5 Best Ecommerce Marketing Channels: Real Or Fake? Check Here! New Store Owners!

5 Best Ecommerce Marketing Channels
5 Best Ecommerce Marketing Channels

The thing to remember about digital marketing channels There’s no shortage of these channels However, as a first-time retailer, you simply can’t have the money to join every channel. Also, you don’t have enough time to decide the ones that are right for your needs.

So, we’re going to save you hours by sharing the top seven ecommerce marketing channels for new businesses–including the pros, cons, and tips for getting the most out of each one!

The top 5 channels for marketing for online stores

Here are the top online marketing channels we recommend to new store owners looking to increase sales and increase profits.

1. Marketing with influencers

As a store’s owner who is new, influencer marketing is among the most reliable methods to speed up your path to market. There are micro-influencers across every sector, and consumers adhere to the advice and advice of the authority figures they trust.


  • Creates trust.
  • The easiest way to get word of mouth out.
  • Less expensive than the mainstream media.
  • Effective if done correctly.


  • It’s difficult to forecast ROI.
  • Changes in influencers’ reputation can affect your brand’s image.
  • It is difficult to recognize and receive responses from influencers.


Gretta Van Riel a multi-millionaire online store owner, makes use of the influencer market as her main marketing method. Below are some of her tips on how to make the most from Influencer marketing:

  • Allow your influencers to be creative. They have a better understanding of their audience.
  • Be careful not to overwhelm influencers with your first outreach campaign.
  • Be specific with the your deliverables. Make sure to quantify where you can. For example, they’ll write a blog post with a round-up that mentions your product, and mention it on three social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok). And what will you give to them? A trial for free, unlimitted or earlier access or discount?
  • Be smaller. Micro-influencers usually have greater engagement than macro-influencers.

2. Marketing through social media

Marketing on social media that’s organic is making use of the free post and store options accessible on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and more.

A lot of people use social media sites to discover the brands they like and online stores. They will be looking to see how other customers are engaging with your brand prior to making a decide to purchase from you.


  • The global audience lets you create brand recognition.
  • A wide range of shopping options to benefit from (how to market products via Facebook there).
  • Content created by users is quick, simple and powerful!


  • It takes time to establish a reputation and keep active.
  • There is no complete power over any content that you make, as people are able to share, comment, or create the content themselves.
  • You must have the time to engage with your viewers.


If you need help with marketing via social media Check out our sources:

  • Local Social Media Marketing Lab (free course!)
  • 12 Simple ways to increase engagement on Instagram
  • 62 Facebook Posts that Engage Facebook Users Ideas that Your Fans Will Love

3. Marketing via SMS

The marketing of SMS is still among the OG methods of communication, and the majority of people are able to trust marketing content that is delivered via email and SMS more than advertisements or online content.

Based on The SMS Comparison the SMS Comparison website, it has an open rate of 98%..


  • It is easy to set up and then deploy.
  • Open, high delivery response as well as conversion rates.
  • It is simple to incorporate easily into an existing sale funnel.
  • Excellent follow-up channels to engage those who are on your list.


  • Costly.
  • It can be invasive if it is not done correctly.
  • There are laws against it in certain countries.
  • Could become a target for spam filtering.
  • It is difficult to track and measure.


For helpful tips to start using SMS, check out our guide to marketing via SMS.

4. Email marketing

Email is among the best marketing methods currently available and is a fantastic method to reach out to potential or existing, dormant, and even churned clients.

Here are some actions you can follow now to begin seeing results.

  • Set out your ideal market.
  • Take emails to make an inventory.
  • Maintain contact.
  • Utilize a clear, clear call to take action.


  • A high response rate and a high conversion rate.
  • It is easy to track and adjust.
  • Ideal for nurturing prospects at every phase in your sales funnel.
  • It is easy to customize.


  • List maintenance is required and effort to keep it out of spam filters.
  • Similar to SMS it requires list construction and ongoing maintenance.
  • Need good copywriting skills.


For advice on marketing via email We’ve got lots of sources:173 of the Most Effective Subject Lines for Emails to increase open ratesMarketing Tips for Emails Your readers want you to be Following…NOW!9 Marketing Strategies for Emails to stop as soon as possible (+13 to Try Instead)

5. SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the art of optimizing a site to ensure it is highly ranked in search results for keywords that are relevant to your business or services. More relevant visitors you can get the better chance you have to make sales and leads.

The main goal of a blog is to create articles which are focused on informational intent keywords. For instance, Quip is an ecommerce site that offers oral health care as well as blogs that cover topics such as how to utilize the electric toothbrush cleaning the electric tooth, and much more.


  • SEO is completely free! It is also targeted evergreen content that is keyword-focused generates long-term traffic growth.
  • SEO is adaptable, which means you will be able to maintain your performance even as traffic increases.
  • If combined by conversion rate optimization your SEO can increase sales.


  • Long-term strategy. This takes time for you to see the results.
  • The SERP for topics that are evergreen can be more competitive than the SERP for local topics, and it may be challenging for stores that are new to gain recognition.
  • SEO could be cost-free however, it requires the time required to write articles, conduct keyword research, and keep pages.


To begin your SEO strategy Here are some useful blog posts:

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  • On-Page SEO the Complete Graphic Guide

The final tips to choose the best marketing channels for ecommerce

Not sure which method to choose for your brand new online site, or even which is the best fit for your needs? Here are some last suggestions:

  • The multichannel plan is the best way to take. Each channel has strengths and weaknesses, but utilizing several channels together with each other will give you the most effective results.
  • Learn about your intended audience. Find out the platforms that your targeted audience uses the most. For instance, Tik Tok works more with Gen Z than the baby boomer generation. Emails work best for baby boomers as opposed to Gen Z.
  • You’ll know what each channel does to your particular niche when you keep track of your metrics. Utilize tools such as Google Analytics, Data (Looker) Studio, an CRM and the analytics tools native to each channel to keep track of and track your results. This will let you identify which channels have the highest ROI aswell in evaluating different methods within every channel.

The most effective strategies for marketing on the internet (recap)

Implementing these e-commerce marketing strategies will help your store grow and attract customers.

  1. Marketing via Influencers
  2. Marketing via social media
  3. Marketing via SMS
  4. Email marketing
  5. SEO

About the author

Bhujal Patel is an marketing professional and SEO enthusiast who is committed to helping businesses gain more profits and more revenue with specific strategies. He is from Toronto writing about his business concepts and scaling organic growth.


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