Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Smartwatch Banefits: Get More Info-2023! Check Here!

Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Smartwatch Banefits
Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Smartwatch Banefits

Another smartwatch version of the smartwatch is this gadget that keeps track of your fitness. It is also easy to use. There are many good smartwatches available in the market under Rs 10000.

If it is a matter of smartwatch, first of all the question will be why to buy it when you have a smartphone. But it is pointless to compare a smartwatch and a smartphone. Actually consider smartwatch as a small computer tied on your wrist, which acts as a front end for your smartphone or other devices. Along with this, the smartwatch is also your personal health tracker.

Travel companion

If your smartwatch has built-in GPS, you don’t need to keep checking your smartphone while traveling. It can also work by connecting to the GPS of your smartphone. In some, a barometer that distributes air pressure, an altimeter that tells height is also given. Some smartwatches can also download maps. Mid segment i.e. up to Rs 10,000 some major smartwatches like Amazfit GTS 2 Mini, Fitbit Versa 3, Huawei Watch Fit, Realme Watches Pro will get this feature great.

And some smartwatches of the premium segment also offer the feature of crowdsource. Like the Germaine Forerunner 245 Smartwatch. It gives you direction related information by taking data from nearby smartwatch users. To know in which direction to turn, you also get signals from the smartwatch through vibrations, voice commands, etc.

Help finding phone

Most smartwatches have a ‘find phone’ feature, which allows you to pair your phone or other device to the watch and be able to ring it through your watch. If you lose your phone, just press your button, so you can locate the phone within seconds. This feature is available in almost every smartwatch of some budget ieRs 5000 or mid rangeieRs 10000.

Good fitness tracker

The main feature of most smartwatches is the fitness tracker. If you have a smartwatch, it can act as a modern version of the fitness band. This smartwatch also gives you health updates and suggestions by monitoring your steps, calories, distance covered, pulse rate, heart rate, sleep and other essential metrics.

Not only this, there is no risk of losing the expensive phone if it happens. You can easily see calls and notifications with the phone in your bag. Also, their battery life will be available for ten days. In this case, if I am traveling, then the battery of the smartwatch is saved.

5 smartwatches under 10000 rupees

Amazfit GTS 2 New

In this 1. Inch AMOLED display, built-in GPS and AMOLED screen are available. A physical button is also available so that you can exit from any app. It also has the feature of media playback, alarm control, bluetooth phone calls. 90 sports mode. There are many health features like blood, oxygen and movement monitoring. Battery life is 14 days. Price Rs.8199 on official website.

Reflex play plus

This smartwatch from Fastrack was brought keeping in mind the youth. Supports Google and Siri and Bluetooth monitoring features will be available. Display 1.Inch AMOLED type.Music control, camera control, notification alert etc. and more than 20 multisports features. Battery life is of 7 days. Price Rs.5995 on official website.

Talk S

This smartwatch of Titan is of 1.78 AMOLED display. This is a Bluetooth calling watch in which voice assistants will also be available. That is, all the functions of making and receiving calls will be available in it. In this you will get 100 sports mode and watch faces, all the necessary fitness features are also there, the offer price is Rs.8995 on the official website.

Noise Corfit Ultra 3

It is considered a good budget smart watch. Many health tracking features like steps, slip, heart rate will be available. Bluetooth calling feature has been given but voice assistants will not be available. In this 1. 2.5 inch AMOLED display along with features like 2 sync and jester control. Will get 7 days battery life. This Rs 8000 smartwatch is available at a discount of Rs 4499 on the official website.

Xiaomi watch revolt active

Its circular dial displays 1. Inch AMOLED type, as well as Alexa integration will also be available with some limitations. Many features will be available for fitness features and monitoring. 14 day battery life with built in GPS. You can buy this Smartwatch on the official website for Rs.5999.

Be careful when buying a smartwatch

  • If you are thinking of buying the best smartwatchunder 10000 then you should keep some things in mind
  • Fitness Tracking, Navigation, Communicative, Entertainment or Style. You have to see for what purpose you are looking to buy Smartwatch. See the features accordingly.
  • Smartwatch also comes for 50000 rupees. His features are of a lotus. In such a situation, decide the budget for yourself and then see in the market.
  • If you want a waterproof smartwatch, then choose accordingly. It also comes with an inbuilt camera.
  • Consider the smartwatch ecosystem. Do you want a watch with many pre-installed apps, or a smartwatch that can download apps from outside?
  • Looking at the face of the smartwatch? These are coming in all shape types i.e. round, rectangular and square.
  • Do check out the battery life. This is the most amazing feature.


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