Jinatix Reviews: Is It A Reliable Online Store? Or Another Scam?{Aug-2023}

Jinatix Reviews

Are you in search of good products to whiten your teeth? Are you curious about the products for whitening teeth from Jinatix? Get off the internet! Are Jinatix’s claims of teeth-whitening products true? 

Are you interested in what Jinatix people have to say about the outcomes? We’ve got you covered by providing thorough Jinatix reviews. Find out what genuine customers have to say about their experience with Jinatix. teeth-whitening products and how they’ve used and the ways they’ve used them. 

Find out the possibility that Jinatix can give you the sparkling smile you’ve always desired. Let’s explore this world of Jinatix teeth whitening and discover the reasons behind it.

About Jinatix

Teeth whitening products are exclusively sold via Jinatix.com, an online retailer. They have a number of successful methods for making your smile appear more attractive. Contact them at (760) 278-1825 and send an email to service@jinatix.com to reach them. Jinatix’s top notch options for teeth whitening can give you the confidence of a sparkling smile.

Return Policy

Jinatix has a return and exchange policy that is simple for customers to utilize. The order can be cancelled and paid in full prior to the time that the items are delivered or manufactured. Once you’ve shipped the object to you, you are unable to change your decision.

Customers have 14 days from the time they receive the product to ask for a refund. The product must remain in its original packaging and not opening to qualify. Also, it must have an official receipt or other evidence of purchase. Customers only need to pay for shipping one time, regardless of whether they return something in exchange for a refund. There will be no refund charges.

Refunds will be processed within a certain timeframe and credited back to the original method of payment. It is the jinatix Customer Service can be reached via service@jinatix.com to inquire about refunds or to request an address for returning the item.

Jinatix Shipping Policy Reviews

Jinatix offers a straightforward shipping policy to ensure that the delivery of orders is quick and conveniently. All orders are shipped from their warehouse within five business days following the time they place them. Based on the type of service you choose and where the package will be being shipped to, it typically takes between 10 to 20 days from the time of delivery for the package to be delivered.

Be aware that delivery times can depend on customs clearance checks, delays in delivery, or delays in the delivery process from the carrier. You should check your Shipping Confirmation email for tracking numbers that you can access at www.17track.net to follow your purchase. Jinatix offers a flat fee that is USD 2.99 for shipping anywhere around the globe.

They deliver everywhere, however when their operations don’t cover your area they will let them know. They will then make the needed adjustments on your purchase. Change your address before eleven p.m. midnight PDT (-7 GMT) the same day that you make your purchase. You can contact Jinatix by email at nxznews24@gmail.com to alter your address, or inquire about shipping to another address.

The company ships orders on weekdays from Monday through Friday. Orders made on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped on the following business day, which is usually Monday.

Is Jinatix.com A Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

  • Owner Info: We looked into Jinatix extremely carefully to figure out who is the owner However, we need assistance in locating information regarding the owner. Jinatix employs paid services to conceal who is the owner of it this is a massive warning signal.
  • Contact Details: Every online business requires a method for users to get in touch with them. We checked jinatix.com to discover the best way to reach them. The phone number is a fake, even though the email address is linked to Jinatix. It appears that Jinatix has taken numbers from other websites, which suggests it may require changes to be more trustworthy.
  • Social Media Accounts: We looked hard at Jinatix’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social media profiles to see how much their customers believe in the company. However, we’re sad to report that Jinatix does not have any social media profiles we found. Jinatix could not be a real website since it doesn’t have social media accounts.
  • Site Trust Score: Our team looked into the degree of trustworthiness “Scam Advisor” was as an online site and awarded it a score of 27 points out of 100. With this low level of trust, Jinatix could be trying to defraud its customers, which could cause even more concern.
  • Domain Information: According to WHOIS, Jinatix created the website on June 21, 2023 and will shut it down on June 21st 2024. It is not advisable to believe this website, especially since they employ paid services to conceal information and the date of registration is quite recent.

Jinatix Reviews By Customers

We searched thoroughly for Jinatix reviews to see what people’s opinions were on their products. When we looked over the main website we noticed another alarming sign that there weren’t any jinatix.com reviews on the site.

To get a better understanding of what the customers think, we searched for reviews on well-known websites such as “Trust Pilot” and “Trusted Review.” After meticulously going through these popular sites we didn’t come across any reviews from customers for Jinatix.

This shows how Jinatix is a site that was launched just recently. Therefore, it is vital to be vigilant and cautious when dealing with this store online, because there are many warning signs.


  • DNSFilter declares that this site is secure.
  • They have verified their SSL Certificate.


  • They recently launched a site.
  • No social media accounts.
  • Website traffic is low.
  • Score of low trust on websites.
  • Tranco states that the site’s score is not high.

Faqs of Jinatix

Who is the owner of Jinatix and what does it do?

Jinatix’s owner’s details must be seen since the website makes use of paid services to hide the information. This is a cause of concern.

Is Jinatix a website you can be sure of?

Jinatix does not have vital information about contact details, such as an actual number for phone calls, and the information it has appears to be copied and pasted from different websites which makes it appear as if it needs to be more reliable.

Do Jinatix’s primary site contain reviews from its customers?

There are no reviews from customers for the primary Jinatix website, making it more difficult to trust the website.

Do you know if Jinatix have any reviews from customers on well-known review websites?

Jinatix does not have customer feedback, because major review sites like “Trust Pilot” and “Trusted Review” don’t have any reviews from customers.

Final Judgement

In the end, our investigation into Jinatix has revealed a number of issues that cause us to doubt the legitimacy of the site and credibility.

Jinatix does not disclose information on who is the owner and makes use of paid services to conceal information. Jinatix’s absence of contact details and a social media presence make it more difficult to trust. Jinatix is a brand-new website that is not a reliable one.

This is evident by its low trust rating for “Scam Advisor” and the absence of reviews by customers on its main site and popular review platforms.

We strongly recommend taking care when working with Jinatix, to minimize risks and make sure you purchase online with confidence.


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