Dos and Don’ts of Using Golf Carts

Dos and Don'ts of Using Golf Carts
Dos and Don'ts of Using Golf Carts

Life’s all fun and games until you’re barreling down the fairway in a golf cart with a mind of its own, right? Before you transform into Lewis Hamilton of the greens, there are a few things you might want to know. Before you start your Grand Prix – ahem – your game, it’s crucial to understand your local golf course’s cart commandments. Is your four-wheeled chariot allowed to roam the fairway or does it have to stick to the road less travelled? And remember, if you’re wielding a portable golf launch monitor like a knight with his sword, be careful where you plant it in your royal carriage.

Do: Play Sherlock with Golf Cart Rules

Your golf course has its own Magna Carta when it comes to golf carts. Yes, that’s right. Not every course is a golf cart’s freeway, and some are more like London’s city centre with a “cart path only” policy to preserve the sacred turf. So, before you rev up your engine, either dust off your reading glasses or chitchat with the staff to be in the clear.

Don’t: Think You’re in a Fast & Furious Movie

It’s a golf cart, not a Porsche! Speeding through the greens like you’re chasing down a bounty isn’t the wisest of ideas. And while your cart might not flip like a movie stunt gone wrong, it can still do a fairly good impersonation if handled poorly. Keep your equipment, especially the darling of your gear – your portable golf launch monitor – safely nestled to avoid a scene straight out of a disaster film.

Do: Channel Your Inner Greenpeace Activist

Embrace your role as the guardian of the golf course. Drive responsibly, avoid the greens and hazards like they’re lava, and stick to the paths like a disciplined scout. If the fairway is your arena, the “90-degree rule” is your game plan. It’s simple: drive on the path until you reach your ball, then make a sharp turn like you’re in an action flick. This way, the grass is spared, and you get to feel like a movie star. Win-win!

Don’t: Treat the Cart Like a Clown Car

I know, I know, fitting all your golf buddies into one cart sounds like a scene straight out of a comedy. But let’s face it, a golf cart isn’t a TARDIS! Overcrowding the cart not only makes it look like a travelling circus, but it can also risk the safety of your team and the survival of your precious portable golf launch monitor.

Do: Act Like a Weatherman

Mother Nature can be quite the diva when it comes to weather. Rain transforms your golf cart into a Disney log flume, and thunderstorms turn it into a mobile lightning rod. When the skies grumble, park your chariot, find shelter, and practice your miming skills while you wait it out.

Don’t: Treat Your Cart Like a Stray Cat

Remember, a golf cart isn’t a stray cat that wandered onto the course and followed you home. It needs love and care just like any other pet, uh, vehicle. Regularly check your cart’s vitals— battery, tire pressure, brakes, the works. A little TLC can make your cart purr like a kitten and last longer than your golf swing.

So there you have it! Your guide to becoming the most respected, and hilarious, golf cart driver on the greens. Keep these dos and don’ts in mind, treat your cart with respect, and you’ll be cruising in style. Fore!


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