Only one month left until Rally Japan! Azusa Ito explains the highlights and points that can’t be heard now!(2022)

Only one month left until Rally Japan
Only one month left until Rally Japan

A lively battle is taking place right in front of your eyeballs

hello everyone! I’m Azusa Ito, a car writer. It’s that time of year to be feeling autumnal, and sports are becoming popular. In the same vein, sports are for those who love cars, there are motorsports too!

This year it will be this year, the “FIA World Rally Championship (WRC)” will be held in Japan for the first time in 12 years. And it appears that rally enthusiasts are thrilled. This time, in advance of the start for Rally Japan, I would like to present the WRC in an easy-to-understand way for novice rally participants.

First an easy description of a rally is that”racing vehicles built on commercial vehicles drive along roadways (some include stadiums for instance.) and compete to see who has the best time.”

The rally isn’t the advantage of a direct fight between the machines, like races that are held through a circuit. Each machine moves through the measurement of time called “Special Stage (SS)” in full speed and races for the fastest time.

Based on the country of the host The SS is made up of different surfaces, like gravel roads, snowy roads and asphalt roads.


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