Best Games To Play In EGX 2022 – Top 5 Games Detail!

Best Games To Play In EGX 2022
Best Games To Play In EGX 2022

EGX is one of the most important gaming events in England. Here we will tell you all about the top games that you can play at EGX 2022. Continue reading to find out the top five games you should play at this year’s EGX.

EGX is a major name in the gaming industry in England. EGX allows you to try the games out before buying them. This is what’s so amazing about EGX. It’s amazing, isn’t?

There is a section in EGX that contains games with different controls. These controls cannot be used at home because the controller or playing field of the game are physical objects. We have listed the top 5 picks from EGX2022 in this article based on our experience.

Let’s not waste any time and see which 5 best games you can play in EGX 2022.

1. Space Chef

Space Chef is the first game we recommend you try. It’s an action-adventure, open-world 2D game. You are given a restaurant shell from which to start your own business.

You will need to jump into your ship and travel around the galaxy shooting down your enemies. There will be giant eggs and space chickens that you must kill. You will also need to find items from other planets.

A small box of kitchen items will be provided to you to help you start your business and cook.

Which Are the Best Games to Try in EGX 2022?

You have the power to open or close your restaurant during the space chef game. Orders will start to flow in as soon as you open the restaurant. These orders will be completed and delivered to your ship. You must fight your enemies as well as the giant space chickens while delivering the order. The game will be available on Steam in 2023.

2. Hexposure

You will have to defeat a little witch who can mix potions during this fantastic game! You are a shopkeeper who sells potions. Your rent is due as your shop is also where you live.

Customers come to your door every day, giving you an idea of their needs. You will be given a book in which you must check for rhyming clues to get an idea of what ingredients you need to harvest your own vegetables and prepare them for boiling.

You will see positive comments about your business on social networks if you make your potion correctly. You can play the game for free right now.

3. Unknown number: A first-person talker

Voice-controlled adventure game. You will be taking you through various phone calls. You will play the role a heist on a mission.

To reach different puzzles, you will need to dial different numbers. These puzzles can be voice-operated, so you will need to use the microphone to speak to the phone. You can dial different numbers to access different puzzles, and so forth.

EGX2022 The Best Games

4. A stronger partnership

This is a 2-player co-op adventure game in which the players must play the roles of a cat and fish. The unlikely pair works together to solve the puzzles and move forward in the game.

The fish must pull up the ropes to make routes for the cat as it swims in the water. Cat on the other side must avoid the water and open large doors to allow the fish to pass through. The cat must also scare the fish to make sure they don’t get eaten.

Steam will soon have this game with lots of mystery.

5. Hamster Playground

It is about having hamsters, as the name implies. You will need to collect as many hamsters you can and create a station where they can play, eat, and level up.

You can dress your hamsters and teach them skills.

You can also download this fun-to-play video game for free from Steam

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The Bottom Line

These are the 5 best games we believe you should play at EGX 2022. Your opinion? Are there any other top picks you would like to share? Please leave a comment below.


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