Is Saraya Cleared To Wrestle For AEW? Check!

Is Saraya Cleared To Wrestle For AEW
Is Saraya Cleared To Wrestle For AEW

After Saraya was able to make her AEW debut many fans have asked whether she’s ready to wrestle. According to a recent report, she’s fit enough to wrestle.

Saraya has made her AEW debut at the recent Wednesday Night Dynamite Grand Slamshow Since the show, fans have been wondering whether she’s qualified to wrestle. It’s a legitimate question given that she hasn’t been in on a show since December 2017 because of injuries to her head and neck. The former Paige was also in a few other screen roles during her time with WWE however she hasn’t been a wrestler for more than an entire decade. In the present, it appears things are set to change, which will shake up WWE’s women’s division that has been stagnant.

In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote: “Saraya was officially cleared by Dr. Michael Sampson. She appears to be fighting in a feud with Britt Baker. They were involved. The match was brief and you couldn’t really discern how Saraya appeared after all these years without wrestler.” He’s talking about Saraya engaging physically with Baker on the 5th of October episode of Dynamite following a tri-match.

Saraya Being Cleared Could Change The Game For AEW

The women’s division of AEW has felt like it’s been within the water for a few months. Tony Khan struggles to get all of his top wrestlers to be on television every week and women aren’t the only ones. For instance, back when Thunder Rosa was champion, it was not uncommon that fans would go for weeks and not see her appear on television. Toni Storm has been more well-known since she took her interim championship, however there’s no ongoing stories to talk about in the women’s section. Saraya or Britt Baker could make a difference. They’re two of the most popular wrestling stars in the league and having them battle for a long time would be an exciting experience to AEW fans.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Baker Vs. Saraya feud is the way it will be dealt with. Khan has plenty of eggs in the former WWE basket. There are three WWE World Champions. AEW World Champion ( Jon Moxley) and the in-between Women’s World Champion (Toni Storm) and All-Atlantic Champion (PAC) are all former WWE wrestlers. Meanwhile, the Swerve in Our Glory just recently lost the tag-team title. Before Moxley was crowned champion once more, CM Punk held it while CM Punk held it. AEW seemed to be building an whole division of men around Moxley. It didn’t go well for the organization. Britt Baker is One of the All Elite Wrestling’s more stable performers over the past three years. It will be fascinating to discover how she’s scheduled against Saraya who hasn’t wrestled for a title in the last five years. The visuals of Baker taking a pin to eat for an athlete who is supposed to appear to look all that impressive and could drag the rug off of some of the AEW’s few legit female superstars. It’s likely that the two stars will be in a battle that will end in a fight on the Full Gearon on November 19 on the 19th of November in New Jersey.


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