Moyess Total Body Massager Reviews: Does It Truly Work? Is It Another Online Scam?


Are you searching for the best method to loosen your muscles and bring your body back to its best? Are you interested by the Moyess Total Body Massager? 

Does it perform as it claims to do? Do not waste your time! Moyess offers an internet-based shop which sells a variety of massage products, including knee massagers, body massagers and neck massagers and more. But, will Moyess’ Moyess Total Body Massager give you a great massage? 

Are customers satisfied with how it performs? We’ll look through the reviews on Moyess Total Body Massager. Moyess Total Body Massager to discover the truth and find out if it’s suitable for you.

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The Moyess Total Body Massager

It is the Moyess Total Body Massager is an advanced technology system that is certified from the FDA. It’s an effective way to enhance overall health and wellness of the lower back, and receive lasting relief from pain. 

It is scientifically-tested and has set NMES parameters, this highly-rated product is designed to employ the most effective electrical stimulation techniques to target the source of the issue. Moyess Total Body Massager Moyess Complete Body Massager is an easy-to-use tool that will help alleviate back pain.

It allows you to alter the intensity of the massage according to your capacity. Medical professionals suggest it due to how well it works as well as how well it can be used. This makes it an excellent option for those looking for the most effective pain relief. Explore the way that moyess Total Body Massager can change your life and help you take control for your wellbeing.

The features in Moyess Complete Body Massager

Moyess Total Body Massager Moyess Total Body Massager offers the following benefits:

  • End the chronic pain in your neck, back, Legs, or Shoulders: In just 15 minutes every day, it eases discomfort in the affected area and enhances the joint and muscle health.
  • Breakthrough discovery: By mixing electrical stimulation with frequencies studied at the laboratory, this technique helps to pinpoint the root of pain.
  • No More Swollen Calfs and ankles: Resets muscles, relaxes nerves that are tight or stressed, relieves of pain, aids in helping your body recover, enhances strength as well as flexibility and mobility and lessens inflammation and swelling.
  • It is effective for ALL joint and muscle pain: Reduces and stops joint and muscle pain. Enhances the health and functioning of the musculoskeletal system. improves posture and offers you an instant sensation of happiness and relief.
  • Reversing Damage to Nerves: Stimulates nerves and muscles to improve their strength and rehabilitation and aids recovery and repairs significant injury to nerves and muscles for long-term relief of soreness and pain in the muscles.

These characteristics are what make this Moyess Total Body Massager a efficient tool for relieving chronic pain.

How to Utilize Moyess The Total Body Massager

  • Get the charger, host, USB wire sticky pads, user’s guide Quick Start Guide, and a habit tracker to last for 90 days.
  • It can be charged via connecting the battery to computers using USB. Once the battery is fully charged the blue light will fade out.
  • The host is attached to the sticky pad. Peel back the film that is transparent, hit the ON button two times, and then select the method that you like the best.
  • Apply your Moyess massager to your entire body and leave it on for fifteen minutes and your pain goes away.

Is A Genuine Website or is it a different online scam?

In assessing how genuine is some things cause us to be suspicious. First, the site has an email address: that is a great thing. However, the absence of a clear contact number or owner’s information is a source of concern. 

This lack of transparency is a reason to doubt the authenticity of the website. Additionally, their Facebook page is awash with 1,700 people but only five images, while the Instagram page, with only 286 followers, features just six photos. This tiny social media presence makes it difficult for people to accept that is genuine.

A look into’s trust score for scams gives an average of 57 points out of 100. This means that the person is more reliable. However, when you examine the features of the website you will see another warning sign. The website was registered on the 22nd of November 2022. It will expire on the 22nd of November 2023. 

It’s strange that the last update date is the same day as the date it was registered. The phrase “e-commerce” refers to the purchase of items and services from a firm. Furthermore, the fact employs paid services to hide the owner’s information from WHOIS contributes to the general doubt about its reliability.

In light of these It is recommended to be cautious and only place your faith in when the website is able to establish its credibility with evidence-based proof.

Moyess Massager Reviews for the Total Moyess Total Massager Reviews

If you go through moyess’ Total Body Massager reviews, it is evident that they’re not reliable.’s main website offers several places to read reviews from customers. They only display photos of customer reviews which makes it difficult to determine how authentic and true the reviews are. This is a red flag as it indicates there is a motive to alter or falsify reviews from customers.

A review posted on the Facebook page of Moyess has raised doubts about the product and business. The reviewer was not happy with and the products it sells and services, which indicates that they were not satisfied with their experience. Moyess’s posts on Facebook also attract negative reviews from customers as well, which indicates that the customers are not happy. If customers post complaints regarding moyess’s Moyess Total Body Massager on social platforms, it prompts me to think about how effective it is and how effective it is.

There are also fewer Moyess Total Body Massager Reviews on Trustpilot. In all, there are just nine reviews. The overall score of 2.9 is a clear indication that the customers must be happy or exuberant enough. The lack of positive reviews means that moyess the Moyess Total Body Massager even less reliable and trustworthy.

Based on these findings it’s recommended that you avoid purchasing Moyess Total Body Massager. Moyess Total Body Massager based upon the handful of reviews and mostly bad Moyess Total Body Massager reviews available.


  • This website has been rated secure by DNSFilter.
  • Checked The SSL certificate.
  • Accounts on social media are made.


  • Score of low trust on websites.
  • The owner of the site is using the services of a third party to hide his identity from WHOIS.
  • Negative reviews of trustpilot.
  • This website was registered just recently.


Do you have reviews from actual customers on the official website for Moyess’s Total Body Massager?

The official website is only a gallery of reviews by customers. This leaves me wondering how authentic and authentic the reviews are.

How do users feel on Moyess Total Body Massage? Moyess Total Body Massager in review sites other than Moyess?

The overall score for Trustpilot’s overall rating Trustpilot averages 2.9 out five, which means the customers aren’t very happy with the service, or they’re not very satisfied overall.

Do the website offer specific contact details and information on who owns it?

The website only lists an email address ( The website has kept the number secret and the owner’s name this makes it hard to tell if the firm is reliable and honest.

Is this Moyess Total Body Massager have an extensive social media presence and have good reviews?

Moyess Total Body Massager Moyess Total Body Massager has only a few users on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram The majority of the reviews and feedback could be improved this suggests that consumers aren’t pleased with it.

Does it the Moyess Total Body Massager a tool you can trust and that you are able to rely on?

Based on the information we have concerning what we know about the Moyess Total Body Massager, that includes the lack of transparency, mixed reviews as well as negative feedback, we’re trying to determine if we can be confident in it or if it actually works. Before you purchase the product it’s best to be cautious.


In the final analysis it’s clear that Moyess’ Moyess Total Body Massager leaves many things to be left to be desired in terms of being trustworthy, honest and keeping customers satisfied. Although the site has various pain-reducing gadgets however, the absence of contact information or reviews from customers makes it difficult to trust In addition to the few and generally negative feedback on Trustpilot as well as the lack of presence of the site and the negative reviews of social platforms makes it more difficult to trust the company and its product.

The fact that the official site does not include a section for reviews from customers and that screenshots were used in order to alter testimonials further adds to the general doubt. isn’t a reliable source because its specifics aren’t lucid, such as how the owner’s details are hidden and how the website isn’t regularly updated. With these factors in mind you should be cautious and avoid purchasing the moyess Total Body Massager, as the information we provide must prove its authenticity and efficacy better.


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