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Stauch Gannon Autopsy
Stauch Gannon Autopsy

Stauch Gannon Autopsy is a talk about the most recent trial currently taking place in the case of Stauch Gannon, as well as what happened to him how his death took place and more.

Did you know about the passing of an 11-year-old teenager from Florida in the year 2020 What was the outcome of Gannon and how and when he passed in death? Gannon was missing for some time until his body was discovered. The trial in the case is currently in progress and revealed shocking facts in the report of an autopsy. The public’s attention is from the United States, Canada, and even the United Kingdom on this case. Let’s look at this case via the post Stauch Gannon autopsy.

What is the most recent details?

In the report of the trial which took place on Monday in the Gannon Stauch investigation, the prosecutor claimed that the child tried to defend himself against an assaulter. One of the witnesses at trial is Dr. Susan Ignacio, who helped in the autopsy of Gannon Stauch who died at the time of his death in Florida. In her account, Gannon was wounded 18 times with stabs, four wounds that were blunt and an injury caused by shooting. His body victim’s victim was destroyed completely , leaving him with just bone fragments and clothing which he was wearing. The autopsy revealed that the medical examiner came across the presence of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. This was a rare discovery. But it was unclear of the prescribed medication. To confirm that Stauch’s father was contact with”” and they found prescription for hydrocodone.

When Did Gannon Stauch Travel Where are Gannon Stauch?

Eleven-year-old Stauch Gannon was last seen in his house within Colorado Springs, Colorado, when he went missing on January 27, in the year 2020. He was in the home with his stepmother while his father was serving in the National Guard. Following the report of the disappearance of Gannon was the subject of a major search that included hundreds of individuals, police officers and search and rescue workers. Tragically, after almost two months of continuous efforts and efforts, on March 20 in 2020, the body of Gannon were discovered in the remote area within Florida. Letecia Stauch the stepmother of Gannon is currently in prison and her case is on the horizon while she is facing murder charges.

What year was the date Gannon Stauch’s funeral service carried out?

Stauch was a resident of Lorson Ranch near Fountain and to the south of Colorado Springs with his father and stepmother and his younger brother. Stauch was referred to by his family and friends by the name the G-man. He was a premature baby and had a low probability of being able to be able to survive his birth. However, Stauch was a determined child and was a typical five student in an elementary school in the region. He was a fan of video games and cycling, having fun on his bikes, and even programming.

Stauch disappeared in the month of January, 2020. It was the trigger for a massive search operation but Gannon’s passing has profoundly affected the families of his close friends as well as the whole society. On August 14, 2020, a large number of people gathered online and shared Gannon Stauch Photos for online a memorial to honor and celebrate the loss of the 11 year old Gannon Stauch.


Gannon Stauch was the brightest stars, but the announcement of his death shocked the entire world. Gannon was known as a warm and friendly person who quickly began to shine in his high school. The trial in Gannon’s trial is still ongoing, and we’re hoping that the justice he is seeking is achieved. There is a way to understand and read the details regarding the trials.


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