Regular Interaction With Children Helps In Increasing Their Confidence{2023} Genuine Review!

Regular Interaction With Children Helps In Increasing Their Confidence
Regular Interaction With Children Helps In Increasing Their Confidence

Scientists of England claimed that the activation of myelin in the brain is beneficial. To expand the imagination and thinking of children, it is necessary to talk to them.

In a new research, scientists have claimed that talking to small children increases their brain power. According to him, talking to children increases their confidence and they also get opportunities for expression.

This study was done by the researchers of the University of East Anglia (UEA), Norwich, England. He told that two and a half year old children who heard the speech in everyday life, found a substance called myelin in their brain. This substance helps in making linguistic signs more efficient.

Researcher Professor John Spencer said, children’s brain development is rapid in the first 2 years. By these 2 years, the brain is up to 80 percent of the volume of the adult brain.

What is Myelin

Professor John explained that myelin is made of proteins and fatty substances and forms an insulating layer around the nerves in the brain. Means like a drain pipe, in which there are many holes. This myelin lives on these pipes. It separates the fibers of the brain, due to which other signals enter the brain faster. When damaged, the action of the charge slows down.

Try these methods also:

  • chat during game
  • use gestures and pictures
  • listen carefully to the child
  • If you do something wrong, understand it in the right way
  • don’t rush the conversation
  • talk about the happenings
  • also use song music or sound

Addition in babies of 6 months also

Professor Spencer said that research found that children who heard more speech in their daily environment had more myelin. This research is one of the first to show that listening to speech is linked to brain structure in early development. During this, a connection was shown in children from 4 months to 6 years. They also found associations between language input and brain structure in 6-month-old babies. In other words, talking to children is important in early development, because it helps shape the brain.


During the study, 163 babies and children were included. They were given small recording devices to wear for three days. Then about 6000 hours of language data was analyzed. It did not include the words spoken by children as well as the speech of adults. While the children were sleeping, the researchers placed them in an MRI scanner to measure myelin in their brains.


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