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AAA Video Game
AAA Video Game

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The term “AAA Games” is used in the context of video gamebusiness to describe high-profile, high-budget games that are usually created and released by well-known, large companies.

Development Process of an AAA Video Game:

Three steps comprise the game’s development process.

  • Pre-Production:

In the pre-production phase the game’s idea is created. It will also define the design and development requirements Here you’ll be planning the process of developing the game as well as the equipment required. A successful pre-production phase requires effective project management. Starloop Studios relies on prototyping the pre-production decision points and flexible methods to control the risks associated with a client’s project. This means that there aren’t any issues and the process goes without a hitch.

  • Production:

This is usually the longest and most costly step of the production process of a game. Collaboration across teams is crucial to ensure a successful manufacturing process from the initial prototype to an actual gold master.

Since more than 12 years, Starloop Studios has a team comprising 150+ artists, software engineers and designers who have created games. They’re aware of the latest the latest trends and remain on the latest innovations to offer the most efficient solutions to their customers.

  • Post Production:

Post-production begins the game manufacturing maintenance. This is when games get bugs fixed and new features. Starloop Studio is a game development company. Starloop Studio is utilizes a variety of tools and approaches like Agile or Jira for increased communication and transparency, which allows players to attain more efficient standards of efficiency.

Development Time of an AAA Video Game:

There are a myriad of game types that need the use of their own designers with expertise as well as complicated menus and huge maps that were largely created manually, AAA games have grown to resemble huge theme parks in their own. Be aware that each when you come across trees, somebody needed to drag it there , and someone else was responsible for making sure that the NPC was present as well as speaking and using the actual language, not an empty language, while standing in the background of the tree. If it takes more than a year to create one, it’s likely to be followed by a sequel. Otherwise, you’ll have the chance to have these completed within under five years. regardless of how many employees you employ. It is possible to reduce the development and production time by utilizing Starloop Studios’ skilled staff and specialization of roles, allowing you to start new projects as quickly as is feasible. You ROI will be evident quicker the earlier you start.

Development Budget of an AAA Video Game:

It’s not your responsibility to go over AAA cost of games and stick to massive costs. Be aware that you’ll need to recruit a variety of teams of professionals who are certified to handle each of the crucial phases in the development process. One team will design audio and artwork, while another will focus on the game’s design and narrative while another team will programme and optimized the game to fit the intended platform and on. A AAA game can cost about $60-$80 million to make and release.

If you compare the costs of developing in-house, Starloop Studios can save you up to 40. There are no cost of overhead. You pay only for the time that their personnel are doing work on the project.


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