How to Lose Weight October -2022! Check!

How to Lose Weight
How to Lose Weight

It’s simple, you need to burn more calories than what you eat. This is the only way to permanently lose weight. That is another question. You may already have broken your New Year’s resolution to be healthier, more active, and lose weight quickly. It’s still early, so it’s not too late. It takes 27 days to create a new habit. We have many days to make new habits in the new year. Eventually, we will never need to ask “How do I lose weight?” again.

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What is a healthy weight?

-Thank you Captain Obvious

-Sit down, and put the fork down

-Increase the Burn

Mind over Matter

-Goal Setting

-Don’t do this alone

What is healthy weight?

That’s a great question. You can answer it by checking your BMI. This is your body-mass index. A calculator can be found hereOpens in new tab. A healthy BMI is between 18 and 25, while overweight is between 25 and 30, and above 30 is obese. Under 18 is underweight.

Thank you, Captain Obvious

You might think about the obvious things, like not eating after dinner, being cautious with processed sugars, and eating more fruits, vegetables, among others. There are other ways to lose weight. Start by eating smaller portions. You won’t believe it, but standing up can cause weight gain. This is because people eat more quickly and are less attentive to how much they eat.

Place the fork on the table.

Studies have shown that slowing down your eating pace will make your stomach-brain connection sense fullness sooner than if it is fast. You can eat a lot of food quickly and not feel full. You will feel fuller if you eat slowly. It’s easy to follow this strategy. You can take a bite using your fork. Then, you can put the fork down and chew your food. Next, you can pick up your fork again and begin the process over again. This will help you eat less and slow down your metabolism. Drinking a full glass before you eat will take up some stomach space, so there is less room for food.

Increase the burn

You can burn more calories by increasing your activity. Even if you only walk for 20 minutes, increasing your calories burned will help you burn more calories. It’s important to reduce your caloric intake. This brings us back to the top.

Mind over Matter

Mental strategies can also be used. For example, when you are considering what to eat, ask yourself if it will help you lose weight. Intermittent fasting is another option. This means that you don’t eat food for a set number of hours each day. You might fast for four hours or eight hours, and then eat nothing for the remainder of the day. This will initially leave you feeling hungry, but it will eventually pass. After 27 days, you will be able to make this a new routine. You can eat whatever you want during your eating window, but it is best to be disciplined.

Set your goals

Everybody does better when there is a goal. These goals should be achievable and not too lofty or overwhelming. A targeted BMI can be used as a goal. You could set a goal to lose 10 or 10% of your body weight. You can then set another goal depending upon how much weight you want to lose or what you need to lose in order to be healthy.


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