Labels Are Everywhere! After Alll Don’t We Need Them To Identify!

Labels Are Everywhere! After Alll Don't We Need Them To Identify Things
Labels Are Everywhere! After Alll Don't We Need Them To Identify Things

There aren’t as many diverse options for labels when they are applied to individuals as a means of describing their sexuality preferences, or identities for example. Take the word “crossdressing” for example. crossdresser. These “labels” may sound sterile and monotonous and even boring to some. On contrary they could trigger visions of bizarre, unusual and suggest a sign of inappropriate or moral behavior. No matter what the first reaction of”labels “label” the fact that one has an opinion or impression means we have a foundation or experience from which we can draw the conclusions that we make. The breadth and depth of this experience determine the legitimacy of our choices and thus their value for oneself and others. Being a lifelong crossdresser and operating a well-established and reputable Dressing Service has enabled me to reevaluate my personal motives and feelings and to consider the opinions of others about crossdressing.

For those with some interest , but has little to know about this field, Here are some suggestions to hopefully help dispel some myths and hopefully motivate you to investigate further.

When someone appears to be female, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are trying to draw the attention of a male. That is why you should not think they’re gay. Most Crossdressers are heterosexual, but some are not. is it a factor in sexual orientation in the first time you meet anyone?

It’s interesting to think about the questions that follow after people discover that you’re not homosexual. The most common is “so why do you do it then?” A simple, yet boring question bit like”why do you come here often “do you come here often” statement that is not imaginable, but you’re aware of it. The following examples could provide the reader a glimpse from a alternative perspective:

Because I can! Okay, that’s someone who’s generally happy with themselves. Recognizes that they may not be able to comprehend the reason for their behavior and therefore , if they don’t, know how to explain the issue to you. This can indicate how difficult the issue is.

It’s an expression of me that my masculine persona doesn’t allow me to portray. A 5’5″ guy in his grey male world goes unnoticed, whilst 6′ 1″ glamour woman is complimented recognized, noticed and even acknowledged. An increase in self-worth or confidence.

If I dress well, I am more relaxed. We all experience the pressure cooker of our lives. The process of shifting to the female character and taking off the responsibility of the male persona can be extremely therapeutic and reduce stress and tension.

Three simple sentences that could provide insight and stimulate to think about.


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