Who Is Ellerie Marie?: Real Info RiceGum’s Girlfriend Unborn Baby?

Who Is Ellerie Marie?
Who Is Ellerie Marie?

RiceGum is a YouTube star who has a huge following has uploaded a video to YouTube with the name “Baby Girl. The video showed the story of RiceGum and his girlfriend throughout the pregnancy. The story began when she discovered she was at 34 weeks of gestation. However, at week 35 the baby didn’t arrive.

Who Is Ellerie Marie?

Ellerie Marie is a 22 year old Instagram influencer and social media user. Born on the 8th of January, 2002 She has been raised within San Diego by her mother, Irin Maries. She also attended schooling in University of California. University of California.

She is known due to the platform TikTok and has more than 655,000 followers. On TikTok she creates videos mostly about dance and Vlogs. Ellerie’s initial TikTok became a viral sensation with more than 4 million hits. Since her debut, her profile has only grown exponentially.

Ellerie is not just famous on TikTok but she is also famous on Instagram. She shares photos of herself as well as fashion trends through the app. She has a total of 528,000 followers on Instagram at present.

Based on reports Ellerie owns a wealth of $1.5 million. Ellerie earns around $10K per month through partnership with brands and sponsorships. In addition, she earns a profit through collaborations as well as Instagram posts.

RiceGum as well as Ellerie have been in a romance since the year 2020. The couple posts photos of their love Instagram. Instagram.

The Tragic News Of Their Baby

RiceGum has shared a stunning video (titled “baby girl”) of the couple’s journey through the pregnancy. The video began when she discovered the baby’s tummy and then continued to reveal the growing baby bump. The video covered numerous doctor appointments and also showed how the baby’s sonogram looked like the infant. The video, however, was just 34 weeks old.

A note is shown at the close of the video, which informs our viewers the fact that this baby didn’t make the video.

Ellerie was forced to the birth of a 35 week old baby girl without a heartbeat. The YouTuber wrote,

He added that the fans were stunned and dismayed. One could only imagine how stressful this moment will be for the couple.


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