Grimace Shake Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money?{July-2023}

Grimace Shake Reviews
Grimace Shake Reviews

It’s an “Grimace Birthday Dinner” According to its name. brand”Grimace Birthday Meal “comes with the choice of a The Big Mac(r) or 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets(r) as well as the famous Fries and not forgetting, a red shake.

After the announcement that the shake had been released, it was widely questioned regarding the taste. A few media outlets reported the shake had the flavor of fruit (the particular kind of berries were not disclosed); McDonald’s itself gave no indication of flavour by stating in its press statement that it had been “inspired by the famous Grimace flavor and colour.”

The nutritional details that the shake contains may be helpful. McDonald’s claims that the shake contains “Natural flavor” as well as “Vegetable Juice,” though it’s listed as a color additive.

In subsequent critiques, we pointed out that this drink had the most intense berry flavor and an Delish employee calling it “the most amazing berry smoothie you’ve encountered in your entire life.”

The Grimace who is Grimace?

“Grimace is a native of Grimace Island and comes from an extensive familial lineage (including the great Grandma Winky, aunts Millie and Tillie and Uncle O’Grimacey! ),” McDonald’s shares with (Uncle O’Grimacey was one of Shamrock Shake’s character.)

McDonald’s claim that his birthday was on his birthday on June 13, (the day that the first purple shake became available). The actor made the debut in the McDonaldland commercial back in the year 1971. He was called “Evil Grimace”,” leaving in a fashion reminiscent of Hamburglar and being accompanied by milkshakes.

Grimace’s story of origin is the huge, hairy shapeless, purple McDonald’s character we all know and … is it a character we are in a position to love him? It’s been a topic of debate.

What is he ” an enormous tastebud,” ” the perfect illustration of a milkshake” something that is a reference to ” the expression you wear when you’re angry”? Discuss!

Whatever Grimace’s name, or background may include, McDonald’s is allowing us to celebrate his birthday by hosting him a lavish birthday celebration, that includes food games, a special outfit, and presents.

Grimace Shake Reviews from Customers

On June 12, participating places across the nation for as long as the supply lasts. McDonald’s will be offering an “Grimace Celebration Meal” including the Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets as well as fries. It’s the best part of the celebration. The unique purple shake claims to have been “inspired by the iconic Grimace colour as well as sweet.”

We got a sneak peek of the Grimace shake that is light purple, and it’s akin to cereal milk but with frosting, berries and sprinkles added to the mix. We like that it’s not too sweet and brings back the happiness of a child’s birthday celebration.

Alongside the special meal along with birthday parties, celebrations include the release of a cost-free Grimace-themed online game as well as Grimace themed merchandise, as along with The “in place of gifts” solicitation to contribute money to charity Ronald McDonald House Charities that aids families in need.

Grimace couldn’t think of a better way to mark his birthday than to invite his fans to participate in his charitable giving to those in need”, McDonald’s noted in a press release.

The 13th and 14th June when people share pictures from their celebrations via”add to your personal photo” in”add yours” on “add the hashtag you prefer” the stickers appear on McDonald’s Instagram account, McDonald’s will give $5 up in the range of $200 to RMHC.

“Our fans share wonderful memories of their childhood birthdays with us at McDonald’s … and as Grimace’s birthday is about paying homage to the amazing, enjoyable moments we all have,” Tariq Hassan, McDonald’s America’s chief of customer experience and marketing executive, said in an announcement.

“We’re looking forward to putting a modern perspective on these experiences in order to ensure that McDonald’s appeal will last to the next generation. Grimace is the perfect adorable image that lets McDonald’s meet customers at the intersection of art and nostalgia.”

What is the story behind the origin of Grimace? McDonald’s should be more open about the Grimace story and what it actually is. It has however provided a look into his life: “Grimace is from Grimace Island and is a part of an extended family (including his grandmother Winky along with his sisters Millie and Tillie as and Tillie and his uncle O’Grimacey!)

Our dear friend has quickly become a popular fan because of his unique shaggy purple hairstyle, an amiable and fun personality with a passion for shakes and his mysterious character.”

Grimace is naturally an amiable guest. He offered a variety of shakes to try. What’s the result? It’s delicious!


A swirl of berries that are vanilla remind us of the vibrant yoghurt cups that we enjoyed as children. Director of Operations for Content Lindsey Ramsey described it as “the most delicious smoothie made with berries that we have ever had.”


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