Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Oct-22 Schedule, Time Zone Today

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule
Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule

The Spotlight Hour event is the most unique event in Pokemon Go and each week they unveil a unique surprise pokemon as well as a special bonus effects. in February 2020 they added the Spotlight Hour and Mystery Bonus Hour events were added to Pokemon GO. Each day, between the hours of 6-7 p.m. Local time, a mysterious Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild, and there will also be the Mystery Bonus will be active. This allows you to catch as many of the spotlighted Pokemon as you can, and then build it with sweets, and possibly find the Shiny variation. There is no distinction in the local time between time zones for Spotlight Hour and the Mystery Bonus Hour. They were previously scheduled for Tuesday evenings only, however, these days they are only held every week.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule October 2022, Time Zone Today

This is a constantly updated guide that informs viewers about Pokemon which will be on display on Spotlight Hour on Tuesdays, along with the Bonus.

The players have already gotten the Shiny raltsand the shiny munna, and are now shining with the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour benefit. The public can check out the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour schedule each month, and enjoy the benefits any time between.

Could you please tell me how to find out what Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours and (Mystery) Bonus Hours are and how can I be prepared for these hours?

To prepare for Spotlight Hours, it’s a good idea to stock up on the essentials in case the show’s featured character is one you’re interested in. Make sure you have:

  • There should be enough storage space inside your Pokemon Storage Box to accommodate all the Pokemon you’ll catch You only have one hour to develop each one
  • Ample Pokeballs as well as Pinap Berries to catch and develop Spotlight Hour Pokemon
  • Extra Ultra Balls as well as Razz Berries are available to catch any difficult-to-catch Pokemon that appear.
  • Lures to lure the main Pokemon to you could seem like a great idea however Spotlight Hour events don’t increase Lure times like they do in other events.
  • Make sure you have a stash with Lucky Eggs Star Pieces, and Super Incubators (depending on the type of bonus)

In particular, the hours of 6pm to 7pm local time is known as the Highlight Hour. This is the schedule for new opportunities that come up every Tuesday.

September 06: MUNNA

Munna will appear randomly between 6 and 7 pm around the world. In this particular time players will receive double the amount of stardust getting it. In this period, trainers will receive a double amounts of stardust (100) for every Pokemon they catch. Munna, a Shiny Munna version Munna was revealed during Pokemon GO Fest.

September 13 : RALTS

In the following weeks, Ralts are available. The usual amount of points for experience will be given to trainers during the duration of that hour. Experience points are increased when you catch Pokemon at first attempt or using the curveball throw as well as for completing the perfect, excellent or outstanding throw. Shiny variations of Ralts can also be found.

September 20: ARON

All over the world, trainers who travel between levels 6 to 7, the Pokemon of the Rock and Steel type will be found. The players will receive six candy for each catch, instead of the usual three. With an Pinap Berry, they can earn 12 candy only when they catch one Aron. It is possible that players could require 125 candy to create one if lucky enough to catch one.

September 27: MINCCINO

Expect to be able to see lots of Minccino in the coming days of September 27th and Tuesday. In that hour, trainers will receive twice the amount of candy when they transfer one Pokemon. Each time they visit, children will receive two sweets instead of just one. It will take 50 candies to make an Minccino that could appear shiny and grow into an Cinccino.


However, Spotlight Hour doesn’t have any extravagant bonuses. Because they’d be able to encounter so many people, it could be said that there’s more than just a tiny chance of being successful. Although individual rates can fluctuate, the overall rate stays the same.


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