Windmill Reviews: Is Real Powerful Smart Window Air Conditioner{July-2023}

Windmill Reviews

The summer season is here. It is certain that on these hot days, you’ll need an air conditioner to chill your space because wearing dresses that are breathable won’t cut it. Unfortunately, a single AC unit could be more than 1,000 dollars. This is a serious financial burden!

Get to know Windmill Meet Windmill, an brand which offers a solution through its sleek, intuitive and efficient windows air conditioner units for a reasonable price. Let us explain. You’ll need about $350 to put the name AC unit of the brand. It’s a steal!

Similar to the brand creates its products to be stylish, efficient, and quiet. They also offer an unique eco-friendly program that allows users to conserve money as well as the environment.

Many media presses have included several media publications have featured the Windmill Air Conditioner on their platforms because of its superior quality and affordable cost. The media press are Forbes, PC Magazine, Well + Good, Wired Mashable and a host of others.

But, we believe you came to the Windmill Review after seeing the Windmill air conditioner’s windows appearing in your FYP TikTok or Instagram feeds in stunning quality. Are you sure?

It’s not surprising since the brand is widely admired in social media by the citizens from America. United States. At present, Windmill boasts 1.2k followers on Facebook, 787 followers on TikTok and 15.7k followers on Instagram.

Are you curious about this brand’s innovative window AC? If yes, keep an eye out to this review, because we’ll give you complete information on the profile of the company as well as product offerings review from customers, discounts coupons, and much more. So. Keep an eye on it!

Overview of Windmill

Windmill is, historically speaking, a family-owned brand which has been involved in the manufacture of air conditioners business since the 1960s. After three generations, Danny Mayer and Michael Mayer do the most innovative thing by creating Windmill on the 1st of the year 2018 to design AC models that meet modern demands.

Based with its headquarters in New York City The brand is determined to offer high-quality and environmentally-friendly modern window air conditioners for sale at affordable costs. The goal is to assist users easily access clean, cool as well as fresh air.

Modern is synonymous with beauty. This is also true for the contemporary Windmill air conditioner, which has a sleek and elegant style that is perfect to cool and beautify your house or apartment.

Furthermore to that, since its inception, Windmill has always made advancements and innovation. To this end Windmill has now got their air conditioners using Whisper Tech technology. What exactly is it? It’s a method of technology that delivers amazing and extremely quiet performance to ensure comfort and efficiency.

Before you dive deep into brand quality of Windmill’s intelligent windows air conditioners, make sure to read Windmill’s cons and pros.


  • High-quality and eco-friendly window air conditioners
  • Affordable
  • Simple, elegant and elegant design
  • It is equipped with WhisperTech technology.
  • Provides Eco Rewards program
  • Included in a variety of famous media presses
  • FREE US shipping
  • 30 day return policy
  • Excellent customer service
  • Receives near-perfect reviews in thousands of review


  • There is no international shipping
  • Operation noises (for certain people)

Windmill Reviews

In our introduction, Windmill gets its fame due to their amazing quality that they add into their items. The smart window air conditioners are popular because of their appealing style and clever features.

Furthermore, in the 5 years since the company’s establishment it has created four modern windows air conditioners with various sizes and BTUs. The following are the specifications:

4 Windmill Modern Window Air Conditioners

  • Small AC 6,000 BTU
  • Medium AC 8,000 BTU
  • Medium AC equipped with WhisperTech, 8,000 BTU
  • A large air conditioner with WhisperTech 10,000 BTU

Based on the information that the bullet points above show You can get window AC in sizes ranging from small to large with capacities of 10,000 BTU, 6,000 BTU as well as 10,000 BTU. Which is the most efficient? It’s all based on your personal preference.

But it is true that this brand offers more than AC units, but additionally AC accessories like activated Carbon Filters Mesh Filters Front Panels as well as the Winter Covers Breeze.

So, are you intrigued about the high-quality air conditioners this brand offers? If yes, let’s go into the next section!

Windmill Small AC 6,000 BTU Reviews

Let’s begin with the most awaited windows smart air conditioner The Mini AC, 6 000 BTU. With its capacity of 6,000 BTU this window air conditioner will cool your 250 sq feet of space without a huge cost.

Additionally, it has an elegant, minimalist style, which makes it an ideal addition to improve your living space. With its curved edges sleek lines, and an the auto-dimming LED This smart window AC is an attractive accessory for your house.

Not just elegant, the Windmill window unit is strong because of its remarkable top vent design which blows air upwards and out at the correct angle. Thanks to this design, this window air conditioner will provide more airflow, which can help cool the temperature of your room.

Another advantage of the Windmill intelligent window AC is its innovative features. With its smart features you can control this window AC by wireless remote controls, a mobile application or smart home assistants, for example, Google Assistant, Siri, or Amazon Alexa.

The brand developed this clever window air conditioner using environmentally friendly refrigerant (R32) which is beneficial for the planet.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions 25.25 inches x 18.9 inches. 15.5 inches
  • Weights: 57.9 Pounds
  • Compressor Type: Fixed Speed
  • Fan Type: Rotary
  • Noise: 50 dB
  • Pre-Assembled Install Kit

Do you have a room that is 250 square feet and are looking for an appropriate AC unit? If so then we strongly recommend you choose this small AC that has 6,000 BTU. At $329 This is an excellent value!

If, however, you have a space of 350 square feet or more. You can select the larger model, which is Medium AC 8000 BTU.

Windmill Big AC that includes WhisperTech 10,000 BTU Tests

Next windows Windmill intelligent air conditioner will be one of the Large AC, which comes with WhisperTech’s 10,000 BTU. This model is ideal for people with rooms that span up to 500 square feet and would like to cool their rooms.

Additionally, the Windmill big window AC comes with WhisperTech technology that the previous models did not come with. This technology guarantees that this AC unit is quiet operation of 42 decibels and is quieter than smaller window AC.

What do you think of the style? As with it’s Windmill small AC the large window AC that comes with WhisperTech features a simple and stylish design. With this style it is no longer necessary to contend with the usual large, ugly AC. Get rid of it, and go for the minimal one!

In addition, it also comes with a Windmill big window AC also has superior top vents to improve airflow performance across all corners in the space.

Additionally, it includes smart features that permit users to control this window AC effortlessly. You can control this clever window AC using the remote control, mobile apps, or even smart home voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

Sustainable. This is the purpose of the Windmill big window AC. It utilizes an eco-friendly refrigerant (R32) to cool your home without causing harm to the environment. This is a fantastic option, isn’t it?

Key Features:

  • Dimensions 26.5 * 25.1 and 16.3 inches
  • Weights: 63 Pounds
  • Compressor Type: Variable Speed
  • Fan Type: Linear
  • Noise: 42 dB
  • Pre-Assembled Install Kit

With the added technology and the larger size, you need to pay a premium price. To obtain that Window Windmill intelligent AC will have to spend the sum of $549..

How do I know? Does this big window AC match your needs? If not, then the Medium AC 8,000 that comes with WhisperTech could be the best option if you’d prefer a smaller size.

Windmill Activated Carbon Filters Reviews

The final product that is on this list are activated carbon filters. As a rule of thumb, if you own Windmill Window Air Conditioners it is recommended to be replacing your filtering system every 2 to 3 months.

Why is this? This change is designed to ensure that your window air conditioner operating at its prime efficiency. By changing the air filter each 2 – 3 months you’re extending and maintaining the lifespan of the AC unit.

In addition, this Activated carbon filter can also fit easily with an antimicrobial-protected filter for great protection against fumes, gases, odors, VOCs, and pollution.

Are you considering purchasing these carbon filters? If yes, then there are many payment options you can select from, like

  • Yearly (4 filtering): $45.24
  • Each year (3 filters): $35.88
  • Each year (2 filtering): $25.22
  • A one-time transaction (4 filters): $60

Who is Windmill For?

You’ve probably heard that Windmill is well-known for its stylish, sophisticated and budget-friendly windows air conditioners. So, this brand is perfect to home owners or people who live in apartment buildings and want an elegant AC unit that is affordable cost.

Prices starting with just $329 for an entry-level window AC or the price of $549 for a larger window AC it is impossible to find an AC that is as inexpensive as the one this brand provides. Additionally, with three dimensions and capacities of BTU that are available it is possible to pick one of the windows Windmill intelligent AC which best meets your requirements.

In addition it is worth noting that this AC brand is perfect for tenants. If you’re not permitted to install central AC unit in your rental house or in your room or room, the Windmill AC is a great alternative because it is able to be placed inside your windows.

And not only that, Windmill is also the most suitable brand for those who are concerned about the environmental issues. As you’re aware, Windmill is an AC brand utilizes a proprietary WhisperTech compressor, which is designed to be more quiet and efficient than other compressors. This means that the brand’s intelligent AC unit is more beneficial for the environment.

Is Windmill Worth It?

If you’re searching for the best-quality, affordable AC unit to chill your home in this hot July, Window AC is worthy of review.

With its minimalist design, intelligent features and cutting-edge technology, you’ll never regret purchasing an intelligent AC model made by this brand. Additionally, they offer various programs, including the Eco Rewards program that is designed to help you save money.

Equipped with intelligent controls, you can operate this Windmill AC unit from anywhere via a tablet or smartphone. In this way, you can switch the AC off or on and adjust the temperature and create schedules even if you’re away from home. Such great features, right?

The possibilities don’t end there. The air conditioners of this brand are also compatible with a variety of intelligent voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Apart from the innovative attributes, Windmill air conditioners are also energy efficient since they’re equipped with WhisperTech compressors that provide silent and effective performance.

The most appealing aspect? Indeed, it’s sustainable. In this sense, purchasing and using the smart windows air conditioners is as important as helping to save the planet.

Another thing to make this brand even more worthwhile is the near-perfect rating. A near-perfect rating of 4.9/5.0 stars means that a lot of customers are content and happy with their purchase of a window air conditioner.

Its one-year warranty that is limited to all of its AC units helps make Windmill more than worth the money.

Windmill Shipping Policy

Unfortunately, the brand is currently able the option of shipping its AC product to the 48 states of the United States, except Alaska and Hawaii. If you are outside of the US but are interested in getting the brand’s intelligent air conditioner, you could look into purchasing it through retail shops.

Furthermore the brand uses FedEx Ground to deliver your purchased product at your door. What is the cost of shipping and time for delivery? In order to pay for shipping you will need $25 to cover the shipping. But, you will avail free US shipping by signing to receive the newsletter. email to the newsletter of the company.

For the time of shipping it is dependent on your address at home. To find out the estimated time of arrival for your purchase it is enough to complete all the details at the time of checkout.

Windmill Return Policy

When it comes to making its air conditioners In the process of making its air conditioners, the brand can be assured of your being satisfied with the quality of its products. If however, the world tells you that you’re not satisfied with the high-end of the air conditioner you are able to return it right away.

In accordance with the brand’s Return policy and return policy, they offer the FREE 30-day period for you to return the purchased AC product. There aren’t any terms or conditions you have to adhere to. All you need to do is just send an email to .

Once you’ve sent your email after you have sent the email, the company’s support team for customers will reach out to you with instructions on returning your item as well as a the pre-paid shipping labels.

How To Contact Windmill

Are you in need of assistance? Do you have questions in your mind regarding this brand like the return policy, shipping, orders or something else? If yes, guide yourself to the Help Center page to get the solution to your concerns.

Additionally, on this site, you can also learn about the installation guide, manual along with a video installation guide, among other related information.

However, if you aren’t able to find the answer do not be afraid to connect with the company’s customer support by using the following contact numbers.

  • Email:
  • Chat bubble
  • Form available
  • Facebook: @windmillair
  • Instagram: @windmillair

Beyond the above contacts If you’re in need you’ll also be able to go to the corporate headquarters of the brand at

Windmill Address
746 E 9th St.
New York, NY 10009

Where to buy Windmill?

In light of the hype it has received due to its popularity on Instagram and TikTok the company’s smart AC is now available in numerous famous retail stores including Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe’s and many more.

However, we suggest that you purchase Windmill smart air conditioner on the company’s official website. In addition to a discounted price as well as many other benefits, including free shipping, a 30 day risk-free trial, and many more.


July is the most hot month of the United States, especially in New York City. To withstand these scorching days and those to come, you’ll require an air conditioner in your home – and cheap in particular. If you’re in this situation, then windows air conditioners from Windmill could be a game changer.

At a low cost but still delivering high-end quality thanks to its stylish design, innovative features and cutting-edge technology This brand is certainly worth looking into to help you cope with the summer heat. Interested? Go to our official website!


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