Woxer VS Tomboy Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam? Genuine Review!

Woxer VS Tomboy Reviews

Are you searching for an innovative method of organizing the notes you take, your lists and projects? If yes, then you might have encountered the two most popular note-taking apps Woxer as well as Tomboy.

Both apps offer plenty of functions and features which make it easy to keep track of your thoughts and reminders. Which is the better option?

In this blog in this blog post, we’ll be comparing Woxer as well as Tomboy to find out which is the best choice for you. Find out which is the best option to meet your needs.

About Woxer

Woxer is a fashion business that designs stylish comfortable, high-quality and comfortable underwear designed for women.

The company was created by Alexandra Fuente in 2019, Woxer was born from the desire to provide women with the choice in terms of underwear. The idea is to make bras and boxers that are better fitting and made from sustainably-sourced materials.

At Woxer the majority the products they sell are made specifically for women. Each pair of boxers as well as bras is made to better fit and offer the most coverage. They’re also constructed with fabrics like Modal or Pima cotton to provide comfort.

Woxer takes pride in providing top quality products that last.

Every item they sell is handcrafted with care in Peru. This means that every pair is created with love and attention to detail and will stand the test of time numerous washes and wears.

The classic Woxer Baller Cosmic boxers to the TomboyX 6″ Fly Boxer Briefs with a Waverider print, Woxer offers something to every person. With its fashionable designs and comfy fittings, Woxer is sure to meet every woman’s style and preferences.

About TomboyX

TomboyX is an Seattle-based clothing company established in 2012 by partners Fran Dunaway, and Naomi Gonzalez. The brand creates contemporary underwear that’s comfy and gender-neutral. The collection comes in sizes that range from 3XS to 6XL.

TomboyX’s signature boxer shorts are made to be laid flat against the body and also provide additional coverage at the crotch and back. The company also has different styles, including period panties, thongs and even swimming wear.

Alongside being fashionable and comfortable, TomboyX is committed to sustainable development. The brand makes use of recyclable materials and green dyes and renewable energy sources for the making of their clothes.

TomboyX’s aim is to create a space that allows all to feel at ease at home and secure in their personal skin. With their distinctive designs, inclusive sizing and the commitment to environmental sustainability, TomboyX has become a top choice for those seeking fashionable, comfortable underwear.

Woxer Baller Cosmic vs TomboyX 6″ Fly Boxer Briefs – Waverider Print Review

TomboyX’s Fly Briefs are designed to keep you comfy and cool. They feature an elastic waistband with a mid-rise and ultra-soft modal.

They’re 6-inch” inseam is the ideal length for activewear. However, it’s still enough to be able to slip into pants without appearing like an child.

The distinctive style of these briefs includes contrast stitching, as well as an iconic and trendy waves on the back -the Waverider print. This makes them as chic as they are practical. The waistband is made of microfiber and won’t move and the sizes range from XS-3X. Prices starting at $28.

  • TomboyX 6″ Fly Boxer Briefs – Waverider Print
  • Ultra-soft modal fabric
  • A unique wave design on the the back
  • The waistband of microfiber will not roll.

In the final analysis it’s your responsibility to determine which item is the best fit for your requirements. Woxer Baller Cosmic offers an extremely comfortable briefs in boxer and are also very inexpensive.

TomboyX 6″ Fly Boxer Briefs – Waverider Print may cost a little more, but the distinctive design and trendy wave pattern gives an edge over other.

Woxer Boss Black 2.0 vs TomboyX Racerback Soft Bra – Gone Fishing Print Review

For a fun and adorable alternative, look into TomboyX Racerback Soft Bra. The racerback design is made to keep its place and ensure you are comfortable throughout the day long.

With its fish print This is the perfect choice for a day out and the quick drying fabric is able to absorb water. The best part is that it’s available in sizes XS-4X, which means everybody can find the perfect size. Get it for $48.

TomboyX Racerback Soft Bra –

1.Gone Fishing Print
2.Fish pattern for a unique look
3.Quick dry your fabric to keep your fresh
4.Light support and a an incredibly comfortable fit
5.Inclusive Sizing starting at XS-4X
6.Pricey but well worth it

Woxer Stud Star vs TomboyX 4.5″ Trunks – Black Review

The TomboyX 4.5″ Trunks also come in a black color with a black waistband, but have a 4.5″ inseam as well as an additional 2-ply design for the no-show guarantee when worn underneath shorts, pants or skirts.

They are made of recycled water bottles. They have the logo embroidered at the waist. With mesh panels on the sides, they’re water-wicking and breathable.

TomboyX 4.5″ Trunks

  • Made of recycled water bottles
  • Moisture-wicking & breathable
  • Extra 2-ply construction
  • Signature embroidered logo on waistband
  • Available in different patterns and colors

If you compare the two briefs for boxers It’s evident they both Woxer and TomboyX are thoughtfully designed pieces that are comfortable cool, breathable, and fashionable.

The Woxer Stud Star has a shorter inseam and is constructed out of modal. The TomboyX 4.5″ Trunks come with a wider inseam, and are made of recycled plastic water bottles.

Both come with seamless construction, an extensive size range and both have a non-rolling waistband. Which one should you pick?

Woxer vs TomboyX: Quality

Woxer produces their boxers from Italy. Their products are constructed from top quality fabrics and are committed to offering a comfortable shape that’s tailored to the woman’s body.

Additionally, Woxer uses a zero-waste production method that eliminates unneeded fabric scraps.

TomboyX On the other hand, procures the finest quality materials and collaborates with suppliers who adhere to ethical manufacturing practices.

Their manufacturing process is designed to reduce production waste. All TomboyX products are made in a gender neutral, ethical environment that promotes diversity and inclusivity.

To ensure the products they sell are top quality, both firms employ rigorous quality control procedures that require the inspection of every product before it is sent out.

They also stand by their products with outstanding warranties and policies regarding customer service. The bottom line is we think in both Woxer and TomboyX provide top quality boxers that are fashionable comfortable and cost-effective.

Woxer’s boxes are produced in Italy with zero-waste manufacturing methods, TomboyX is committed to ethical manufacturing practices and has created an environment that is gender neutral. It’s ultimately your decision which product is the best solution for your specific needs.

Woxer vs TomboyX: Price & Value

TomboyX isn’t far from the pack. Its prices start at $11 for underwear and increase until $68 when it comes to bras.

While these costs are higher than those of Woxer, they’re still affordable. In addition, TomboyX also offers a subscription plan, which makes its costs down.

For example, customers can purchase three sets of underwear for $36 (or $12 per pair) and two sets of bras at $54 (or $27 for each bra). The prices are higher than those offered by Woxer, but not by any significant amount.

When it comes to value and price both brands emerge as winners. Customers also appreciate the quality and style of TomboyX’s products. Some people have commented that the bras are supportive without being bulky and the bras are comfy and soft.

They also appreciate the aspect that the brand has all sizes, meaning that whatever your size there is a garment that is perfect for you.

In the end with regards to cost and value each of Woxer along with TomboyX are both winners. Woxer might have an edge in terms of cheaper prices, however TomboyX also has a wide variety of sizes, top-quality products and an monthly subscription which makes prices even more affordable.

Is woxer vs TomboyX worth it

In the race to compare Woxer against TomboyX there isn’t a definitive winner. Each brand has its own distinct fashion and high-quality clothing that is appealing to different kinds of buyers.

Woxer provides a broad selection of clothing for both women that includes trunks, studs, bras along with boxer briefs. TomboyX On contrary, has various styles of clothing specifically created to fit tomboys. tomboy lifestyle, featuring products like racerback soft bras, as well as six” Fly boxers.

In terms of quality when it comes to quality, each of Woxer and TomboyX have high-quality items built with sturdy materials.

Woxer offers a variety of trunks, studs, briefs, and bras constructed from spandex, cotton and polyester blends. They are made to be breathable and comfortable.

TomboyX also utilizes high-quality materials in their merchandise, with designs that are made of high-quality polyester and cotton fabrics that are breathable.

In terms of price, Woxer is slightly cheaper than TomboyX and prices range between $20 and $40 per item. TomboyX Prices are a bit higher, with prices range from $30 to $50. Both brands provide various promotions and discounts all through the year, so it’s worthwhile to shop for the most affordable prices.

All in all, Woxer and TomboyX both provide stylish, high-end clothing at an affordable cost. No matter if you’re looking for trunks or studs and bras, or boxer briefs Both brands have something to suit all.

In the end, whether Woxer is superior to TomboyX is worth the cost will be based on your personal preferences and needs.


With regards to woxer and TomboyX each has its advantages and disadvantages. Woxer has excellent quality, durable, and a broad range of designs. However, TomboyX has a much larger selection of colors and prints and also provides great customer service. If it comes to cost, Woxer is definitely more expensive than TomboyX. However, you’ll receive better value by purchasing from Woxer.

In the end, it all comes down to your personal taste and what you’re looking for in your clothes. If you’re looking for a garment that is made with care and fashion, then Woxer is the best option for you. If you’re looking for a product with a distinctive look and feel, TomboyX could be a best choice. It’s your choice to choose which one is best for you.


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