Ecochamp Power Saver Reviews: Does It Truly Work?{July-2023}

Ecochamp Power Saver Reviews

Ecochamp Power Saver is an instrument that promises to give your home a stable, smooth electric current that will result in a rise in efficiency and a reduction in dirty strength. It will prevent useless power from entering your wires. 

This device reduces your electricity bill by preventing overconsumption. It claims to lower energy bills for appliances that use power voltage today by 90%. The product is also being sold at a fifty percent discount and with free shipping in the USA. This assessment will reveal all the information needed about this Ecochamp product.

Ecochamp Power Saver: Does it Really Save Energy?

This question has a simple answer: NO. The claim that Ecochamp saves energy is false. Users have testified that the device does not reduce electricity bills or save energy. This product has so many negative reviews on the internet, confirming that it is a scam. BBC has also published a report about the Ecochamp Scam.

Might Cause Fire Outbreak

This device is dangerous and if not handled with care, can cause a fire to break out. We do not know if a capacitor is rated to be connected across an AC line, or if a fire could start in the event of a lightning strike. Click here to learn more about this.

Is Ecochamp a Genuine Power Saver?

The energy saver raises a number of red flags based on the factors listed above. It is not possible for a device this size to stabilize an AC supply or generate the savings advertised. The electrical consumption is calculated based on the total energy consumed and NOT on a section corrected VAR.

The majority of electricity used in homes today is for 230-240 VAC appliances. This includes air conditioning, heating, cooking and drying clothes. It is therefore impossible to reduce the electric consumption of a device plugged into a 100 and ten to one hundred and twenty VAC outlet by using section correction techniques. This is because a 240 VAC appliance connected to each leg of a a hundred twenty VAC outlet consumes 240 VAC power.

The conclusion of the article is:

Each warning sign makes it clear that Ecochamp Power Saver is a scam and we do not recommend it. Like viviizstores, dicoola, Alien-Tees, Galacmart, Southhood, Crocodiletime, and other suspicious websites, customers did not receive the products they ordered but a cheap item or nothing.

You have been scammed? Do this!

Are you a victim of Scam? If you think that you have been scammed, here are some steps to take. Contact your bank, and also report any court cases and request a new card. You can take a screenshot of the transaction if you are using Paypal to pay for your purchases.

Online shopping has simplified life, but it also carries with it the possibility of credit card fraud and excessive charges. Check out these things before ordering from an online shop.


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