Microsoft Stops Development of Games for Older Xbox One{2023} Check!

Microsoft Stops Development of Games for Older Xbox One

However, Xbox One owners are able to utilize the console to stream games of the present generation through Xbox’s cloud-gaming capabilities.

If you’d hoped to see more Microsoft games would be released for the ageing Xbox One, it’s not so Microsoft has stopped the development of first-party games for the console’s decade-old model.

An interview(Opens in an entirely brand new tab) with Axios, Microsoft’s director of game studios Matt Booty, revealed the company’s focus is on creating games for the new-generation Xbox Series X and S as well as that of the PC platform.

We’ve gone towards Gen 9,” Booty reported, referring towards the Xbox Series X generation.

This isn’t a big surprise given that Microsoft’s Xbox One was released in 2013. However, it’s a bit of a disappointment for those who own one. Xbox One X that Microsoft released four years after as an upgrade to an earlier version of Xbox One with more graphics performance. One of the most popular Microsoft Xbox games, Halo Infinite, was designed to work with both generations of hardware.

The moment is now Booty states that only the Microsoft’s Minecraft continues to work with on the Xbox One. But, Booty points out Xbox One owners can utilize their gaming hardware to play the latest generation of games using the cloud-gaming service which is included in and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

It’s also possible that third-party video game companies could offer some games for the console that’s been around for a decade. For instance, Blizzard’s newly released Diablo IV is available for both Xbox Series X/S and the older Xbox One.


But however, the Xbox One is fairly old as a lot of game makers, particularly for AAA games, are shifting to the latest hardware. Microsoft’s upcoming big Xbox game, Starfield, is not only available to Xbox Series X/S or PC, but it will require at least 125GB of SSD memory.


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