Mobile Site Sniper Reviews: Is It legit Or a Scam? Feb-2023! Read!

Mobile Site Sniper Reviews
Mobile Site Sniper Reviews

Are you looking for an Mobile Site Sniper review in 2023?

Mobile Site Sniper has gained lots of attention lately as a platform that promises to provide users with an easy and quick method of earning money online.

If you’ve had similar experiences with other make-money-online programs which do not provide tangible benefits, you could be excused for thinking the same conclusion. Mobile Site Sniper is the identical.

We are now at the issue that brought us to write this article: Can you truly believe it is a legitimate business opportunity that can generate profits?

In this honest Mobile Site Sniper review, I will examine its advantages to determine whether it’s a legitimate program that you should consider or one you should steer clear of.

Before I begin…

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Mobile Site Sniper Reviews

Introduction to Mobile Site Sniper

Mobile Site Sniper is an online application developed by Joel Rubin but that is delivered by a marketing professional named Laura. In the promo video you can find in the page’s landing Laura along with her ‘brother’ speak about a secret program that claims to bring you up to $537 per day or more.

After a closer look it seems to me that Mobile Site Sniper could be an improved version of another software I reviewed time ago, which was that was called Explode My Payday.

Referring to the video that promoted Mobile Site Sniper, Laura along with her younger brother claim that they had no particular abilities before they joined Mobile Site Sniper yet they have been able to earn money every day since joining without failing.

Another thing I learned from watching the video was they also said that the software they use is not available to all.

I’d like to point out that they use these phrases to create the illusion of scarcity, in order to convince novice internet users to sign up for their program fast so that they don’t lose out on the lucrative train.

Who Is Behind Mobile Site Sniper?

The Mobile Site Sniper System was developed by a man named Joel Rubin — no I’m not referring to previous Obama Staffer Joel Rubin.

Joel was able to take on Laura (a ex-hairdresser who was from Lansing Michigan) as a student and she proved to be an excellent one. He taught her to use his system to earn money each day. There’s Robbie Laura’s younger brother.

oel Rubin is believed to have been in the field of online marketing from 2002. He began with nothing, but has made a few million by enhancing his online marketing strategies.

Unfortunately, Joel doesn’t have much in terms of an internet presence. I wasn’t able to discover more information about him or his prior projects, if he actually had any.

For instance How did he cultivate a businesses worth $10 billion since 2002? Unfortunately, we don’t are aware of.

It does him no favors since you’d like to know how successful is he in the past based on his achievements and a complete profile could assist in this.

How Does Mobile Site Sniper Work?

According to Joel Joel, Joel believes that the Mobile Sniper System does everything for you.

It is said that If you only have 10 minutes to spare in the day, it’s more than enough time to work.

What it does is make sure that it targets mobile users on mobile. According Joel, Joel the system, it sends the users to a webpage that “spits out money.”

He even refers to it as “free money.”

He claims that he takes care of all the selling, and gives you the entire profit. All you have to do is push several buttons to guide the traffic.

He also states that he connects you with a coach who will guide you through the process and explains what you have to do to return to your path if you make a mistake.

What You Get When You Join Mobile Site Sniper

When you’re done with the videos, what do you get if you choose to put down in the amount of $77 (or the $37?) to buy the program?

If you sign in to the members area, you’ll be able to see several tabs that provide directions on what to do.

Within, there’s instructional materials: a plethora of videos as well as a couple outdated ebooks, which contain all the details you require to begin your online $537 per day business.

Before we get into the food and the potatoes of those eBooks and videos If I remember correctly was the promo video not declare that you don’t need to create websites, master how to write copywriting or possess any knowledge of marketing?

Don’t they claim that everything is handled by you and all you have to do is redirect traffic?

This didn’t seem to seem to make sense, but let’s move on.

What are the Mobile Site Sniper Upsells?

After paying $47 to to purchase Mobile Site Sniper training (a collection of useless ebooks and videos) it isn’t enough. It’s never enough.

You’ll receive “upgrades” to that in the form of upsells. The goal is to convince you to spend more money in order in order to earn more (or you can imagine the company is squeezing more money from your pocket).

Alongside the $47 price, here’s what you might need to pay to get the best experience:

It’s the first update, a $497 increase which they cut down to $297. This way, it appears to be an excellent deal and also upgrades your already-built system to help you get the most value from your investment. They say that by upgrading you can make up to $1,000 per day instead of the $537 that they promise at the beginning.

The second one is what they refer to as “the Platinum upgrade.” They claim it’s worth $3,794, but they’re willing to offer it for only $197, a huge “bargain.”

What will you get in return when you pay for it?

  • Everything you receive in the Basic Membership including bonuses workshops on how you can leave your current job to begin working from home full-time.
  • You can unlock additional done-for-you companies that appear to have no hosting costs, and no technical expertise required and absolutely no experience required.
  • The ability to join the Private Review Club where you earn money for reviewing products on Amazon. These products are bought then you review them and then you’re paid.
  • Social media secrets are a massive course that teaches you how marketing on social media works across platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • The “completely dedicated customer support staff” which is available 7 all week.

After all of that I came to the conclusion that it was naive me to believe that a single payment of $47 could provide me with all of that.

Mobile Site Sniper Cost

The normal subscription cost is $47. It is a once-only subscription fee.

While I am writing this, I see an offer appearing in the sale page. It will give you a discount of 10 dollars for a period of time enough, without making a purchase i.e. you can join the Mobile Website Sniper for just $37.

Exaggerated Income Claims

Certain Mobile Site Sniper claims I saw in the promotional materials appear to be flimsy. For instance, at the beginning of the sales video that is cheesy that promotes the program Laura claims that she earns thousands of dollars working from home through Mobile Site Sniper.

I have a hard time trying to comprehend this because she backs it up by saying she is able to do this without having a business.

She says she doesn’t need to fill inventory, supervise employees, deal with affiliates, create websites or write copy or a create a software. She says she gets paid through her PayPal account every couple of seconds.

She also doesn’t need to market anything.

How do she earn this cash? Through using her Mobile Site Sniper system on autopilot, according to reports.

However, is it feasible? I don’t believe so.

For an online business that is successful it is essential to complete the minimum of the things that she claims that you aren’t required to do. You must sell something.

If you’re running an affiliate marketing company it is essential to have an online presence and write text. You can also purchase an already-designed website, but they are typically very expensive.

Mobile Site Sniper Verdict

We have proven that Mobile Site Sniper is not an effective system that you can sign up to and be sure that you’ll gain benefits from. It’s not a money making machine or affiliate marketing program.

It is required that you pay $47 (or an affordable $37) but you won’t earn any money through it. It is even stated in their footer that “The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.”

All optimism is not gone because there are many other programs similar to Wealthy Affiliate which actually make money.

Don’t waste your time using a scam such as this Mobile Site Sniper scam that promises you the world, but doesn’t actually help you earn money online.

I’ve tried and evaluated hundreds of software and although most fail I have discovered some that are effective. Below, I’ll discuss one of the most reliable online systems I’ve found. Read on to learn further about this.

Before you leave,

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