Acne And Skin Changes In Pregnancy – Causes & Treatment

Acne And Skin Changes In Pregnancy
Acne And Skin Changes In Pregnancy

Thanks to hormones, your skin can react during pregnancy. If you’ve always been able to keep your skin clear all through pimples, acne etc seem to be unwanted guests. However, if you’ve had pimples, acne, etc prior to pregnancies, the skin could be able to clear itself. No matter what it is best to start by making sure your skin is well-groomed and clean. If acne, pimples or pimples start to appear don’t rub, squeeze, scratch or remove them. This can make the situation worse for your skin, causing marks. Consult your physician when your acne gets worse.

Acne prevention tips

  • Cleanse your face twice per every day using a mild cleanser. Exfoliate but do not scrub your skin.
  • Exercise can reduce stress and improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to your skin
  • Don’t rub, squeeze, scratch or scratch at your pimples as it could cause the pimple to grow.
  • Drink enough water every day to cleanse your body from within out.
  • Take plenty of fruits as well as vegetables and drink lots of fluids to keep healthy skin. Stay away from refined sugars and refined carbs.
  • Beware of oil-based cosmetics and wash your makeup brushes with mild soapy water.
  • Beware of exposing your skin to excessive sun, cold, or heat.
  • Beware of wearing clothing that is tight since it could trap sweat on the skin.

Acne Remedies

  • Apply tea tree or lavender oil to the affected area. Essential oil are naturally antibiotics, which destroy many microorganisms and reduce the redness, itching and the stinging. Consider a steaming facial using boiling water and a few drops of oil from tea trees. When you’re finished you can wash your face with cold water to aid in closing the pores.
  • Cut fresh garlic cloves in half, and place it on the area affected.
  • Use a tablespoon of lemon juice and some ground cinnamon over the skin.
  • Apply the vinegar to the face using the help of a cotton ball. Let it rest for ten minutes before washing off using cold water.
  • Citrus fruits like lemons or oranges are great natural exfoliates. Make a squeeze of the juice of a citrus or lemon into a bowl and then soak one cotton ball of the juice. Apply the juice of a lemon to the face and allow it to sit for 10 minutes prior to washing using cool water.
  • Beat an egg white and apply it to the face for 15 minutes , then wash off using cold water. Egg whites with a large amount of fatty acids and proteins helps to replenish the skin and tightens pores.
  • If you notice the pimple beginning to break out apply an ice cube onto the area affected.


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