Lazarus Naturals Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money?{July-2023}

Lazarus Naturals Reviews

There are many CBD products available on the market. But have you come across an CBD company with the Leaping Bunny, B-Corp Corporation, and USDA Organic certification? So, here’s Lazarus Naturals to give you a new option.

The company is dedicated to providing only the best product that is functionally effective. You can even pick the one that has full-spectrum or no THC. They can also differ between capsules, gummies and tinctures, and so on.

Whatever health issue you have whatever your health issues, the product from the company can resolve the issue. In addition they have a variety of products for both pets and humans. They offer certifications in Kosher, Vegan, and Gluten-free.

Because the company is financially stable It is praised by the media. For instance, it was the four-time recipient from CBD Oil Users Certified, Outside’s Best Wellness Product as well as other awards. There are also greater than than 67K users in Facebook along with Instagram.

If you’re in search of CBD capsules, make sure to read this Lazarus Naturals review in depth. Then, let’s look into the overview of this company today!

Introduction to Lazarus Naturals

Sequoia Price Lazarus and her small group of associates formed Lazarus Naturals back in the year 2014 by a small group of people. They believe that CBD will boost your mood thanks to their hemp farm’s organic, reliable and sustainable ingredients.

They are constantly working to develop efficient, yet affordable products for everyone. Every product is designed by hand with love in order to address your issues with health. Additionally, it is tested at home and then tested by a third-party.

The Oregon-based business takes everything into consideration when it comes to its products. Not just to make your body’s performance however, you can assist your dogs in relaxation digestive flexibility, joint care and so on.

So, if you’re in need of anything do not look any further than buying CBD, CBG, and CBN products from this business. Don’t forget to complete your cart with more than $50 to get an FREE US shipping cost!

Lazarus Naturals Reviews

As we’ve discussed, the level of CBD is quite impressive. Does it provide CBD only? Does it offer CBG to you? Find out the answer by looking at the categories in the following information.

Lazarus Naturals offers 7 following categories.

  • Tinctures for Oil
  • Softgels & Capsules
  • Edibles
  • Topicals
  • Concentrates and RSO
  • For Pets


  • But this Lazarus Naturals review will focus exclusively on the top four bestsellers below.
  • CBD Muscle Gel
  • CBD Balm Stick
  • Pet CBD Tincture of Oil

Now, let’s move on into the next section to find out more about the product’s effectiveness!

The Lazarus Naturals CBD Muscle Gel Review

Get your hands on the top-selling product that helps ease muscles that are sore, and a fast absorb and powerful CBD-based Muscle Gel. It’s simple to apply and swiftly acting. Additionally, it’s available in 30 and 100ml that provide maximum support.

The all-encompassing CBD will help you recover and combat tension, inflammation with specific support and relieve muscles that are aching. Additionally, it contains capsaicin and menthol that have high-potency ingredients. So, don’t forget to carry this favorite to aid you in your the intense training.


  • Restorate sore muscles, tension and inflammation
  • Easy to apply, quick-absorbing and swiftly acting
  • Available in 100 and 30 mg
  • Ideal for daily recovery

Let’s then take out your purse and pay for this at the price ranges below.

  • 30 ml: $12
  • 100 ml: $32

Lazarus Naturals CBD RSO Reviews

Do you require medication to manage your hectic lifestyle? If so, this flexible and wide-spectrum CBD-based RSO is the ideal solution. It allows you to drink it all at once regardless of mixing it into your food items or preparing edibles.

Additionally to that, this is a Kosher certified product. has 10 ml of the CBD equivalent of 100mg within one milliliter. It is also possible to purchase a larger size of 50ml. It can be used to reduce tension, ease stress and boost the immune system to be healthy.

Make sure you control the dosage. Begin with the applicator that weighs 50 mg CBD. After 2 hours, check the outcome. If you want an additional result, you can raise the dose.


  • Increase stress, inflammation and the immune response
  • Functional and versatile
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Kosher-certified
  • 10ml and 50ml dosage

If you require to purchase this Rick Simpson Oil, buy this product at the price listed below.

  • 10 ml: $32
  • 50 ml: $120

Lazarus Naturals CBD Balm Stick Reviews

Are you a person who is clumsy who is prone to hitting and causing injury to your body parts? If so, this broad-spectrum CBD Balm stick can be a big aid! It’s a relief and recovery medicine that contains effective ingredients.

The cooling sensation of capsaicin and menthol can help relieve pain and soreness. Also, it contains a skin-nourishing mix that includes beeswax, Jojoba oil and Lanolin. You can pick the amount of 16 or 72 grams.

When you experience localized inflammation, muscle pain, or persistent injuries, make sure to bring it along. This way, you’ll be able to continue your workout by using this handy and refreshing CBD.


  • Improve inflammation, soreness and deep muscle
  • Functional and convenient
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • 16 g and 72ml

If you are interested in this product make these budgets before you begin to shop!

  • 16 g: $12
  • 72 g: $42

Lazarus Naturals Pros and Cons

The advantages and disadvantages will give some additional information throughout this CBD review. Take a closer review!


  • Functional CBD products with environmentally-awarned farmings
  • Acquires certification from USDA Organic, Leaping Bunny and B-Corp company
  • It is suitable for both pets and humans.
  • Affordable prices
  • International shipping available.
  • Free US shipping for orders that exceed $50.
  • 90-day return policy
  • Many positive reviews are received from the company


  • International orders are not free of charge. orders

Who Are Lazarus Naturals Designed For?

CBD from this company is produced specifically for those older than 18 years of age. Additionally, the CBD for pets CBD range is ideal for pets and pups.

If you are suffering from insomnia, anxiety or overthinking, you can take Lazarus Naturals’ CBD capsules to help you relax. This means that you don’t have to endure any more.

Do you think Lazarus Naturals is worth It?

It is important to know that this company hasn’t been approved by FDA. But, it has never faced any legal action because clients are pleased by the results.

Additionally they are useful and have ingredients that are not cruelty-free. Lazarus Naturals is worth purchasing for anyone looking to address issues with well-being. Review it on Reddit and begin shopping today!

Lazarus Naturals Shipping Policy

The company will give priority to customers no matter where you are through international shipping. What’s the shipping cost? Here’s the reason.

  • US orders that exceed $50 are charged with a cost of $5 shipping fee
  • US orders that exceed $50 will be eligible for the benefit of a free shipping cost
  • International orders will incur an amount based on the country of delivery and weight.
  • CSS0_ will deliver via standard delivery. While they wait, USPS will deliver their expedited packages.

If you purchase before 11.45 PST, the team will deliver your order on that same day. After it has been delivered, you should examine your email to find an tracking number. Then, if you face a problem, don’t hesitate to contact the team at .

Lazarus Naturals Return Policy

A few people who use CBD are irritated by the results. It is because that every person has a different metabolisms that make it difficult to accept the effects. If you’re not sure, return the item up to 90 days after the date of delivery.

To begin a return, please contact customer service at . The team will assist you on how to pack the item and mail it to the address below.

Lazarus Naturals’ Return to Location
4630 North 166th Ave
Suite 100
Portland OR 97230

If your request for return is approved and all requirements are met The refund will be made immediately to the initial payment option. Please allow a couple of days to wait until the process is complete.

How do I contact Lazarus Naturals

Do you have questions regarding the dosage and require assistance? Don’t worry, the team is waiting to assist you should you contact them using these channels.

  • Email:
  • Telephone Contact Number 888-966-6210

While the company may not respond quickly via chat, you are able to relax that they will respond in minimum 24-hours. The staff will be online during the following days:

Where can I buy Lazarus Naturals?

After having read the CBD Gummies review, those who are interested in purchasing the product can immediately go to their main website. The creator wants to offer its medicine exclusively on-site and at the authorized stores.

It is not available on the market like Amazon. Find the nearest-me store locator and begin shopping for products that will help you sleep better right now!

The conclusion:

Lazarus Naturals is a business that takes into account everything in order to offer an affordable and effective CBD products. Additionally, it’s effective and can solve the health problems of dogs and humans. You will be relieved since the company is dedicated to prioritizing your requirements. Therefore, you can purchase the desired item, resolve your problems and improve the health of your body!


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