Vera Wang: Can Quite Believe It Is she ageing backwards? Feb-23! Check Here!

Vera Wang
Vera Wang

People are more certain than ever Vera Wang is ageing backwards due to her Red carpet performance at the BAFTAs in London.

The fashion designer aged 73 was present at the ceremony wearing the most stylish monochrome outfit in a white dress made by her own design, featuring cuts that expose the torso toned and worn with the black bandeau bra and a cream jacket, plus supersized sunglasses , and an elegant pearl necklace. Wang was wearing her hair at waist length flowing and straight, in line with her trademark fashion.

Naturally, the Twitterverse was stunned and fans commented on her youthful appearance amazing style and she must be immortal..

The designer previously revealed the secrets behind her timeless style during an interview on BBC. “I’ve been a fashionista since I was 19 years old. older. But not in front of the camera, but behind her,’ explained. “I’ve never considered youth due to the fact that I interact with some of the most gorgeous women every day. Because of that, I think of them more as my mentors or perhaps it’s a way to deal with ageing in a way that’s beneficial.’

Wang continued, ‘I’ve always believed that vodka cocktails, lots of rest, and work – – work is the magic cocktail.’


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