Jiveaisle Reviews: Genuine Or Scam Read Here Now! Mar-2023! Updated!

Jiveaisle Reviews
Jiveaisle Reviews

Are you in search of an Jiveaisle review. You’re in the right spot. We’ve attempted to expose the real face of Jiveaisle.com so that you can make an informed choice about whether or not it’s a scam or a legitimate online retailer. All you have to do is look through our site and discover the truth.

Jiveaisle was declared to be fraudulent on the following reasons:

Contact Information

Many scam websites and websites are able to make use of the name of the parent company, Meledo Company Limited. A search on our site to find Meledo Company Limited will bring an array of websites that have the name of this parent company. The site has listed the subsidiary with the name Meledo Company Limited. It is possible that it will change its address or name in the near future due to the similarity of websites.

Website security

McAfee has put an untrusted trust seal logo on several Product Details webpages. If you purchase from this website it is possible that your personal and financial details like the credit card numbers could be stolen.

Social Media Presence

It’s not possible to locate an icon on social media which links to a company-related social media profile. Legit online stores typically have social media icons which link on their pages or groups and accounts. It may not be available on the social networks.

Copied content

The details on the website’s site are similar to the ones that are found on fraudulent websites.

Special Sales and Discounts

It lists lots of items that are available at extremely cheap prices, which is nearly impossible for legitimate stores to sell the same prices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Delivery and Customer Complaints

There are numerous online stores selling similar products with complaints about the quality of the product as well as delivery times as well as customer support.


All of these are clear signs that Jiveaisle’s online store is not legitimate.

There are many suspect websites on the category of ” Suspicious”, you can also read about frauds within our ” Scams”, scrolling through our ” Short Reviews” category. You can also browse our site by clicking HERE to browse through the numerous informative posts from various categories.

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