US To Allow Medicaid To Pay For Drug Treatment In Prisons Check! Feb-2023!

US Allow Medicaid Pay Prisons
US Allow Medicaid Pay Prisons

It is expected that the federal government would permit states to make use of Medicaid funding to provide treatment to inmates suffering from addiction to drugs as well as mental health care services.

In an announcement in a visit to the Camden County Jail in New Jersey on Tuesday on Tuesday, Dr. Rahul Gupta Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy explained that states are encouraged to make proposals on the best way to make use of the money as according to the Associated Press reported.

However, the government will demand that treatments for addiction and mental health be provided as part of permitting Medicaid funds to be utilized in prisons and jails, the news agency AP stated.

“Treating substance abuse disorder in prison and jails is smart,” Gupta declared.

Gupta stated that she was told that the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will release full guidelines on the fund in the spring according to the AP reported.

In the the end of summer the federal prisons will provide medication to treat the addiction disorder that causes substance abuse The official added.

“It’s a smart move for our economic prosperity, for our safety and health of our nation,” Gupta said.

Medicaid is a federal and state-wide health insurance program that targets people with limited incomes.

Last month the government announced that it would permit states like California to make use of Medicaid services for certain inmates according to the the AP stated.

Incorporating drug treatment into prisons and jails can assist in keeping people alive, according to advocates.

“We’re really hopeful that this coverage will help people improve their health outcomes and avoid additional involvement in the criminal justice system,” Gabrielle de la Gueronniere vice president for policies on justice and health at Legal Action Center, told the The AP.

The majority of people who are imprisoned are addicts to substances. Former inmates are more likely to die within the initial few days following release than the typical non-incarcerated persondue to their tolerance of drugs diminishes during their time in jail as the The AP said.

The importance of the change will depend on the situation.

The state of New Jersey, where Gupta visited, 20 of the 21 counties of the state already have treatment for prisoners that is based on medication as per state Human Services Commissioner Sarah Adelman. Around one-fourth of the inmates at Camden County Jail Camden County Jail receive medication treatment as per the newspaper AP said.

The change could be in the funding and could change the course of. A treatment for addiction to opioids called Sublocade has resulted in Camden County Jail Camden County Jail more than $528,000 in the last year for 170 individuals. Sublocade is administered once at every 4 weeks. Another option is a similar drug is available in pill form, costing approximately $664,000 for 3,100 patients as the news agency AP stated.

“It allows us to use those SAFE dollars to go further and to do more,” Adelman said. Adelman in reference towards the states SAFE programthat provides for treatment.

One prisoner, Rachel Parker, said she’s suffered from intense withdrawal symptoms and was afraid of death following her previous incarceration. This time she was able to receive treatment and is confident that she will receive a prescription for this treatment at home. Gupta told him in his interview.


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