Guardian Tales Switch Review: A Link To The Past & Present Read!

Guardian Tales Switch Review
Guardian Tales Switch Review

Guardian Tales is now available on Nintendo Switch, bringing interesting gacha mechanics and enjoyable Zelda-style gameplay set in a world of fantasy.

Guardian Taleshas appeared on Nintendo Switch after several years of being a mobile game. Guardian Tales has achieved a remarkable transition to consoles, even though gacha-based elements could be a reason to turn away potential players. As Guardians game, players are transported into a fantastical world in which they’ll meet a plethora of characters, meet quirky monsters and NPCs, collect loot, and fight to save the world.

Gameplay In Guardian Tales is divided into various stages. A lot of them are required to complete to progress the storyline, but other sections are optional quests or places which players can explore to gain extra loot and experiences. In reality, the quantity of additional content available included in Guardian Tales is one of its strengths. from PvP and forming guilds with friends to creating your own floating island There’s everything for all players. Gacha mechanics are also present that are particularly relevant to acquiring new characters. Involving characters in the search of new heroes is a common feature of mobile games, and are now is a trend because of games like Genshin Impact with character banners. The majority of the time could be spent on this and acquiring new characters – and upgrading them and making sure they’re up to speed can be a lot of enjoyable. Of course, certain heroes are free and can be unlocked via gameplay which means that players can possibly avoid the majority of gacha gameplay if it’s not their thing.

The game’s art style as well as humor (there are a lot of Easter eggs and references for players to discover) help to make gameplay effortless. Combat generally feels like an Zeldagame but the battles, characters along with the flexibility of customization and a quirky atmosphere also feel similar to level-5’s Fantasy Lifeat times. If you were asked to translate Guardian Tales into an elevator pitch, it could most effectively described called A Link to the Past is a cross between Genshin Impact and Genshin The Impact. It’s the kind of thing RPG and fantasy enthusiasts should be able to thoroughly enjoy.

The gacha mechanics can decide the fate of Guardian Tales on Switch. It’s certainly enjoyable and enjoyable, however it can be overwhelmed by its mobile game roots (like the fact that Stamina cost to access the stages). The game also doesn’t have the exploratory nature that games similar to Tower of Fantasy offer, which means there’s less to do for F2P players to complete during the time between rebuilding Stamina. Since the game is divided into quests and missions, it’s not difficult to slash and burn through your storyline on a regular basis.

While taking part in Guardian Tales, you can’t help to wonder what a charming Link to the Past-style single-player game that didn’t have all the gacha rewards would have been more enjoyable, particularly since the game is available on Switch. However, if you leave aside personal preferences, Guardian Tales is an a ton of enjoyment. The gameplay, the art style and the funny characters are among the great features. It’s definitely worth taking a look when it comes out for Nintendo Switch on October 3.


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