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If you read our review in the run-up to Christmas of Wiltopia Animal Care Centre, you will recall that we were extremely enthusiastic about the collection of Playmobil products. I’ve always loved animals and their toys are just as wonderful as real animals. For quite a while I’ve always wanted Playmobil to create an Zoo range of toys complete with enclosures, and everything. Who wouldn’t want to set up an animal kingdom? The Wiltopia sets offer the closest thing and each includes some animals, meaning that our home collection is gradually increasing. Let’s glance at our Anteater Care set!

What’s included:Figures:

1 boy one girl; Animals including 1 anteater, 1 young one anteater, 1 lizard. Accessories include: 1 anthill, filled with plant life, 1 cart 1 animal food item, 1 jam Jar, 1 fanny Pack 1 sticker sheet ‘ants’ and 1 knowledge card for anteater

Review of Playmobil:

The two children affectionately take care of the anteater and the cub. The big anteater is a very lengthy and agile tongue that he uses to eat delicious insects (included as stickers that can be removed) from the Anthill. It also includes an animal knowledge card called “Anteater,” with an exciting audio content.

All About the Animals

When it comes to Wiltopia models, I will always determine the cost based on the number of characters included from the package. Let’s not ignore the fact that it includes two kids figures (one girl, one boy) and instead concentrate on the animals in the set. Naturally, when you have a collection of anteaters, there are bound to be…anteaters! Two sizes: one large and one smaller. The larger anteater comes with an adjustable bar under the chin, which allows users to stick their tongue of an anteater into. If you’re not aware that anteaters utilize long tongues that get into the mounds of ants for delicious food as well as dinner. What do I know about this? I’ll explain later.

The smaller anteater isn’t very fun to play with, but it’s amazing that it can be tied to the mother and father an anteater at the tail’s top. The set also is a tiny Lizard, which can be played on its own and placed onto the set’s center piece.

I had hoped for the anteater set would come with an ant hill, which is why I was surprised to find that this wasn’t the situation. Still, there are ants to be found (although they’re stickers, and not tiny bugs, which is a little disappointing) and they’re moving into and out of an mountain of ants. It is a good place to find vegetation around for a wild look.

It’s Worth It?

In the majority of cases, Playmobil is really easy to build. This was certainly the case The entire set about 2 or 3 minutes to construct which was at the pleasure of my 4-year-old one year-old son Lincoln. After he had pulled the set out of the Animal Care Station set, Lincoln began to have a blast playing with the sets. It’s a fantastic small set that can be played very well with another person. Every kid will be a part of a story with The three animals can be divided between several hands. Lincoln and I could lay in the living room for hours playing with any of his Playmobil however lately, Lincoln has been really playing with this set. We’ll be back next week to examine this set. Wiltopia Research Tower along with Compass.

One of the most effective motives to get your kids engaged in Wiltopia sets is due to the educational benefits that are included in the box by using the QR code that is on an trading card featuring animals. I’ve previously written about this and it’s worth repeating again here:

Wiltopia will also be educational and that is another thing I liked about the book. Every set you buy includes a unique card with details about the animal that is included within the set. ….The card is not only displaying the animal’s name and picture and a description, but it also shows where the animal comes from, the length it is, what it weighs and how quick it is able to move. It also has an QR code that is located on the reverse of the card which can be scanned to reveal further information about the world that we live in.

Overall all, it’s a great set. Anteater Care set is a amazing upgrade in Wiitopia. Wiitopia line. The value of production for this set is very high, and the level that the detail is impressive. With just under $35, you’ll get an excellent set for your young children that you love!


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