Benefits can you expect from a vampire face PRP Therapy?

vampire face PRP Therapy
vampire face PRP Therapy

Aging is an inevitable process. All of us have to go through it. We all see wrinkles as a sign of wisdom. Certain people prefer not to have wrinkles. If you’re part of the latter group, then you’ve likely tried a variety of anti-aging products including lotions, creams serums and oils. Maybe you’ve visited the spa for a massage. However, the science is always ahead. Now, one of the newest methods to have a more youthful looking skin is to use yourself. Your own blood. Yes, you read that right – it’s your own blood!

PRP Therapy, also commonly referred to as ” PRP therapy” abbreviated is a cosmetic treatment which makes use of the platelets inside your blood to help rejuvenate your skin.

You might already have read about the procedure after Kim Kardashian and other celebrities were talking about it. In pop culture, people refer about it in the form of”the “vampire facial” (which makes sense considering that it is made from blood literally).

However, it’s not a trend. It’s science.

Vampire facials may cause lightened under-eye circles glowing skin as well as more growth of hair when you are suffering from hair loss.

What’s the basis of the vampire face?

Our bodies have an natural capacity to heal. If we suffer a cut for instance our body may use growth factors to speed up the production of collagen. In this way, we create new skin over the area we’ve lost the old skin.

Our blood is composed consisting of red blood cell white blood cells, plasma, and platelets.

Let’s look at plasma and platelets.

Plasma forms the liquid component of your blood. It is a liquid and it is a source of proteins. It’s the part which allows blood to circulate throughout your body.

The vital ingredient to health regenerative is in platelets.

On the other side, platelets help to clot wounds. However, on the other hand, they also signal growth factors to initiate healing processes. One method they use is through the creation of new tissues, cells along with other useful substances such as hyaluronic acid.

If doctors infuse a significant amount of platelets and plasma into your body, they’re using your body’s natural ability to heal to rejuvenate your skin. This makes it more firm and more smooth.

How can doctors extract the platelet-rich plasma out from the blood?

For skin rejuvenation to be achieved with the growth factor signaling system doctors must remove the plasma and platelets from the body.

They first take blood samples. This is similar to the time you give blood or have an examination for blood.

They then put the blood into a tube and then into the centrifuge. A centrifuge is an instrument which spins blood extremely quickly. Once blood has been spun it breaks into parts. The red portion is where the red blood cells are naturally. The yellow portion is where platelets reside. The doctor could then take part of the platelet (with plasma obviously) and place it in the needle.

After the plasma rich in platelets has been injected into the syringe it can be injected directly into the body where you’d like to rejuvenate your hair follicles, skin or even hair.

The plasma rich in platelets stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen aids in the repair of the dermal layer that might be damaged due to normal aging triggers such as UV radiation and free radicals.

As a whole, the procedure is referred to as PRP therapy.

The majority of our skin is composed of collagen protein. It’s the reason why the skin appear younger. It is essential to have it as we age as collagen production decreases as we the passage of time. The PRP treatment is one method of introducing more collagen into our skin.

PRP is more than just a vampire facial

While PRP therapy is fantastic in regenerating skin and improving its texture and tone but it can also be more effective in our skin, allowing it to sparkle sparklingly. It can, for instance:

  • Brighten dark eye circles
  • Snug necks that are sagging
  • Firm a decollete (i.e. chest region)
  • Smooth the skin with your hands
  • Eliminate the appearance of acne
  • Reducing the look of the appearance of
  • Enhance hair growth on the scalp

What are the pros and cons of receive PRP therapy?

If you’re concerned about pain but are worried about pain, rest sure that PRP treatment isn’t as painful. A majority of patients don’t require medication to reduce pain for this treatment. If needed it is necessary, a topical anaesthetic like lidocaine cream be utilized.

When blood-rich plasma of the platelet is in the area to be treated the area may become inflamed or swollen initially. This is normal since an immune response to healing is activated. Also, obviously it is that a needle will be inserted through the skin, which the body is naturally receptive to. Redness and bruising may be a consequence of the procedure.

Then comes the great part. Within a few weeks after having injectable, collagen begins to grow. This is the time when you’ll see your skin being enhanced, firmer and plump. Fine lines may start to diminish. The overall glow of your skin could start to return. The process can last for about 3 months. Then, the final results may be as long as 6 months. The timeframe can differ from individual to individual.

If your skin is aging significantly or is very fluid, non-surgical treatments that are of any kind, like PRP treatment, will not aid in any way. The expectations should be real in all situations. The kind of changes discussed are at first glance. They’ll also occur gradually as time passes. Therefore, they may be overlooked. Photo sessions that are well-planned before and after using professional, well-lit, sharp cameras are required to view the outcomes clearly.

What is the difference between microneedling and PRP Therapy? Does it work better?

Certain practitioners don’t make use of a syringe for injecting plasma with a high concentration of platelets into the intended treatment zone. The syringe is able to deliver targeted results. However, with a microneedling device PRP can be dispersed in smaller quantities all over the face. Microneedling by itself may also trigger collagen production.

Microneedling utilizes very small needles that are sterile and penetrate the skin. It is believed that using microneedles in conjunction with PRP, it will be more likely to be absorbed by the skin than when applying it to the skin alone.

There are some who use PRP therapy using microneedling as the vampire face. This is because it’s more dispersed than the traditional facial. But, using an syringe and spot treatments can accomplish the same thing.

Who shouldn’t get PRP treatment or an esoteric facial?

PRP treatment and vampire facials do not cause any major adverse results, aside from the swelling and bruises mentioned above. It’s because the treatment utilizes the substances that are found in the body of the patient. There aren’t any foreign substances that are introduced into the body that could trigger allergic reactions, like. If it is done in the right hand, it’s an effective and safe procedure for the majority of people.

However, those who suffer from blood clotting issues or who are taking blood thinners for other reasons is not a good candidate for this treatment. If you have other blood-related conditions in your medical history You should stay clear of PRP treatment.

The doctor must be aware of the possible risks related to your situation prior to performing this procedure.

PRP therapy is a must for anyone who is interested in beauty and anti-aging

As we’ve already mentioned PRP therapy is a revolutionary alternative to natural facial rejuvenation that doesn’t require surgery. Sometimes , it’s referred to as “vampire facial” (mostly when it is done with microneedles) This method of stimulating collagen growth in skin is done using the blood of your body. Because it’s your personal blood, it’s secure and is not likely to cause any adverse side negative effects. The results of PRP therapy are smoother, more radiant skin, and the lessening of wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. These results can last up to six months, after which the time of re-treatment, it will be needed. It’s an essential treatment for those who want to enhance their appearance, or combat the signs of ageing.


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