How to Conquer Anger (oct-2022) Detail!

How to Conquer Anger
How to Conquer Anger

Anger is the feeling of intense annoyance displeasure, hostility, or displeasure.

Anger is also defined as an emotion manifested by anger toward someone or something you have intentionally initiated while at the same creating irritation or agitation towards you.

We can all agree that anger is a feeling and emotions are associated with emotions.

The same way, feelings are connected to situations that could create a feeling of happiness or sadness, uncertainty, doubt, anxiety and awe or disgust, happiness, sadness and the list continues to grow and on.

Like all individuals can control their emotions The emotion of anger can be managed. It’s funny that the majority of people don’t have control over the emotion known as anger.

The reality that anger is among the emotions that people are difficult to control is that anger is much more in control than the individual experiencing the emotion.

This can be confirmed by the amount of court cases on dockets that concern domestic violence that is criminal.

The issue is not that anger is so strong that it is uncontrollable However, the focus and the reality of the matter is that people aren’t sure how to manage their anger-related emotions.

This can cause problems and setbacks in the daily cycle as there’s typically an attorney requirement to be met or a court date that you must keep or attend to, a fine that needs to be paid or time in the jail.

The most common outcome of anger is destruction of physical and/or personal property.

The majority of people choose to act by expressing anger, which can result in destruction.

Before one can be able how to manage situations of anger it is essential to know how to define anger.

What is Anger?

When the definition of an anger is established and is understood The subsequent step would be to study the negative effects of anger. discover the signs of anger, and learn ways to control for anger and then learn to train yourself until your thoughts are dominant before the destructive actions begin.

The impact or the way I let the result of the anger be detrimental to your physical health and can lead to unintended health issues like high blood pressure, increased anxiety and headaches to mention some.

One of the most difficult responsibilities that is related to controlling anger is the awareness of anger.

Most likely, anyone confronted with a situation that causes anger, will not think of a solution for the situation prior to the event.

People who are angry are bound to take their feelings into consideration, and should this happen then the situation is likely to be a cause of destruction.

People who are afraid will shout, while those who are feeling happy will laugh.

People who are sad will cry.

Every emotion has a reaction. is an appropriate reaction.

Then why is theren’t an appropriate response to anger?

People react differently in accordance with the circumstance depending on the situation in which they find themselves.

However, statistics have proven that anger can’t be managed, and instead anger is prone to dominate the situation.

Anger can cause the appearance of black eyes, swollen lips broken ribs, holes in walls, damaged furniture or dishes that are broken, utensils…and the list goes endlessly!

Courtrooms and the offices of defense attorneys are filled with charges of defendants of violence, the majority of which are regrettable.

Time and money are always losing when dealing with the effects of anger and it appears that the force of the action is more important than even a second thought.

It’s not meant to be that way , because we’re the most intelligent species on earth.

Why can’t we manage our anger?

That’s why I’m providing sensitive information that could lead to various results.

Luckily, my job as a civilian for more than 10 years was with Mental Health Counselor II.

In fact, I created an effective Anger Management group session at the South Carolina Department of Mental Health.

My education includes the completion of a Ph.D. in Philosophy with an emphasis on General Psychology.

I share my experience and knowledge to anyone who is trying to manage their anger. I offer the mini-course which comes with an official certificate of completion that can be used to prove of the fact that this course has been taken with a 70% or higher.


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