Solado Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?{MAY-2023} Genuine Review!

Solado Reviews
Solado Reviews

Finding the best quality and inexpensive clothing isn’t easy. Particularly when it comes to online shopping there are many stores that offer customers a wide selection of new and trendy styles at affordable costs. However, the truth is that buyers often get caught up in these attractive offers and end up with nothing.

The shopping experience online can be volatile if you’ve just been in contact with the business via chats, images of the item or emails. One of the stores you are likely to purchase in the near future is Solado clothing.

This blog will examine several Solado opinions and will teach you about these companies. What’s the hype about Solado’s online brand name?

Is Solado Legit?

The solado clothing is trustworthy andno imitations. Clothes made with this logo are in the market, looking amazing and capturing the attention of customers. Additionally, there is fantastic customer feedback which you can find in the coming part.

In line with it’s detection of scams, it gets an 88.60 score out of a hundred. That’s pretty decent. This website can be tagged with:

  • Authentic
  • Credible
  • Secure

According to the Scam Foo,this internet site is 100% reliable, and according the ScamDoc the site is rated as having an 88% confidence score.

Salado was a tireless worker over time to develop the brand and provide buyers with the best clothing that will satisfy their style preferences.

What exactly is Solado?

Solado is an online store offering stylish clothing. It has everything from prom dresses to workwear. It has small clothes, long-length attire as well as swimming equipment. There is a separate section for your vacation, where you can purchase the descriptions to make your holiday more exciting by wearing today’s trendy dresses.

Where does Solado Clothing Originate from?

Here is the timeline for this store Solado.

  • The Solado was established in August 2021, to convince the fate of favour.
  • They officially admitted the members of their U.K. group to their family in September of this year.
  • On November 20, 2021, a very first partnership between an influencer and a logo campaign, “Wear WTF You Want,” went live.
  • In addition, in Jan 2022 introduced biodegradable packaging for influencer parcels, and also achieved carbon neutrality through collaboration with Trace.
  • In Feb 2022 began their second marketing campaign with their logo, “We’re Taking Sexy Back,”

What is the reason I have bought from them?

It comes with many features that allow you to purchase the clothes you want from them. It provides its customers with first-class services and beautiful gadgets. Additionally, this site includes 88 trust indexes and has been praised for its excellent customer feedback. The website also clarified the conditions and refund policies. Solado also has social media accounts for Facebook, Instagram and many more. It has a massive fan base, and people who follow each manage.

Do they provide refunds?

Yes, they will offer 30 days of refunds when the item is found to be in a similar situation and there is a polymers that you have to know about.

  • The time should be in the same conditions.
  • It’s not sure if it has; it’s brand new, undamaged, and has tags.
  • The gadgets that are unique must be given to the person who will receive it.
  • It’s helpful to give the gift in the same way as the person who is returning.

Solado’s Clothing Shipping Policies


  • Standard delivery takes 6-10 working days.
  • Express Shipping is 4-7 Working Days


  • The standard delivery time is five-eight working days.
  • Express transport is three to six work days.

They’ve referred to travel days and the rules of each region. We recommend that you check your area. There are some areas where shipping is not permitted such as India, Peru, Serbia and more.

What do customers have to say about Solado?

It is not possible to label any web site or logo as genuine or fraudulent in the absence of studying the personal reviews of their customers. There are a lot of reviews from the clients on a variety of websites like Trust Pilot, Reddit, Loox Extra, and Trust Pilot. Extra.

Let’s begin with Trust Pilot. One of the customers was is referred to the speedy shipping. She contacted the customer care representative and received brief responses as well as the correct healthy. Another buyer says the dress is beautiful. However, she is not happy with the material. However, she was still given numerous compliments from her friends. The outfit is adorable but the materialis inexpensive. One user claims it’s easy to reserve, and she chose one of the Correct length.

On Loox one customer said that their products are comfortable to wear during hot temperatures since the items are lightweight. Another patron is content with the cloth as it’s stretchy and thin and can cover whatever it needs to be a cowl.

In the case of Sitte Jabber There are mixed opinions on the products. The buyer states that the most expensive clothing is not of high-end quality and returning it can be a pain. The ideal size for Solado clothes is extremely inconsistency.

There are additional solado reviews of a nation where they do not ever make returns. This website, nevertheless, contains wonderful remarks regarding the solado.

on Reddit One user says, “No, my buddy was scammed,” and another one says, “Lol, nvm, her package was delivered.” In YouTube there’s a fantastic review by Alleeways Official. The reviewer is happy with their satisfaction as well as the quality of the their delivery. She is also pleased with the dimensions and design.


  • Excellent selection at premium discounts.
  • It also has some top-of-the-line ratings from buyers.
  • They provide outstanding customer service.
  • It’s received a dazzling amount of acceptance and is reflected in the index
  • Give complete details about the company


  • There are some negative comments, but there’s not a lot.
  • They aren’t able to supply all areas, alas.


It is the phone which tries to make its voice heard in the area. The comments about the Save Solado service from the clients and other website analyses show that this website is a professional. Customers have posted excellent testimonials on the website. Therefore, for us, this company is trustworthy due to its exceptional service for refunds and shipping, as well as amazing reviews from customers.


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