Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Honeymooning In Paris{2023} Detail Here!

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Honeymooning In Paris
Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Honeymooning In Paris

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s romantic love story may be more than 20 years ago however, the couple that got married during the intimacy of a Las Vegas wedding earlier this month is wasting nothing celebrating their wedding during a romantic honeymoon trip to Paris.

It turns out that even famous people aren’t in the least bit enthralled by Paris as most of the sites they visited are open to the public which means that if you are looking to plan a romantic trip Paris with a significant person follow the advice taken from Lopez as well as Affleck.

After landing by private plane to Le Bourget airport last Thursday following their Vegas wedding, People reported that they checked into the famous Hotel de Crillon.

It is one of the most prestigious locations in Paris 10 Place de la Concorde. The five-star hotel is located in an extravagant 18th century building that offers unobstructed views of the city’s most famous landmark – The Luxor Obelisk. The hotel, recently featured in the Travel + Leisure’s 2022 edition of W Orld’s Best Awards, has 124 suites and rooms that were created by famous fashion designer of the past Karl Lagerfeld. The bespoke furniture, antiques and artifacts complete the chic interiors.

While on their trip, pictures were also taken of the couple in the Costes Hotel. Costes.

The couple ate dinner with their guests at Le Matignon that is also the home of the Champs Elysees. The restaurant, which is among the most stylish in Paris is famous for its Jacques Garcia-designed dining area which, once 11 p.m. it turns into a pulsing nightclub. Based on People the couple reportedly wanted an outdoor table and we’re not surprised since the restaurant is situated in the gorgeous garden that surround Marigny theater. Marigny theater.

The morning of Friday, Affleck and Lopez spent an afternoon strolling around and shopping in the Le Marais neighborhood and Rue des Rosiers. They enjoyed the time to take a PDA break at benches before taking a walk along the Seine and inviting their families for an excursion to the Musee d’Orsay.

Clearly, Affleck and Lopez opted to go with something a little higher-end than Paris’s famed mouches vessels, and therefore they arranged two hours of a tour on the luxurious 71-foot teak Petrus III yacht.

It was also a good time to visit the Picasso Museum and the Louvre were also on their weekend plans, in which Lopez was 53 years old. To mark the occasion the family travelled towards the Girafe restaurant in the Cite de l’Architecture, which specialises in seafood and provides its customers with stunning views of the Eiffel Tower.

Another restaurant that was a welcome to the famous couple and their families The restaurant that they ate at was Les Jardins du Presbourg close towards the Arc de Triomphe. As per Metro UK The family also visited Dior’s flagship store located on Avenue Montaigne off of the Champs Elysees.

While the couple’s Parisian honeymoon tour included a lot of designer stores and dining out The couple was caught purchasing videos for their kids at a shop called Micromania-Zing, Metro UKreported.

Then, on Tuesday, Affleck took his daughter to lunch at Aux Pres, a classic French bistro run by a celebrity chef Cyril Lignac, in the chic St. Germain neighborhood. In the time, Lopez and her children took a trip to the shops of designer brands in the Faubourg Saint-Honore street, famous for its high-end stores like Hermes, Chanel, and Cartier.

The mediaalso stated that the family reunited for a private excursion to Musee de l’Orangerie, the post-impressionist and impressionist art gallery which has on display the stunning water lily paintings of Claude Monet’s artworks Les Nympheas. Dinner and dessert were served the family of Affleck-Lopez went to Brasserie Lipp located on Boulevard Saint-Germain and Le Flore en I’Ile situated in Ile Saint-Louis island across from Notre Dame de Paris.


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