Jimmy Carter Children: Check Who Is Jimmy Carter? Detail Here! Feb-2023!

Jimmy Carter Children
Jimmy Carter Children

Jimmy Carter is the 39th President the United States. His family is a fascinating issue. Rosalynn Carter is his wife. She has eight grandchildren and four kids. There are two great-grandchildren. We’ll talk about Jimmy Carter’s grandchildren as well as his family throughout this story.

Jimmy Carter’s Children

Rosalynn and the couple have four children: Jack, James Earl III and Donnel. Jack was born on the 27th of July 1947, is the oldest of the four. James Earl III was born in 1950, and Donnel came into the world in 1952. Jack Carter, the oldest of Jimmy and Rosalynn’s children was born on July 3, 1947. Jack Carter is an entrepreneur and has been active in politics. Chip Carter, the second of his sons, was born on April 12 1950. He was also involved in politics and was advisor to the president of his father. Jeff Carter, the third of his three children was born on the 18th of October 1952. The businessman is successful and has been active in the local community of Georgia. Amy Carter, the youngest sister, was born on October 19th 1967. Her activism and advocacy efforts has earned her a name.

Does Jimmy Carter a parent?

Jimmy Carter is a father to four children. While he was still in the Navy the couple he was with Rosalynn had their initial child, Jack. Rosalynn Carter as well as immy Carter have four children. John William Carter, James Earl Carter III, Donnel Jeffrey Carter III, and Amy Lynn Carter.

Jimmy Carter’s Family

Jimmy Carter has been supported by the Carter family throughout his career. Jimmy as well as Rosalynn additionally have 4 children. They also have eight grandchildren.

the daughter of Jimmy Carter

Amy Carter is the only child of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. Amy was born in Plains, Georgia on October 19 1967. Amy is known for her advocacy work, and public speaking.

Jimmy Carter’s Grandson

Jason Carter is Jimmy Carter’s oldest grandchild. Jason Carter is the second son of Jimmy Carter, James Earl Carter III. Jason has been a political figure and is a member of the Democratic Party. In 2014, he was a candidate for Georgia governor, but failed to defeat Nathan Deal.

Jimmy Carter’s Grandchildren and Children

Jimmy Carter’s grandchildren and kids are active in social and political activism as well as politics. Jack Carter ran unsuccessfully for the Nevada Senate seat in 2006. James Earl III is involved in environmental activism. Donnel who is a businessman is also in the area. Amy is active in activism for social justice and is protesting about the Iraq War.


NameRelations with Jimmy CarterBirth YearProfession/Activism
James Earl IIISon1950Environmental Activist
AmyFor the Daughter1967Social Activist
SarahGranddaughter1977Environmental Activist
JamesGrandson1987Marine Corps Officer


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