Honda Lounched Electric Scooter EM 1: Get More Info Here!{2023} India Read Here!

Honda Lounched Electric Scooter EM 1
Honda Lounched Electric Scooter EM 1

Honda has launched the first electric two-wheeler electric scooter EM 1  for the European market. The scooter is expected to arrive in India soon.

This scooter from Japanese automaker Honda is a small electronic scooter and is the next step in Honda’s goal of becoming a carbon neutral company by 2040. It is also being introduced on the market of electronic mopeds. In this, you will get a special Lithium Ion battery, which has been named Honda Mobile Power Pack.

This is a removable battery. This scooter has been brought specially keeping in mind the youth and small customers. Currently it has been launched in Europe as it is the biggest electronic two-wheeler market for Honda. It may be introduced in India next year.

10 Kg Battery

The weight of the lithium ion battery used in this scooter is 10. Kilogram The battery measures 298 mm in length, 177 mm in depth and 156 mm in height. Capacity of this battery kWh (one kilowatt hour). A 270 watt AC charger is available to charge this battery. Which charges it 0-100 percent in 6 hours and 25-75 percent in 2 hours 40 minutes. The scooter gets a 0.58 kW (0.77 Bhp) brushless hub motor. Its top speed is 45 km/h.

48 kms on single charge

Talking about the range of this scooter, its range in normal mode is 41. It has a range of 3 kms and 48 kms in eco mode. There is also a supply of 2500 charge cycles from the company.

The weight of this scooter is 95 kg with battery. Its length is 1860 mm, width is 680 mm. Its ground clearance is 130 mm. Whereas, its seat height is 740 mm and wheelbase is 1300 mm. Other components include telescopic suspension up front, twin shock absorbers at the rear, front disc and rear drum braking with combi braking, 12-inch front wheel and 10-inch rear wheel.


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