Sundaysale Review: Is It Legit Or Scam?{MAY-2023} Check Here! Genuine Review!

Sundaysale Review
Sundaysale Review

Are you searching for the most trusted store to buy high-quality kitchen and dining accessories and have come across the Sundaysale? Are you considering making an order? Before you do, take a look at this review through to discover if you should proceed with your purchase or not.

It is not uncommon to find numerous websites that claim they offer the most effective services available. This is because due to the fact consumers constantly seek out easier methods to access high-quality services at a lower cost. Thus, it is important to tread with care.

About Sundaysale store

Sundaysale offers an online shop which is accessible at They claim to specialize in the selling of a variety of products like clothes, multi-functional kitchen shelves 20 pieces of cookware, 20 pieces of nonstick pans, among others. The store is designed to provide high-quality and cost-effective items. The email address at the bottom of their site is

Does this shop really exist like it seems? No! Find out the secret about this shop.

Six red flags that we discovered concerning Sundaysale

Below are some suspect information we have found regarding this particular store.

Suspicious owner

The store is believed to be operated through Supic Company Limited with its headquarters located at 297 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T4TQ United Kingdom. The reality is that the information above is suspect. The company is not known for its an established reputation.

The same address and company is being used by various fraudulent stores. Here What is the feedback from customers about this business. This is a great way to show that buying from this company is extremely risky. We generally advise consumers to buy products from recognized brands whose authenticity has been proven to avoid being swindled.

False offers

If you visit their website, you will observe that all of these items are offered at a discount price that can be as high as 60 percent off. Additionally they’re offering FREE shipping with all purchases. This discount is incredible.

Giving discounts that taste delicious is one of the strategies employed by some shady suppliers to get customers to buy products as fast as they can. We advise our readers to remain cautious and exercise proper diligence while dealing with stores such as this.

Negative online reviews

There are a lot of negative reviews posted by users on other sites, proving the fact that these products have not been delivered or are not of the highest quality. Their email address isn’t working, which means that the possibility of a refund is not possible. This indicates that we are dealing with a shoddy store.

Website newly registered

One of the factors shoppers on the internet need to look to determine in a site is the length of time it’s been operating for. Unfortunately, happens to be the first website to be registered. It was registered just February 23, 2023, and expires on February 23rd 2024. This suggests that the site has no credibility. Customers who shop online must be aware when buying items or using services offered by an unproven website as they are not secure.

Copy content

The content of this site, such as images of products were taken from other websites. This suggests that this site does not have authenticity as well and shouldn’t be a place to shop.

Social media isn’t getting enough attention

Sundaysale isn’t available on any social media platforms. The logos on their site are used to disguise the store. This doesn’t speak well of the company. A reputable store must be prominent on at minimum some of these social networks.

Are you sure is worth the price?

No! Sundaysale isn’t the most reputable place to purchase any product from. There is a poor ratings for trust and has negative reviews on the internet, and other warning signs which should be taken care not to ignore. They’ll rip you off of your hard-earned cash if you decide to shop with them. We do not recommend this site. The other stores we have evaluated are Lawore , Apalin shop and Yereeha

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