence of the season.
  • Customer service: Customers have complained about the difficulties to reach the customer service department in Family Dollar. Some complain that they are unable to be able to understand the employees who are on the phone for Family Dollar, while others claim that staff members are unhelpful or rude when they return an item.

Online Shoppers

Online shoppers haven’t been protected from the many types of complaints that have plagued Family Dollar stores. Customers have had issues when shopping online for example:

  • False products delivered There are instances where customers receive items which aren’t the items they purchased. Customers have complained about receiving products that are not the correct size or color, as well as products that don’t meet their expectations.
  • Problems with cancelling orders: Certain customers have had difficulty cancelling or change an order once the order has been placed. To fix the issue customers must call or email customer service. These experiences can be lengthy and even frustrating, especially when you are trying to make time to work.
  • Overcharging at checkout: Some customers have complained of being charged for items that they bought. These types of cases are common when they try to pay using their mobile devices.
  • Issues when the checkout process:Some customers complained of issues with checkout after placing their purchases in the cart.
  • Delivery delays: There are also instances where consumers were unhappy about the time to receive their items, particularly in cases where they placed an order at peak times like grocery items.

While complaints do occur, Family Dollar addresses the issues when they show up with a solution to ensure their customers a pleasant shopping experience.

How to File a Complaint Against Family Dollar?

There are many methods to file complaints to Family Dollar;

  • Speak to a manager or supervisor: If you encounter an issue while shopping in any of the Family Dollar locations, speak to a floor manager or store manager. The store manager or supervisor is likely to be able help you identify the cause and the best way to resolve the issue.
  • Call Customer Support by calling 1-877-530-TREE (8733): If you contact the store manager doesn’t solve the issue or you’re having problems with shopping online, contacting the customer support team will assist you in resolving the issue in a timely manner. The Customer Service department is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 9 midnight ET.
  • Make a complaint online: If you prefer to express your concerns in writing, submitting on the internet is your most effective solution. Go to Family Dollar’s Family Dollar official website and complete their online form for contact. If you are writing a complaint, ensure that you give as much detail and supporting evidence as you can.
  • Contact them via their social media accounts: Family Dollar has an official Facebook page, Twitter account as well as an the Instagram page, where customers can express their displeasure with the company. Get in touch with Family Dollar through one of these channels should you experience difficulties shopping online or in-store. They’ll take care of the issue quickly.

What You Need to Know About Family Dollar Company

Family Dollar is a discount retailer offering a broad range of services and products. This is what you should be aware of about the company;

Ownership and Management

The Family Dollar company started operations in the year 1959, with Leon Levine as the founder. Presently, Dollar Tree organization owns the company. The company’s leader are Howard Levine, the current chief executive officer and president, overseeing a workforce that includes a total of 60,000 employees.


Family Dollar has an online store that allows you to shop from the convenience at home. There are also Family Dollar in shopping malls or gas stations as well as convenience stores. The company has more than 8000 stores in Canada, the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Competitors and Pricing

The chain store is in fierce competition from other stores, like Walmart, Dollar General, and E-mart. Despite the fierce competitors, Family Dollar still offers the lowest prices for products that aren’t food-related, such as beauty and health items, clothing and household products when compared with Walmart as well as other retailers.

Return Policy

Family Dollar provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and an in-store exchanges within 30 days from the purchase. To receive a complete refund, customers need to present their original purchase receipt. In the event that they do not it will be calculated on the lowest price advertised of the item returned. Food items that are returned without a receipt can be exchanged for similar food items; there will be no refund!

Overall Customer Reviews

Family Dollar has an average rating of 2.1 out of 66 customer reviews. In short, the majority of customers are not satisfied at Family Dollar.


Like any other retailer, Family Dollar receives numerous complaints. To ensure a good reputation and a loyal customer collection, Family Dollar constantly seeks solutions to solve legitimate customer complaints. To make it easier for customers to make complaints the store is available by calling 1-877-530-3TREE (8733) or social media channels or via an online form to contact them. It is possible to make a complaint by contacting the store manager or floor supervisor. manager while shopping in the store.


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