Manure Being Prepared From The Dead Bodies Of Humans{2023} Genuine Review!

Manure Being Prepared From The Dead Bodies Of Humans
Manure Being Prepared From The Dead Bodies Of Humans

For the sake of the environment in America’s New York, manure will be made from the dead bodies of humans. New York Governor Cathy Hochul legally approved the arrangement. Under the new law, people who want their dead bodies to be converted into compost will have to apply for it. The manure prepared from dead bodies can be used in plants and fields.

According to Katrina Spade, founder of Rinkpos, a company that runs green funeral homes in the US, bodies are kept in a box. A large amount of wood, flowering plant alfalaka and grass are also added to it. This box would have been slightly open so that bacteria could enter it and do the work of turning the dead body into soil.

On an Average, 36 Bags of Manure Are Made From One Dead Body.

In this process of eco-friendly cremation, an average of 36 bags of soil-rich compost is produced from the dead body of an adult. The company says that this process of cremation is better than the normal process.

Costs Rs 5.74 Milion

According to Reinkpause, this process also costs Rs 5.74 lakh to convert the body into soil or compost. However, land is not required to bury the dead body under this process.

  • Such a system has been implemented in 6 states of America for the sake of environment.
  • 7 lakhs on an average in a very simple way of destruction.
  • Green funerals are held in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, California and New York in the US.

Similar Arrangement is Also Applicable in Sweden and Britain

In Sweden and Britain, the dead are buried in such a box that melts in the soil as soon as the body is healthy. Environmentalists say that this system of destroying dead bodies is an effort towards saving the environment.


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