Lilysilk Reviews | Genuine Cashmere Sweater & Silk Scrunchies!{April-2023}

Lilysilk Reviews
Lilysilk Reviews

Lilysilk provided me with an item of silk scrunchies and a sweater to review. These are affiliate links included in this article. All opinions are my own. If you’re in search of an old-fashioned sweater that’s elegant and comfortable take a look at this Likysilk casual Scoopneck Cashmere sweater Worsted Superfine cashmere sweater. I recently was able to test it outand have to say that I’m quite impressed!

First thing that you’ll be able to notice with this garment is how soft and light it feels. It’s the kind that is so comfortable it’s hard to remove it! Yet, despite its lightness it offers warmth and comfort without being heavy, which makes it ideal to layer.

Lilysilk makes use of high-end cashmere. 

The finest fibers are knitted into a 2ply yarn that gives it a the smooth, luxurious feeling that is truly stunning. Because it’s 100% sustainable cashmere, you’ll be able to be confident in wearing it knowing that you’re making the right choice for the environment.

I received the “old lacing” color and it’s a beautiful color that is easily dressed to look glam or casual. When it comes to the fit, I’m pleased to say it fits exactly to size. It’s a standard fit that has a scoop neck which creates an elegant and timeless style that will not go out of fashion.

Overall, I highly recommend this cashmere hoodie to anyone who is looking for the best quality, comfortable and fashionable piece to add for their closet. I consider this sweater to be more of an investment piece as it’s on the expensive end, just as cashmere usually is. However, I believe it is reasonable to spend more on items that are produced responsibly and will last, rather than only a trend to wear for a couple of months.

I also received silky skinny scrunchies made by Lilysilk. 

A lot of you know that, in along with Emily Reviews, I also have my personal blog that is dedicated to taking care of naturally curly hair. Silk is a wonderful material to put on your hair due to its extremely low friction and is not likely to cause damage or frizz in the same way as some other types of fabric can.

I’ve owned different silk and satin scrunchies I’ve enjoyed however, these slim silk scrunchies by LilySilk are my current top choice. I like the fact that they’re softer than standard scrunchies. I also like the style of hair ties that are slimmer, and, of course, I love the fact that they’re made of silk, which means they’re not rough for my hair. But, my most favorite feature of these hair ties is their flexibility.


The hair ties they use have a great elasticity to them. As such, they appear quite small when “relaxed” but they do extend more than you think they would. When I’m using these hair ties, I’ve found it easy to tie them around my hair few times to find a style that feels loose , but remains solid. They are available in individual colors, or in packs of 10 or five packs. If you buy the entire set it will cost less per scrunchie.


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