Skald Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam? Does This Fat Burner Work? Check Here!

Skald Reviews
Skald Reviews

Skald by Beldt labs is a natural-ingredient-based supplement that helps you lose weight by promoting fat loss and increasing energy levels. Skald is among the hundreds of fat-burning products available on the supplement market. It also has a close connection to MMA and other fight sports. We’re not talking about the usual supplements for weight loss, but an ingredient that can help in the process of reducing fat.

Beldt Labs talks a good game when it comes to marketing and the user reviews generally are positive. How do they compare against other fat-burners? Which is the ingredient in Skald? Does Skald actually aid in losing unwanted weight as other weight loss products? Read this Skald review to determine whether the product is up to your expectations.

About Skald

Skald is an effective fat-burning supplement made by Beldt Labs. The company creates and distributes premium performance supplements specifically for MMA Fighters and explosive action athletes. They offer a wide range of supplements, including vitamins, the creatine supplement and brain supplements.

Beldt Labs has several pro athletes at their facility which includes the extremely popular Stephan Bonnar –UFC Hall of Famer who is perhaps most well-known for his intense fight against Forest Griffin in April of 2005, to take the lightweight finals.

Since the first time they launched their product Beldt – Force Thermogenic, Beldt Labs has been deeply embedded within the fat burner market. With the most recent advancements in their product line for fat burners, Skald claims to be the world’s first fat burner that has breathing assistance.

Skald Ingredients

We’ll look at each ingredient in turn however, first we will take some general information.

  • The product is manufactured in an GMP-compliant factory which ensures that the proper design, monitoring and control of the manufacturing process and facilities.
  • Skald is produced by a company in America. USA (this can be a major advantage as many supplements are produced in other countries where oversight is not as good)
  • It’s made of natural ingredients.

It’s clear the fact that Skald will not compromise on high-quality. The one thing we did not like was the blend they created. Supplement manufacturers can choose to take two different approaches in their labeling of ingredients. They can include every specific ingredient and dosage , or they can include a blend of their own that shows the amount of a mixture of ingredients.

A blend that is proprietary isn’t necessarily an indication of danger. Many companies use proprietary blends to ensure that competitors can’t duplicate their exclusive formulas. This creates a challenge to assess the dose of every ingredient.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Every capsule of Skald is packed with 110mg of caffeine–roughly equivalent to one cup of regular coffee.

This is a reasonable amount for a supplement that burns fat. A lot of other supplements supplement their formulas with caffeine in order to create an effect of stimulation that doesn’t necessarily translate into increased fat burning and weight reduction. In reality, the majority of diet pills available contain caffeine in the majority of.

Skald utilizes a small amount of caffeine anhydrous offering the benefits needed without exceeding the limit.

If you consume other beverages that are caffeine-rich along with Skald You should be aware of the amount of caffeine you consume.


N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine–or NALT–is a highly soluble form of the amino acid L-Tyrosine and is commonly used in nootropic formulations to help improve mood as a precursor to dopamine.

It’s also been proven to reduce stress levels during exposure to stressors that cause acute stress, such as exercise.

Skald doesn’t contain the equivalent quantity of NALT you’d expect to get in a standalone nootropic, or mood booster However, it is in the formula to help boost your mood to help you stay away from eating too much stress.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Skald includes extracts of green tea to increase metabolism. It is a ingredient of wonder used in weight loss formulas and other weight loss supplements.

In a fat-burning context the extract of green tea contains many crucial molecules. The one we’re most concerned regarding is Epigallocatechin Gallate, also known as EGCG. There are many research studies that focus about EGCG, and this ingredient is found in the majority all-natural fat-burning supplements.

EGCG will boost your metabolism and aid in supporting your body’s ability in breaking down fat. It has been proven to be especially efficient when consumed prior to exercising. Green tea can also aid in losing weight by reducing calories and stopping weight gain.

Green Tea Leaf extract also has antioxidants that may improve your overall health by dramatically reducing blood pressure, and encouraging fat metabolism.

Synephrine (Bitter Orange Fruit Extract)

Synephrine is an alkaloid from bitter orange. It is commonly used in products to manage weight due to its claims in boosting the basal metabolic rate and improving lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fats to generate energy.

Bitter orange extract is a stimulant which can boost your metabolism and aid you in lose additional calories each day.

It is important to note that synephrine has a similar structure to ephedrine which is prohibited within the United States. Ephedrine was a well-known fat-burning drug that was later eliminated due to health concerns.

Synephrine can be legally used and is is a safer alternative to Ephedrine, which is illegal and safer than. However, it’s on a few banned substances lists (i.e., NCAA). If you’re an athlete who competes in an organization that is regulated, make sure that you’re informed of banned substances lists prior to taking this substance.

The White Willow Bark Extract

White Willow Bark Extract is frequently referred to as the natural aspirinand is often employed in herbal remedies to reduce joint swelling and muscle pain that is associated with arthritis.

The combination of willow bark, synephrine, as well as caffeine is designed to cause an effect of thermogenesis on the body, by increasing the flow of blood to muscles and increasing body temperature. Aesthetically, sweating profusely is usually referred to as common in the user reviews for this fat-burner.

The extract of white willow bark can boost energy levels and aid in fat burning as well as weight reduction.

Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus Leaf Powder)

Skald is claimed to be the first fat burner in the world with respiratory support. Mullein is one of the main reasons for this.

Mullein is a well-known ingredient in herbal medicine. It is often used to treat lung-related illnesses, like hoarseness, coughs TB and bronchitis, among others. It’s natural that there are certain properties of mullein which could improve breathing and, consequently the performance of athletes.


Theobromine is a natural substance that occurs inside cacao beans. It is responsible in giving dark chocolate its characteristic bitter taste.

In addition to the numerous benefits that have been reported Theobromine is one of them:

  • A mild stimulant that increases your heartbeat in a dose-dependent fashion similar to caffeine.
  • Reduces blood pressure when used in larger doses of 250 to 1000 mg.
  • It may help improve brain function and improve performance in cognitive tasks.

Elecampane (Inula Helenium Root Powder)

Elecampane has a significant tradition in herbal medicine. It is also the second ingredient Skald Fat Burner includes under the umbrella of respiratory support.

While elecampane may appear to possess some historical significance for treating lung-related diseases like asthma and bronchitis there is a lack of research conducted on this ingredient.

Bioperine (Black Pepper Fruit Extract)

The active ingredient is piperine. It is the popular word for the patent-pending BioPerine(r) listed in the list of ingredients.

A popular ingredient in many pre-workout and products for fat loss piperine has been found to improve the bioavailability of other compounds (absorption). This is particularly relevant for the EGCG catechins found in green tea, a essential element in Skald Fat Burner.

Claims vs. Reality

Each time we look at the supplement We ensure that companies are held accountable for assertions made in the marketing documents. This section of the review is meant to ensure the companies don’t overstate benefits or make untrue claims.

So how does Skald Fat Burner fare in this particular area?

In the earlier part of this Skald Fat Scorcher review, Skald Fat Scorcher promotes these advantages:

  • Fat Loss
  • An increase in energy and a heightened mood
  • Respiratory Support
  • Control of Appetite

We analyzed every ingredient and discussed how they could help to achieve the desired results.

Skald’s claims are consistent with the real benefits of taking the supplement. The ingredients are all natural and were carefully selected to make the perfect formula that can provide many weight loss advantages.

It can aid users to lose fat, improve energy levels, and decrease appetite. Reviews from customers also confirm these claims, with a few clients sharing before and after pictures showing their weight-loss journey.

Although every user will have various results, the client feedback is generally favorable. Here are a few advantages which are mentioned:

  • Weight loss is increased.
  • Improved/stabilized mood
  • Better control of appetite
  • Energy boost
  • Better focus
  • A healthy breathing pattern during exercising

Based on the feedback of customers (and our own analysis), Skald is considered the most effective when it is combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Here is where we have added our disclaimer. Skald’s purpose is to aid in losing weight and enhance the quality of your workout. But it doesn’t perform the work for you. Don’t expect to consume a pill daily and lose weight.

Although the supplement has components that help lose fat when not active, you’ll get the most benefit if you exercise regularly and adhere to a healthy eating plan.

Skald Safety and Side Effects

Skald claims to not contain hazardous ingredients. However, they warn that over the recommended dosages can result in unwanted negative effects. This is true for the majority of items, but especially those that contain any kind that is a stimulant (i.e. coffee, for instance).

If you take a look at the ingredients there are some worth mentioning.

Caffeine 2 capsules of Skald contain more than 200mg of caffeine. The highest dosage (three capsules) is above 300mg. Based on your level of tolerance to caffeine it could cause people to feel anxious or anxious. A high dose of caffeine can trigger stomach upset and headaches.

Synephrine Synephrine – The synephrine found in the bitter orange plant has been associated to a number of possible adverse consequences. Based on WebMD the bitter orange extract is listed as LIKELY SAFE when consumed in the quantities of food items and possibly safe when used as a supplement to a medication to lose weight.

If you suffer from problems with blood pressure it is recommended to consult your doctor prior to using Skald. It is recommended to avoid side effects when the medication is used as directed and is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is also recommended to not consume Skald in case you are nursing, pregnant or suffer from a medical illness.

Where to Purchase Skald

You can purchase Skald directly via the Beldt Labs website for the lowest price. Each bottle comes with 60 capsules, which will last between 30 and 60 for a period of 30 to 60 days (depending the frequency at which you are taking the capsules once or twice each day).

The Skald web site the costs for the capsule are as the following:

  • 1 Bottle Skald Capsules – – $49 ($49/bottle)
  • 3 Bottles Skald Capsules – $124.95 ($41.65/bottle – save 15%)
  • 6 Bottles Skald Capsules – $235.20 ($39.20/bottle – save 20%)

A an additional 10 percent could be saved by selecting the Subscribe and Save option which means that the item is delivered on a regular basis over the course of 30 calendar days. Also, you can get free shipping when you purchase subscribe and save, which will save your $5.

Money Back Guarantee

Skald provides the 60-day guarantee of money back for their product. The guarantee is valid regardless of whether you have only used one capsule or the whole bottle.

A quick glance at the policy suggests that there aren’t any hoops to leap through and you are able to call Beldt within the 60-day period following receiving of your purchase to begin returning the item. Return the portion that is not used your purchase to Beldt and the reimbursement will then be made.

In offering a 60-day cash-back guarantee, the company takes away the financial risk for those who are undecided. This also proves that the company is truly confident on its merchandise. It is only possible to offer a money-back assurance if you’re confident about the product.

Skald Review: The Final Concluding Verdict

Skald can assist you in losing weight when you combine it with a regular exercise program and a healthy eating plan.

The supplement aids weight loss efforts in several various ways.

  1. It could boost your metabolism and aid in burning more fat.
  2. It will give you more energy and help keep going through exercise.
  3. Might reduce your appetite and you’ll eat less.
  4. It can boost your mood and boost your energy levels which means you won’t “stress take in food.”

We’ve reviewed hundreds of supplements on Fitness Clone, and Skald is our most rated weight loss supplement. It’s one of only a handful of fat-burners that we have examined that approach weight loss from multiple perspectives.

In addition the reviews of customers are extremely positiveand the results are remarkable.

If you’re serious about losing weight and burning off fat, weight, Skald is an excellent product to help you on your way.


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