Special Gene That Causes Heart Disease Has Been Revealed: Read Here!{2023}

Special Gene That Causes Heart Disease Has Been Revealed
Special Gene That Causes Heart Disease Has Been Revealed

Doctors collect many types of information for the treatment of heart related diseases. Now, in a new study, scientists have identified the main genes that cause heart disease. This study has been done jointly by a team of scientists from Europe and America.

The research was published in the Journal of the Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine in New York. This discovery will lead to the development of new drugs for patients at risk of coronary heart disease. Tell me, many people die due to this disease all over the world.

In the study, the team of scientists selected 600 patients with coronary heart disease and 150 patients without coronary heart disease. During this, everyone underwent open chest surgery for coronary heart artery bypass surgery or other medical information.

The team then used Mount Sinai’s supercomputer Minerva to compile the numbers, analyze the data, and count the thousand Zens. During investigation, it was found that 25% of these patients had this gene.

Identifying Genes in Three Ways:

Professor Jason Kovacik, executive director of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, says about this research that during the study, first of all, accurately defined those genes, which cause coronary heart disease. Second, it was identified where in the body gin might be having a major effect, such as in the arteries of the heart, to increase cholesterol levels in the heart, or to alter inflammation in the blood. After this, the third major achievement was to rank those genes as priority for causing coronary heart disease.

Prevention Of Disease

There is a need to adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep the heart soft and to keep the blood flow smooth. It is necessary not to smoke, to exercise for 30 minutes daily, to avoid excessive stress or stressful situations.

Gathering Information About The PHACTR1 Gene

Pro. According to Kovacic, the team validated the PHACTR1 gene as one of the top 2 genes causing coronary heart disease. Actively studying about it in the lab. Because of this coronary heart disease, migraine, fibromusculardysplasia are fully responsible.

Symptoms of Illness

  • chest pain
  • shortness of breath
  • feeling nauseated
  • burning sensation in the chest or upper abdomen
  • discomfort during exercise
  • tiredness without reason

What Coronary Heart Disease

A fatty, gum-like deposit called plaque (blood fat, cholesterol, calcium) builds up in the coronary arteries in a process called atherosclerosis. This accumulated material makes the human heart narrow and starts freezing. The supply of blood and oxygen to the heart decreases, this process is called coronary heart disease.


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