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While I am a fan of my sun’s rays, I’ve discovered over time that it’s not loving me back. As with many who have skin sensitization to the sun that has grown worse over time and, despite my diligent use of sunscreen all day long I still have an inflamed (and sometimes itchy) hot rash that covers my chest, arms and shoulders following some days of surfing and sand.

This ailment can flare up just when I’m feeling more at peace (i.e. days three or four of a trip to the beach) dermatologists have suggested that I stay out of the sun for as long as I can to keep the symptoms at low. Never one to avoid water sports, relaxing swimming, or even hanging out at the pool (my recent trip to Hacienda Encantada Resort and Residences located in Cabo San Lucas was blissful due to the stunning views of the beach as well as an incredible rooftop swimming pool that I’m still imagining) I’ve come up with my own solution to this issue and that’s long-sleeved swimming suits.

If you’re a sun-averse person like me, enrolled in classes in surfing, or just looking for a dress with a little more coverage (hey the ocean water can be frigid!) Here’s my most loved discovery of the season: the recently released Surfy by the TA3.

If the name sounds familiar is due to the fact that TA3 has been a huge hit on TikTok over the past few years because of their sculpting single-piece designs that promise to take your waist by using strong ties in the back, which produce a corset-like look the more tight you pull.

The woman-owned business that was the subject of the spotlight in Shark Tank creatively creates an empowering, high-quality swimwear with two lengths of torso for sizes XS-3X. I’d be remiss not claim that these flattering styles have replaced my cheap clothes from previous years.

The cost of each suit is $178.

However, when you consider that they’re made from smoothing double compression fabric that actually locks your in, I believe the price is reasonable because you’ll be able to experience the high-end feel of the quality (not not to mention the massive confidence increase) when you put on one. (One other Travel + Leisure writer is a fan of their Lacey swimming suit because they’ve got a range of shades.)

I’ve been a devoted fan of the brand’s popularity since the beginning and when the Surfy is out I feel like all my requests have been answered. To begin, this classic style is composed from UPF 50+ materials to provide the best sun protection. It also gives an old-fashioned surfer girl look in the most stylish way that is possible.

As with like all TA3 designs,

It comes with the signature lace-up feature on the back which produces stunning curves and a striking silhouette that everyone can see. Surfy Surfy is available with three distinct colors (solid black, blue/black and black/orchid) with body shaping seams, mesh lining with power, and the built-in shaping panels that improve your appearance effortlessly.

Although you can’t be wrong with any shade, I couldn’t resist doing a double photo of my reflection in the vibrant blue shade because it appeared to tighten my midsection further. The clever color blocking feature gives the appearance of a super slim waist (especially when being in front of any lake) This means that you’ll be attracting attention all day longand all the while looking sexy, relaxed and confident.

The Surfy T3 includes a super-supportive shelf bra, as well as removable shoulder pads. So, whether you’re hitting beach volleyballs, cruising in the ocean, or relaxing in the sun in your Baywatch bombshells and running along the shoreline This one-piece beauty is sure to meet your needs.

Don’t take it just from me.

Many other customers at TA3 are thrilled with this swimsuit too. One of them shared that they’re eight months postpartum purchased the swimsuit as they had been “looking for a suit that would help me feel comfortable in my body once more. I’m glad to have discovered it, and continue to claim that this is “the best $178 I’ve spent; thank you!”

A different person praised the high-end by sharing “This suit is worth every penny and I’ll be buying more! What I’m feeling when wearing this suit is well worth the cost It is awe-inspiring!”


You’ll need to find out why people are raving about this UPF 50+ swimming suit that instantly gives you an hourglass-like shape. Pick one of the famed waist-snatching Surfy swimsuits on sale at TA3, and you’ll get the most flattering shape and fit, but also get additional sun protection It’s an all-in-one package!


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