VOOGME Jewelry Reviews: Don’t Buy Them Until You Read This!

VOOGME Jewelry Reviews

Deciding on the wedding or engagement ring is a matter of consideration. It must be a symbol of love that will last for the years to come. To narrow down your preference, Voogme Jewelry is proud to present exquisite moissanite jewelry that will bind your forever love!

Who is Voogme in the first place? Voogme is an online jeweler of moissanite that offers the highest artisanal quality. The company offers a wide selection of high-end jewelry with a modern look. It includes wedding rings, engagement rings, bands necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Moissanite is one of the rarest and most beautiful stones that can enhance your overall look. Many people favor the moissanite stone over others. This is why the brand has evolved into an all-in-one destination for moissanite piece of jewelry.

In addition, its popularity is evident on social media having 3.6kplus users of Facebook as well as 2.2kplus fans on Instagram. They also enjoy engaging with their clients via social media.

There’s plenty to talk about with this brand. Voogme Jewelry reviews will assist you if interested in learning more about the company. Let’s explore these reviews in greater detail!

A Brief Overview of VOOGME Jewelry

Voogme is home to the moissanite jewellery. The name of the brand is a reference to Vogueand Me. This means that the brand offers jewellery that is current in style and is still timeless.

In addition, Voogme helps people to look fashionable in the present age. Every piece of stunning jewelry is crafted from high-end stones to increase the pleasure of living a full life. The brand continues to be at the forefront and stands out due to its high-end quality.

The brand also is focused on providing moissanite jewelry collections with less costs. The aim is to provide exquisite jewelry, while making it affordable for all.

They also have a manufacturing facility that is located within the city of gemstones. The brand has the ability to provide affordable costs without sacrificing the quality. In addition, they provide the most competitive discount rate for every customer.

VoogME Jewelry Highlights

Voogmechic Jewellery

  • FREE shipping for all purchases
  • International shipping
  • Money back guarantee
  • Limited warranty
  • Free gift box
  • Extra discounts & promotions
  • Excellent service and quality

Moissanite Reviews

Before we go any further How much are you aware of moissanite? It’s an elemental stone that originates from the stars of outer space. Moissanite shines brightly and provides a beautiful and romantic look.

Furthermore, moissanite is more sought-after in comparison to diamond and sapphire, as well as ruby and the emerald. To match that, Voogme is determined to provide top-quality jewelry made of moissanite. The jewelry is sure to give everyone who looks at it a dazzling and beautiful appearance.

In addition, people will appreciate their genuine and real love when they wear Voogme Moissanite jewellery. The pureness of their jewelry made of moissanite is stunning and authentic. It symbolizes eternal beauty and love.

There is a large range of Voogme moissanite jewelry here:

Engagement Ring Wedding Band

  • French Pave Moissanite
  • Solitaire Pear Shape
  • Half Bezel Moissanite
  • Twisted Setting
  • Classic Emerald Shape, etc.
  • V-Shape Channel
  • Multi Shape Moissanite
  • Eternity Princess Moissanite
  • Mixed Cut Moissanite
  • Round Moissanite, etc.

Earrings, Necklaces

  • Personalized Engraved
  • Classic Six-Prong
  • Classic Three Stones
  • Sunflower Halo
  • Multi-Stone Pendant, etc.
  • Classic Leverback
  • Four Leaf Clover
  • Pear Circle
  • Twisted Vine
  • Flower Crown, etc.

At Voogme there is also the option to make your own jewelry design. The company offers custom jewelry to fit your dream jewelry. The team will help you through an 3D modeling process, then create stunning jewelry.

Apart from that All jewelry will be made by hand, starting with your specifications. It can take anywhere from 10 to 20 days to create custom platinum and karat gold jewelry.

But, this review will assist you with three best-selling tips if you’re unsure how to begin picking your jewelry. Take a look!

VOOGME Moissanite Engagement Ring Review

There is no doubt about the stunning beauty of the moissanite ring. Three-Stone Eight-Prong Moissanite Engagement ring (3.0 cm. TW) is no exception. This ring for engagement is an ideal gift for someone you cherish.

In the image the moissanite engagement ring has a stunning sparkle. It features three white stones set with a large stone that acts to form a focal point.

This ring of engagement is beautiful. You can also choose your personal preference from a wide options of gorgeous colours. It comes in platinum, gold-plated sterling silver platinum along with white and platinum. You’ll be amazed by the way each ring sparkles on her fingers.

Find the perfect size and receive a discount price. $590.00. You have the chance to save money from the cost of $1,200.00 There is no need to think about it. Take it quick!

Product details:

  • Principal Stone Weight: 2.0 ct
  • The Main Stone’s Size is 8.0mm
  • The Side Stone’s Size is 5.0mm
  • Stone Type: Moissanite
  • Color Grade: D
  • Stone Clarity VVS1

VoogME Moissanite Wedding Review of Band

Voogme offers the ideal wedding band to symbolize the eternal bond of love. Most popular wedding band is The Eternal Moissanite Wedding Band.

Like the name suggests, this wedding ring is sure to seal your love for life. The beautiful style of the ring adds an element of romance to your ring. It also increases the elegance of your special moment.

In addition, it includes five moissanite crystals that fit perfectly set. It’s so pure, sparkling and translucent. Additionally, every stone is perfectly rounded, with an overall weight of 1.0 centimeters.

The Eternal Moissanite Wedding Band is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 4.5 and 9. It is also possible to pick from the option of white gold, silver as well as yellow gold and platinum.

Make your purchase now, as the ring is available 50 percent off . This means that you just need to pay $920.00 instead of $1,840.00 . The offer won’t last forever. Make sure you grab it before it’s gone!

Product details:

  • All Weights: 1.0 ct
  • Stone Shape Round
  • Stone Type: Moissanite
  • Color Diamond White

VOOGME Jewelry Pros & Cons

Every brand has its own positive and negative aspects. Therefore, we created an outline of the Voogme pros and cons to help you make your shopping.


  • It’s a beautiful moissanite jewellery
  • The brand offers affordable prices without sacrificing jewellery’s quality.
  • It is simple to design an individual custom design for your jewelry
  • Crafted with precision using the latest robot technology
  • The stunning design of each piece of jewelry


  • No specific details about the person who founded it.

Who is the VOOGME Jewelry Designed For?

Prices for jewelry online are incredibly competitive. This is also true for Voogme. It’s an online shop you’ve been searching for low-cost moissanite jewelry. They offer high-end jewelry designs made of moissanite with a price that is lower.

Furthermore, Voogme owns a broad range of jewelry styles for romantic significance. This includes engagement rings with moissanite and wedding moissanite rings as symbolisms that represent forever affection.

You can also count on Voogme Jewelry for a most memorable present to your loved ones. It could be the ideal jewelry present for an anniversary or birthday, graduation or any other day that is special to you.

Is Voogme Jewelry Legit?

We’re fairly confident to state that Voogme is an legitimate jewelry company. We’ve looked into the brand more thoroughly regarding its products and its policies. Therefore, there’s no reason not to consider purchasing jewelry from this brand.

Additionally, all of the jewelry collection available is made of beautiful diamonds. They sparkle beautifully on your skin. Voogme offers a money back assurance if you are dissatisfied with the purchase.

Does VOOGME Jewelry worth it?

Yes! Voogme will be worthy of your investment in jewelry. Let us look at the reasons the reasons why it should be a part of your jewelry collection. The brand is among the most reliable places to purchase moissanite jewelry.

The entire range of moissanite designs are available for sale, including necklaces, rings and earrings. They can all be found on the site. It lets you limit the search based on your requirements.

In addition, the cost isn’t too expensive as compared to other online stores. However, this doesn’t mean cheap prices mean lower the quality. The company pays particular special attention to the finer details of every jewel.

How to Contact VoogME Jewelry

Are you having issues with your purchase? Contact customer service anytime you require. The customer service team is accessible 24/7 even on holidays and weekends.

Contact us using the following methods:

  • Email: support@voogmechic.com
  • Send your questions to contact page email form
  • Call: +1(302)309-7808

Hours of operation from Monday to Sunday from 4:30 pm to 11:30 the next (next day) PST.

VOGME Jewelry Shipping Policies

Voogme provides international shipping to many countries which includes Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, and Australia. Standard free shipment is offered for all purchases.

Here is the estimated delivery times:

  • Shipping Standard: 12-20 days
  • Business Express delivery: 3-9 days
  • Handcrafting method: 10-20 business days

A an order confirmation and tracker number are delivered to your email. You can use the tracking number to monitor your order’s status.

The Return Policy for Jewelry from VOOGME

You may return the product when you’re not happy with the purchase. The return policy will be in effect up to the 30 day period from the date of delivery.

The return policy is for all items, except the jewelry that is custom-made. Additionally, Voogme only accepts the returns of items purchased through voogmechic.com.

To initiate your return, please contact the customer team via support@voogmechic.com Follow the instructions on how to return the item. Also, you don’t have to cover shipping charges if the return isn’t due to quality problems.

Where can I purchase the VOOGME Jewelry?

The only way to purchase Voogme is on the own website. Visit the website to create your own custom jewelry!


In the end, Voogme Jewelry is a reputable online store for jewelry made from moissanite. It also offers the cheapest moissanite jewelry. This doesn’t mean that the brand has sacrificed the quality of each jewel.

Furthermore, moissanite can be found for all kinds of jewelry. It is the perfect fit for you, particularly at the moment you’re looking for something special. Let’s get shopping today and take advantage of special discounts up to 70% off!


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