Fahlo Reviews: Is It legit Or a Scam? Feb-2023! Genuine Review!

Fahlo Reviews
Fahlo Reviews

Are you thinking of shopping with Fahlo but want to know whether it’s legit? It’s not a problem! With numerous online stores that are popping up it’s difficult to discern which ones are trustworthy and provide top-quality goods.

This is why we’ve collected all Fahlo reviews we found in one place to assist you in making an informed choice. Check out what other customers have to have to say about their experiences with Fahlo!

What exactly is Fahlo?

Fahlo is a business which works with charitable organizations to develop bracelets and other accessories that help guard marine turtles and other wild species. Fahlo offers products made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastics and leather and all of their items are handcrafted with care and care. The bracelets are specially made to track the movement of sea turtles as well as increase awareness of their situation and the need for conservation.

Fahlo also has a selection of accessories and clothing featuring artwork from a variety of artists from around the world. Their products are made from ethically-sourced materials and include an assurance of not using animal testing or child labor. In addition, Fahlo donates 10% of their profits to groups that protect endangered species as well as raising awareness of climate change.

What is it that makes Fahlo unique is their commitment to sustainable production, ethical manufacturing as well as protecting the world’s wildlife. Their aim is to design products that positively impact the environment, while also providing customers with unique and stylish items that they are pleased to put on.

The history of Fahlo

Fahlo was established in the year 2018 by best friends of life Daniel Gunter and Carter Forbes. They wanted to develop an opportunity to draw attention to the conservation efforts of endangered species of wildlife. In order to do this, they created an edgy bracelet that users could wear to track their wildlife activity.

The concept behind Fahlo’s bracelet originated from the desire to bring people together and make them aware of the importance of conservation of animals. The creators believed wearing a distinctive bracelet could bring awareness to the need to protect the wildlife of our planet.

Alongside the bracelets, Fahlo offers an enjoyable monitoring experience. The system lets users keep track of their activities and then send them to their family and friends. This helps encourage further involvement with the cause , and can help spread awareness.

Fahlo has become a household name across the globe and continues to fulfill its goal of raising public awareness about the conservation of endangered species of wildlife. All proceeds from their sales go to protecting the wildlife species. Fahlo is adamant about conserving the biodiversity of our planet and is committed to making sure that all animals enjoy a an unharmed future.

Fahlo Sea Turtle Tracking Bracelet Features

Fahlo provides a specific ocean turtle-tracking bracelet that is attractive and helps you keep the track of sea turtles that are in the wild. The company has formed partnerships with conservation groups for sea turtles for exclusive access to information on tracking as well as maps for sea turtles across the globe.

With this unique bracelet, you can learn the name of your turtle, its age, and whereabouts across the globe. It also lets you know about the habitat it inhabits and its activities and receive information from the organization regarding the progress of its work.

The bracelet has a comfortable design that is suitable for all wrist sizes, and a durable construction that lasts for a long time. It comes with a handy tracking map that displays the location of your tracked Sea Turtle in live-time. The map is regularly updated and you will be able to be informed about the activities of your turtle.

The Fahlo Sea Turtle Tracking bracelet assist you to keep in touch with your pet turtle however, it also helps to aid in their conservation. When you purchase this bracelet, you’re helping the fight to save these majestic creatures as well as conserving their habitat for generations to come.

What is the Journey Bracelets Function?

Journey Bracelets, powered by Fahlo are the first Sea turtle tracking devices. They’ve been created to assist in protecting and monitoring sea turtles during their migration across the oceans.

This Journey Bracelet is made of recycled materials that are transformed into a stunning piece of jewelry. It comes with an waterproof Bluetooth tracking device that connects to an application known as The Journey Tracker. This app lets users get real-time updates regarding the location of their turtle as well as other data. The bracelet also informs users when the turtle moves further or closer away from the land.

Alongside these features along with these features, in addition, the Journey Bracelet also offers a reward system. Each time a bracelet is sold 10 percent of the earnings are donated towards Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC). In addition, every when a wearer of a Journey Bracelet gets out of their house the device will automatically donate 5Cor more to STC. The donation system is designed to raise funds essential to research and aid in saving threatened sea turtles.

The Journey Bracelet provides users with an effective means to contribute to Sea turtle conservation and keep connected to the ocean. The innovative technology and the rewarding system that is meaningful make it a fantastic accessory for those who want to contribute to the protection of the sea turtles we love so much.

Why should you choose Fahlo?

Fahlo offers a fantastic opportunity to protect sea turtles from harm and also look stylish. They not only offer top-quality bracelets that come in a range of designs and colors as well as donating 10percent of earnings to conservation organisations.

Their dedication to save sea turtles offers buyers the confidence that their purchase will make an impact on the world. Furthermore, every bracelet has the unique option of tracking a live sea turtle, providing an amazing glimpse of the daily life of a creature that lives far from the comforts of the comforts of home.

Additionally the bracelets are trendy sturdy, long-lasting, and are suitable for wear inside and outside of water or in pools. With all these advantages there’s no reason to wonder why Fahlo is becoming increasingly sought-after!

Do you want to try Fahlo?

If you’re trying new products, it’s difficult to determine if they’re worth the effort. With Fahlo it’s possible to experience the most desirable of both worlds: an attractive accessory as well as an instrument that helps to protect the natural environment. Additionally, Fahlo offers you an opportunity to be a part of a change by participating in an international effort to save sea turtles.

The Journey Bracelets from Fahlo are constructed from recycled materials that are extremely light, making them very comfortable to wear. Additionally, Fahlo’s dedication to sustainability means you’ll also have a positive environmental impact. With different styles and colours to pick from, you’ll find the perfect piece of jewelry for you.

In addition, every bracelet has the RFID chip that allows you to track its travels around the world. This is an excellent feature for anyone who wants to make a difference on the world – it lets you follow the movement that sea turtles make in their habitats and track the results of their activities.

Should you consider Fahlo? If you’re looking for a sustainable accessory that can also contribute to the protection of turtles in the sea, you should definitely! Its Journey Bracelets are an excellent option for people who want to look stylish while helping the environmental. With all the benefits and features provided by Fahlo this is definitely worth giving it a shot.


Fahlo is a distinct jewellery brand that produces stunning and important pieces. It’s a brand that is a natural-based company that creates pieces that represent our planet’s natural beauty. The company also has a wonderful purpose to increase awareness of conservation of the ocean.

This Fahlo Sea Turtle Tracking Bracelet is an excellent method to remain connected to nature and the journey you are on. With features such as a tracking chip and an app that follow the track of your bracelet’s progress and feel connected to the world and the history of the ocean.

In the end, Fahlo is a legit firm that is proud of its dedication to conservation of the ocean which makes it a great choice for anyone who is looking for an inspirational and meaningful piece of jewelry.


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