Auracle World Of Crystals Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?{July-2023} Honest Review!

Auracle World Of Crystals Reviews

Auracle World of Crystals is a shop that sells crystals in Houston, Texas. The shop has a 5-star rating on Yelp with more than 500 reviews. 

The store is famous for its large range of crystals, jewelry and other metaphysical objects. Does it sound too amazing to be real? Let’s discover out in the auracle world of crystals blog post.

What is Auracle World of Crystals

Auracle World of Crystals is an online shop that is metaphysical and situated in Houston, Texas. It is managed and owned by Heather who has worked with crystals for more than twenty years. The store offers an array of crystals, jewelry as well as other metaphysical items. Additionally, they offer workshops and seminars on the use of crystals to heal and enhance spiritual development.

These are some items you can discover in Auracle World of Crystals:

  • Crystals: Auracle World of Crystals has a broad selection of crystals, such as amethyst, quartz, lapis lazuli. They also carry a range of unusual and rare crystals, including moldavite and Kyanite.
  • Jewelry: Auracle World of Crystals offers an array of crystal jewelry. This includes earrings, necklaces rings, bracelets, and necklaces. They also have a collection of crystal pendants and beads that can be used to create your own jewelry. can make jewellery of your own.
  • Metaphysical products: Auracle World of Crystals also offers an array of metaphysical products, like tarot cards and incense and candles. Additionally, they have a variety of books about crystals and spirituality.
  • Classes and workshops: Auracle World of Crystals offers an array of classes and workshops that teach you how to utilize crystals to heal and for spiritual development. These courses are an excellent way to gain knowledge about crystals as well as how you can make use of them to enhance your life.

What are customers saying about the product?

Here are some of the positive and negative reviews for Auracle The World of Crystals

Reviews that are positive:

  • I am in love with this store! The owner is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and always has a wide assortment of crystals. I’ve never been disappointed here.” — Laurie C. (Yelp)
  • Excellent choice Great selection, excellent price and a very friendly proprietor
  • “I am in here to look for an exact crystal that was missing, and the proprietor was able to assist me to locate the crystal. She even provided me some advice about how to make use of it. I’m very happy to have found this store!” – Taylor C. (Yelp)
  • “I’ve been going to this store for many years and always have had wonderful experiences. The proprietor is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about crystals. She’s always willing to help you to find the right crystal.” Michael S. Michael S. (Google Maps)
  • “I ordered a few crystals from this store online They arrived promptly and in excellent quality. The crystals exactly as described and I’m extremely satisfied with the purchase.” — Sarah J. (Facebook)
  • The owner was incredible and extremely sweet. The selection of crystals, stones and jewelry etc. was fantastic! I will definitely be back. 
  • A beautiful and charming store! When you step inside, the smell is delicious and the vibe of the place makes you feel at ease. There are so many options of quality stones for a very low cost. I was very pleased the fact that the owner was able to explain the significance and origin of every stone I loved. Highly recommend the store for the stone you are looking for and to come up with ideas for gifts.

Reviews that are negative:

  • “I went in this place and the owner was very aggressive. She was constantly trying for me to buy me crystals I didn’t really need. It was like she was trying to sell me something.” Helen M. Helen M. (Yelp)
  • “As another small crystal business owner the towers are way way over priced.

All in all, Auracle World of Crystals has many positive reviews. However there are some negative reviews that complain about unprofessional customer service and issues with shipping.

If you’re thinking of purchasing from this shop I suggest reading reviews thoroughly before making a purchase.


  • A wide range of crystals
  • Expert staff
  • A warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • Price is reasonable
  • Fast delivery


  • A few customers have complained about unprofessional customer service
  • There have been a few reports of shipping problems

Is Auracle World of crystals legitimate?

Absolutely, Auracle World of Crystals is real.

  • First of all the first thing to note is that there is all information regarding the person who owns the brand.
  • Furthermore, the physical address, as well the contact details are authentic.
  • It has excellent reviews(4.8 five stars) from Google and other platforms.
  • It also has a active account on social media Instagram..
  • The site has been registered from 2021-03-08.
  • Website is in process, which means that they have a physical location and are in the process of launching their website.

Final Conclusion:

After reviewing reviews of Auracle World of Crystals reviews in detail, it is clear that the company is authentic and reliable. The existence of vital information about the owner, verified physical address and contact details as well as positive reviews across a variety of platforms, and a thriving Social Media presence add to the credibility of the brand. With a registered site since 2021-03-08 as well as evidence of a physical store, Auracle World of Crystals appears to be a solid option for crystal lovers.


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